Viral Perpetrators of Harassment of the Holy Scriptures in Bekasi Turns Out to Do to Prayer Books: Okezone Megapolitan

BEKASI – A Bekasi resident with the initials BF, sparked public emotion by doing blasphemy by attaching his genitals to the scriptures. (Also read: Once Viral, Perpetrators of Harassment of Scripture in Bekasi Arrested by Police) When carrying out the examination, the perpetrator did not stick his genitals in the holy book. Instead, stick it … Read more

Activision Blizzard workplace committee formed to end harassment – Marseille News

In an attempt to respond to the scathing reports of Activision Blizzard’s alleged abusive culture, the company is forming a workplace accountability committee. On Monday, Activision Blizzard announced the formation of this committee, which plans to eliminate harassment and discrimination in the workplace. “The board of directors announced today that they have formed a workplace … Read more

A GP suspected of sexual harassment practiced with a tracker on his leg

For years, a general practitioner in Budapest has been practicing investigating the rape of a girl under the age of 14, writes Glance. The doctor was prosecuted for violating sexual violence and personal liberty, but it was eventually dropped. Blikk knows the man cheated on the underage girl and then raped her three times against … Read more

A GP practiced with a tracker on her leg due to harassment, who then committed another sexual harassment

A general practitioner, who is now accused of further sexual harassment, continued to practice with a tracker on his leg because of sexual harassment. Glance. One of the doctor’s staff members spoke to the paper, saying “it was a constant topic that the doctor should not be left alone with female patients because they would … Read more

UI Opens Voice about Allegations of Sexual Harassment of Professors

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — University of Indonesia (UI) open voice regarding allegations sexual harassment against a student allegedly committed by one of the professors of the campus. This sexual harassment allegation surfaced and went viral on social media Twitter after it was uploaded by the @IbnuTasrip account which uploaded several screenshots of the harassment information. … Read more

FACT Dean of FISIP Unri Becomes Suspect of Harassment, Calls Pocong Dare to Oath to Demand Rp 10 Billion

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – Here are some facts related to the alleged case sexual harassment experienced by a student of the Department of International Relations (HI) of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Riau University (Unri) batch 2018 with the initials L. This case previously went viral and was in the spotlight on social media at … Read more

Party accused of harassment and crashes: Anxiety over missing Chinese tennis player grows

The world has not heard any news from the Chinese athlete since the afternoon of November 2nd. It was that day on the Chinese Weibo social network that Sh. Peng posted a message claiming he had been sexually abused by Gaoli Zhang, a former Chinese vice prime minister who had served in the country’s Communist … Read more

Meta Reveals Number of Posts of “Bullying” and Harassment on its Platform

IDXChannel – Recently, Meta share statistics on the number of bullying, hate speech and harassment on Facebook and Instagram. The new figures are released as Meta faces increasing scrutiny over its ability to adequately protect users and enforce its policies around the world. Its latest report marks the first time the company has shared the … Read more

Actress accuses famous singer of sexual harassment… “I suddenly touched you on the set of the music video”

Photos not related to the article / Shutterstock Photos not related to the article / Shutterstock British model and actress Emily Ratajkowski, 30, has revealed that she was sexually harassed by a pop singer. In an interview with BBC News Night on the 9th (local time), Emily Ratajkowski was sexually assaulted by pop singer Robin … Read more

Activision Blizzard: After Scandals and Harassment Lawsuits, Company Stock Plummets | Video game

They are doing badly. 2021 is already probably one of the worst years for Activision Blizzard, the company in charge of franchises of video game as famous as Call of Duty, World of Warcraft, Overwatch, StarCraft and else. So far this year, there have been many crisis internal and external that the company has faced. … Read more