Shocking! They reveal WHAT HAPPENED in the first microsecond of the Big Bang

Lapatilla May 27 2021, 8:41 am Illustrative photo – Pixabay / geralt Scientists from the University of Copenhagen have investigated what happened to a specific type of plasma, the first matter present in the universe, during the first microsecond of the Big Bang. This is explained by a university statement. The generally accepted cosmological model … Read more

He says he knows what happened to Jarosław Ziętara. “They dissolved it in acid”

The circumstances of the death of Jarosław Ziętara, a journalist from “Gazeta Poznańska”, were described to “Głos Wielkopolski” by a man who himself reported to the editorial office. Zdzisław K. said that Ziętara was killed and his body was dissolved in acid; he died because of his work. The symbolic grave of Jarosław Ziętara / … Read more

The awareness of employees in polling stations is different, but nothing extraordinary has happened

Riga City Council in the two polling stations at the beginning of the voting on August 26, they were not stamped with the stamp of the previous voting, Central Election Commissions (CVK) Chairman Kristīne Bērziņa. Content will continue after the ad Advertising This happened because both polling station commissions initially forgot about the operation of … Read more

A fuss about a 17-year-old white boy who shoots 2 people during riots in Wisconsin: what exactly happened?

The shooting during the Wisconsin riots took place late Tuesday evening. The perpetrator, seventeen-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse, has since been arrested and charged with murder. What his motives were remains to be investigated. What is striking: after the shooting, he leisurely walks towards the police without the officers picking him up. “If he were a black … Read more

Odin’s father still thinks something criminal happened – VG

LAST VIEW: The last observation of Odin André Hagen Jacobsen was made on surveillance cameras on Pier II in Trondheim. Photo: Gøran Bohlin, VG The suspicion that something criminal has happened to Odin André Hagen has been weakened, the police say. His father disagrees. New details weaken the suspicion that the missing Odin André Hagen … Read more

Cases of Covid-19 Reoccurring After Recovering Happened in Belgium and the Netherlands: Okezone News

AMSTERDAM – Two patients in Europe have been re-infected with the coronavirus. This news raises concerns about people’s immunity to the virus, at a time when the world is struggling to tame the Covid-19 pandemic. The news of the two European patients’ reinfection follows a report this week from researchers in Hong Kong that another … Read more

VIDEO: A rider pulls off the motorcycle at 220 km / h because the brakes do not work and gets up as if nothing had happened

The Spanish Maverick Viñales slid dozens of meters on the asphalt and was not injured during that MotoGP race. The Spanish motorcyclist Maverick Viñales had to jump off his motorcycle when he was driving 220 kilometers per hour because he realized that the brakes they were not working. This incident took place during the Styrian … Read more

Confusion during the Conservative Party’s vote: what really happened?

The Conservative Party had the opportunity to put all the spotlight in its direction. He succeeded, but certainly not for the reasons he wanted. It’s as if lightning had come to sabotage everything. It was 1:05 am Monday morning when the party finally unveiled the name of Andrew Scheer’s successor. It was 1:37 a.m. when … Read more

Tragic accident on Bauska highway: passenger of the truck involved in the accident reveals how it happened

Tragic accident on Bauska highway On Sunday, August 23, a serious collision of a truck and a car took place on the Bauska highway. For the driver of the smallest vehicle, the blow turned out to be deadly, the program “Degpunkta” reports. At the site of the accident – on the Bauska highway, near the … Read more

6 interesting facts that happened at the 2020 Styria MotoGP race

TWITTER.COM/MOTOGP Pol Espargaro (left), Miguel Oliveira (center), and Jack Miller (right). The three riders managed to occupy podium positions at the 2020 Styria MotoGP at the Red Bull Circuit, Spielberg, Austria, Sunday (23/8/2020). BOLASPORT.COM – A number of interesting facts and surprises coloring the ongoing race MotoGP Styria 2020. The surprise happened when MotoGP 2020 … Read more