Its deficiency ends the sexual life! This situation, which causes sexual problems, is valid for both parties.

Many people in society have sexual problems. Failure to make an effort to rectify these very common situations leads to an increase in the problems experienced. It is known that factors such as high-fat diet, alcohol use and smoking cause sexual problems. Studies have shown that vitamin D deficiency can also cause serious problems. DEFICIT … Read more

Noemi Muková, daughter of Petr Muk (†45): Dad brings me happiness from heaven

Do you have a professional dream, a goal that you would like to achieve? “I would like to act in the theater, and really very much. I would like to spend every minute of my life there because I just love it there. It’s basically my second home. So theater!’ Your father was Czech, born … Read more

Bogomolov showed the one he considers his absolute happiness (photo)

September 6, 2022 20:00 The director shared rare footage. Konstantin Bogomolov touchingly addressed his only daughter Anna. The director dedicated a post on social networks to the heiress celebrating her birthday. “You are 12 years old, and you are my absolute happiness. Be healthy and happy, Daughter,” wrote the proud father. Screenshot “Konstantin Bogomolov” / … Read more

Gathering together for the Community Cup to enjoy the happiness of friendship and football_Shunyi District_Huairou_Match Day

Original title: Gathering together for the community cup to enjoy the joy of friendship and football Beijing News Sports | Reporter Deng Fangjia On September 4, the city-level finals of the second Beijing Community Cup Eight-a-side Football Tournament ended the fourth day of competition. On the same day, there was a game between the Huairou … Read more

Through the eyes of Sasha Mitrofanov: Russian pupils will hear that the happiness of the homeland is more than their lives

Every Monday, all students must have a ceremonial start. It is prescribed that it will take place outside in good weather, and if the weather is not suitable, everyone will move to the appropriate areas in the school building. A specially selected group of standard-bearers, designated by the school management as prize-winners, ceremoniously raises the … Read more

The great love is over, they had to keep the breakup a secret just for Instagram: Who did our MISS find new happiness with?

Many wished them and said that they looked like from a magazine. However, great love has apparently rung its bell and Viktoria is supposed to be with another man. Viktória Podmanická and ex-farmer Michal Gajdošech surprised with their relationship only last year and always seemed very much in love. They met thanks to the MISS … Read more

Dogs cry with happiness. And that’s when they see their owners after a long time, according to scientists

Dogs have tear ducts just like humans. Until now, however, experts believed that it was only used to keep the animals’ eyes healthy and clean. The new study is the first to link their tears to emotions. Although tears do not roll down the cheeks of dogs like humans, they make their eyes glassy. Are … Read more