Stop Judicial Harassment of Civil Society in Southeast Turkey / 26 November 2020 / Intervenciones Urgentes / OMCT

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A policewoman who posted photos in a bikini while on stress leave resigned after reporting harassment from her peers

A female police officer provoked the outrage of her colleagues after posting images in a bikini on luxurious trips while on sick leave. After the episode, he wrote that he suffered “bullying and harassment” of other agents so he had to resign. Leanne Carr, a sergeant in the Lincolnshire UK Police, had taken sick leave … Read more

Johnson criticized for defending a minister accused of workplace harassment

The head of the British Government, Boris Johnson, resists an avalanche of criticism for its unconditional defense of a minister who verbally abused officials in her charge. Ministerial Ethics Advisor Sir Alex Allan, who oversaw an investigation of the allegations, concluded that Interior Minister Priti Patel broke the official code with an abusive tendency to … Read more

Court says how to protect vigilantes from workplace harassment with subcontracts or outsourced contract – Cortes – Justicia

On several occasions workplace harassment and mistreatment of building and residential complexes It has become a news item in the face of cases that have outraged public opinion, such as the one that became known in May of Edy Fonseca, a woman who was forced to stay 28 days in the building where she worked … Read more

Xbox denies presenter was fired after harassment

Editorial: Gaming / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / Instagram / News / Discord / Forums While the atmosphere around Xbox is festive for the upcoming launch of Xbox Series X | S, a difficult situation recently gave rise to talk in its Brazilian division after the presenter who had just started her work, Isadora … Read more

Women Who Accused Trump of Sexual Harassment Lament Lack of Consequences | The World | DW

“In other parts of society, people are being held accountable for inappropriate behavior, but not the president,” Jessica Leeds said in New York at a press conference organized by Brave New Films, a production company that has made a feature film about women. women who accused Trump of sexual misconduct. This statement comes as a … Read more

Xbox Brazil presenter is fired after receiving harassment from the community »Hero Network

The video game community is usually quite diverse, since there are from a respectful public, to those who feel a certain degree of security after the anonymity provided by the internet and therefore, there are always those already known «flamers», who tend to insult other players, content creators and presenters in a derogatory way in … Read more

Former model accuses Donald Trump of sexual harassment

The president of the United States lives in the eye of the hurricane. It is a way of life that you have become used to for a long time. Now, when he is campaigning for his re-election, former model Amy Dorris accuses him of sexual harassment. The 47-year-old woman raised her voice, noting that on … Read more

Who are the magistrates named in the alleged case of harassment? – Research – Justice

Pedro Alonso Sanabria Buitrago, who has been in office for 12 years in the Superior Council of the Judiciary, despite the fact that the period is eight years, he is one of the magistrates who appears indicted for alleged cases of harassment in that court. (You may be interested in: The bid for the presidency … Read more

“Pasión de Gavilanes”: Danna García denounces harassment by a Hollywood director

The remembered actress of “Pasión de Gavilanes”, Danna Garcia, revealed in an interview his hard time in Hollywood. The Colombian traveled to the United States to grow artistically, however, she had a bitter experience. In conversation with Jomari Gayoso for the program Univision’s “Salt and Pepper”, Garcia She maintained that she was harassed by a … Read more