Singer arrives two hours late for his own performance and hands out money to apologize: “He deserved the booing tonight “

Nigerian singer Ahmed Ololade – better known as Asaka – arrived two hours late for his show in Birmingham last Saturday. On arrival there was a lot of cheering, but some fans were not too happy about his lateness. Boos resounded in the hall for a while, but the singer had a solution for that. … Read more

Ibrahim Saeed: Contracting with Hossam Ashour? I will not include him because of his name.. The decision is not in my hands

Ibrahim Saeed, the coach of Al-Majd Alexandria club, spoke about the fact that he negotiated with Hossam Ashour, the former Al-Ahly player, in order to sign him to play within the ranks of the team in the Premier League B. “I aim to include a number of players who have previously played in the Premier … Read more

Medvedeva forgot about Milokhin in the strong hands of a real man: “He has steel”

Evgenia Medvedeva survived a vile betrayal. The skater was able to quickly gather her strength and move on, no matter what. Subscribe and read Express Newspaper at: The drama unfolded during the Ice Age. In the new season, Zhenya again performed with Danya Milokhin. The couple showed several sensual numbers and even portrayed a kiss … Read more

Shortage of hands in the healthcare sector, but candidates are queuing up here to get started: “The resident first” | Ghent

GENTStaff shortage in healthcare: the newspaper can be full of it every day. But in residential care center Zuiderlicht in Mariakerke there is a waiting list to be allowed to start. Just like in the other residential care centers of the city of Ghent, the management was given a free pass to focus on quality … Read more

The Football Association joins hands with Buriram United to create a new generation of “Chang Suek”, aiming for 3 years to be in the top 10 in Asia.

The Football Association joins hands with Buriram United to create a new generation of “War Elephants”, aiming for 3 years to be in the top 10 Asia, with “Milos Velebit”, a Serbian coach. is the head coach On December 2, 2022 at 10:00 a.m. in the meeting room on the 1st floor of the Football … Read more

“I won’t wash my hands”… A kid who succeeded in shaking hands with Son Heung-min, ‘Ice’ with his hand held up

A boy who succeeded in shaking hands with Son Heung-min. (SBS capture) The cute reaction of a boy who succeeded in shaking hands with Son Heung-min (Tottenham), captain of the Korean national soccer team and ‘world class’, draws attention. On the 29th, on various online communities and social media, a video of the players and … Read more

See how the family renovated an almost 100-year-old farmhouse in the Ignalina district with their own hands: they only regret one thing

– Homestead – a purchase or a family inheritance? If a purchase, why did you buy it? – The homestead is an old purchase of my parents, bought 26 years ago. Once upon a time, dad worked on this farm, he helped the living grandmother take care of the cows, and he was allowed to … Read more

Miao Keli’s “wearing a diamond ring” posted a photo of holding hands and revealed the good news of “towards a new life”: I can finally say it! | Entertainment | CTWANT

51-year-old actress Miao Keli today (28th) suddenly posted a photo of holding hands “wearing a diamond ring” and wrote: “After holding back for so long, I can finally say, holding hands and marching towards a new life, thank you Everyone.” At the end of the article, he also emphasized “very happy”. As soon as the … Read more