DIRECT: Sparta fans are heartthrobs. If the players can’t handle the pressure, they have no business there

The former captain of the team in red jerseys does not admit that the players should be bound by the high attendance of their matches. “If the players don’t deal with the pressure, they have nothing to do in Sparta,” says the legendary stopper frankly. He also recalls his own experience with fan demands. “When … Read more

Children often get sick, recognize the causes and how to handle them

Lately many parents are busy consulting doctors because of the increasing frequency of diseases in children. Antv – Finding the baby sick certainly makes parents very worried and anxious. Especially if the baby is sick with frequent times from other children his age. Quoted from the page Times Of India On Monday, September 19, 2022, … Read more

Police Say ASN Killed in Riau DPRD Parking Died by Hanging Himself on Car Handle

PEKANBARU, – Pekanbaru Police said there was no sign that FY (40), a state civil servant (ASN) at the Riau Province Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection Service, was a murder victim. The police said that FY died by hanging himself. Read also: Why ASN Killed in the Basement of the Riau DPRD Office Has … Read more

Here are 8 soothing foods. Dealing with stress is easy now

According to the news of; It has been reported that proper nutrition is the best way to cope with stress. It was also emphasized that you can reduce and prevent your stress with natural methods. Here are 8 foods that will save your life… 1- ALMOND AND PEANUT Consumption of nuts known to be … Read more

According to Scholz, Germany can handle Russian gas import ban, municipalities have doubts NOW

If Russia completely shuts off the gas tap to Europe, Germany and Europe will be prepared for it. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said in a statement. Germany has been preparing “for a large-scale cessation of gas supplies from Russia because of the war against Ukraine,” Scholz said. German cities and towns dispute the Chancellor’s claims. … Read more

Prediction model offers a handle for follow-up of Barrett’s esophagus

A recently validated homegrown model may help physicians and patients determine a personalized follow-up strategy after treatment of Barrett’s esophagus. Following a recent publication in Gastroenterology Dr. Sanne van Munster tells about the background, results and the low-threshold use of this prediction model. The combination of endoscopic resection and radiofrequency ablation (RFA) is the preferred … Read more

Large exercises did not help, Russia cannot handle complex operations

“The performance of the Russian military in Ukraine has clearly shown that Russia’s strategic military exercises such as Vostok have failed to maintain the armed forces’ ability to conduct large-scale complex operations,” British intelligence tweeted in response to the large-scale maneuvers by Russian forces that began on September 1, which they are acting despite the … Read more

Get to know how to handle and symptoms of monkey pox – On Wednesday (31/08/2022), there was a lot of news that there were residents from Lamongan, East Java who were suspected of being exposed monkey pox,. However, after being examined, the Lamongan Health Service said that the resident was negative for monkeypox. Judging from the results of the examination, the resident only suffered from … Read more

The handle drift problem is finally solved, PS5 DualSense Edge can quickly remove the joystick module- Qooah

A few days ago, at the Gamescom game show, Sony launched the PS5 DualSense Edge controller, which is the standard Xbox Elite controller, but did not disclose the specific information of the controller. Today, Sony finally released the detailed structure diagram of the PS5 DualSense Edge handle. The joystick of this handle can not only … Read more