5 Mass Extinctions That Have Happened on Earth, From Volcanic Eruptions to Asteroid Collisions : Okezone News

Earth’s most famous mass extinction event or apocalypse was the giant asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs 66 million years ago. While this event has wiped out about 76 percent of the world’s species, there have been two other near apocalypse that were more catastrophic throughout our planet’s 4.5 billion year history. Here are five … Read more

“Things have happened and I have to understand why. Berrettini can hurt Nadal ”- OA Sport

Jannik Sinner ended his adventure at the Australian Open 2022. The Italian tennis player was defeated by Stefanos Tsitsipas in the quarter-finals of the first Grand Slam of the season. The South Tyrolean did not find the right means to counter the unleashed Greek and lost with a sharp 3-0, thus failing to continue his … Read more

8 fans were killed… this is what happened before the Cameroon-Comoros match

At least eight fans were killed and 38 injured in a stampede at the Yaounde Olympic Stadium in Cameroon on Monday ahead of the host country’s African Cup of Nations Round of 16 match against Comoros, the Cameroonian government revealed in a statement. Pictures circulated on social media showed fans screaming and being crushed at … Read more

Hubble telescope image showing two interacting galaxies; ESA explains what happened

The Hubble Space Telescope’s treasure trove, apart from the huge amount of data, consists of countless stunning images of cosmic entities that often go viral. The European Space Agency (ESA), which has been a contributor to Webb’s development in addition to NASA, has shared another stop-and-star image showing the three major galaxies. In this Hubble … Read more

Netflix shares plummet 25% in one day; understand what happened

On last friday (21), around 12 noon, the Netflix shares plummeted 24.3% on the US Nasdaq Stock Exchange. On the Brazilian stock exchange, the company’s BDRs registered a devaluation of 25.4% in the period. Shares fell after the company released figures for the fourth quarter of 2021. At the close of last Friday, Netflix shares, … Read more

The worst thing that could have happened. In Norway, they panic before the Olympics, and even the biggest star is in danger

The Norwegian national team was training in an alpine environment in the alpine Seiser Alm. Already on Sunday after returning from Italy, Monsen passed a positive antigen test. On Monday, his infection was confirmed by a PCR test. The ski association is now putting together risky contacts and it will be seen who will end … Read more

Despite everything that happened, Djokovic wants to play the “Australian Open”!

Melbourne (AFP) The director of the Australian Open, the first grand slam in tennis, Craig Tiley, confirmed Sunday that the Serbian world number one Novak Djokovic intends to participate in the 2023 edition, believing that the scandal that led to his deportation this year was due to “bad communication”.“Yes, that would be his intention,” said … Read more

Madness in the demand for this type of diamond .. What happened?

does not appear increase diamond demand Early COVID-19 lockdowns started no sign of abating, and even the cheapest and smallest stones have benefited from the recent wave of gains. This comes after the past three months witnessed a sharp reversal in the small and cheap diamond market, which was overwhelmed by supply and very narrow … Read more

Super strong! What happened between China Suárez and Cabré when she whitewashed her desire to go to Spain – Paparazzi Magazine

With the scandalous separations that the China Suarez she always has with her partners, it is nothing new to know that some men who stole her heart at the time do not even want to see her today. The actress had Rufina, her first daughter with Nicholas Cabre who was with Eugenia Tobal when he … Read more

A (terrifying and catastrophic) appearance by “Handa Archil” star You knock on my door and the audience enters a state of shock.. What happened to her?

2022/01/22 12:30 a.m. Island Bay | Follow Favorite The beautiful Turkish actress, Handa Archil, the heroine of the series You Knock on My Door, raised the concern of her fans in her latest photo. In the photo, Handa appeared in a short black satin dress with distinctive details on the chest and soft pleats on … Read more