“More than a dozen police cars”: what happened in Aiseau-Presles?

Jimmy contacted us via the orange Alert Us button, after seeing a large police convoy: “What is happening in the Châtelet region, towards Aiseau-Presles? More than a dozen police cars, at least 7/8 of which were unmarked, crossed the road to Namur, sirens blaring“. Another resident also saw the intervention: “Road blocked by police. The … Read more

Paulo Bento press conference Brazil vs. South Korea in Qatar 2022: South Korean coach describes the duel with Brazil as “inhumane”: what happened?

Paulo Bentocoach of South Koreadescribed as inhumane the 72 hours off What will your team have before facing Brazil in the round of 16 of Qatar World Cup 2022. “I don’t remember seeing anything like that after a group stage, having played 72 hours later. I remember playing four days, five days later, but not … Read more

What happened to Lalo Trelles? Without a job in Mundial, he travels with his wife

The man who for years dedicated himself to analyzing the matches of the Mexican Selection on Televisawho together with Raúl Orvañanos and Enrique Bermúdez were one of the inevitable in each transmission, but who in 2019 he was fired from the now TUDN in a massive cut. Many people still remember Eduardo Trelles as a … Read more

Anuel and Yailin, about to die during a plane landing in Monterrey; this happened to them

On his tour of the city of Monterrey, anuelone of the most successful singers of the moment, he was about to die along with his wife Yailin, since the glass of the plane was an instant away from exploding. Before giving his concert at the ‘Flow Fest’, Anuel shared through his social networks some images … Read more

What happened to the brand of matches ‘El Rey’ and why it disappeared from Colombia

One of the brands most remembered by Colombians is that of the ‘El Rey’ matches. This product was created by the company of the same name founded in 1933 in the city of Manizales and that for many years popularized the boxes of matches that were found in all the drawers of Colombian kitchens. (See … Read more

a joyful event happened in the Krutoy family

Igor Krutoy’s sister has entered an important stage in her life. If earlier she realized herself in television projects, now she decided to try her hand at a new field. In social networks, Alla Krutaya said that she had gathered guests for the presentation of her first book. Dear persons came to congratulate the relative … Read more

Bad surprise on the set of “12 noon shots”: “It’s the first time it’s happened, it’s a crazy thing”

It was the voice-over that must have announced the bad news: “Jean-Luc, I don’t understand, I don’t have a third candidate. I think there was a health problem, or the person did not come”, she said. ⚠️ Following a health incident, unfortunately the show of the 12 Coups de Midi was almost canceled today 😡 … Read more

What happened? On the black screen, complaining, funny people have feelings.

To always be a girl in a good mood But it’s not that I can’t regret it, for Baifern Passakorn Phonboon talented daughter ofFamous comedian Jaturong Mokjok The last one doesn’t know who he is. What kind of mental impact have you come across? up to a black screen and posted a message that led … Read more

“What happened to his face?”: unrecognizable, Simon Cowell worries his fans | People

The video shared by Simon Cowell was intended to encourage artists to sign up for the new season of “Britain’s Got Talent”, but it will above all have caused concern among the fans of the producer, whose physique is unrecognizable on the broadcast images. “What happened to his face?” or “What have you done to … Read more

Young man has stroke at 23 and report goes viral: ‘I thought it only happened to older people’ – 12/01/2022

Last Friday (25), Bruna Aguiar Machado, 23, reported having suffered a AVC (stroke). In a sequence of videos posted on her TikTok profile, the young woman told about what happened and warned people to look for a hospital as soon as symptoms begin. She said that on November 12, while training at the gym, she … Read more