Succession is back, one of the most acclaimed recent series – Come on and See

The third season of “Succession”, the acclaimed and multi-award-winning series that follows the powerful story of a media mogul and the ambitious and stark dispute of his children to keep a slice of the family firm, arrived this Sunday at 10 p.m. the premium signal HBO and the streaming platform HBO Max, where it can … Read more

“House of the Dragon”, House of the Dragon and the first teaser of the series on “Fire and Blood” by George R. R. Martin

Today, October 5, the virtual presentation of HBO Max took place – the streaming platform that will replace HBO GO at the end of October in some parts of Europe. In Bulgaria this will happen next year. The good news for us, however, is that the first trailer of “Dragon’s House” was shown at the … Read more

9/11: Series, films and documentaries of the attack in the United States.

Twenty years have passed since the 11 of September, a tragedy that made 2001 one of the hardest years in the history of USA. Regarding the commemoration of the date, we make a list of the series, films and documentaries that portrayed the events. Series and movies about 9/11 The darkest night (2012) The work … Read more

Sex and the City and the dresses with which it is conquering the networks

2/6 The streets of New York turned to turn on the catwalk of Kristin Davis, Sarah Jessica Parker Y Cynthia Nixon, who will once again play the characters that catapulted them to fame … returning with much more glamor and femininity that has never been seen in the photos taken by the paparazzi. Dressed in … Read more

watch Space Jam 2 online in Latin Spanish full and free on HBO Max

Space Jam 2 ONLINE | Without a doubt the Space Jam 2 premiere on HBO Max and film, the latter only for some countries, has caused great expectation among the followers of the successful ribbon tied in 1996 that had as protagonists the Looney Tunes next to the remembered NBA star back then, Michael Jordan. … Read more

Watch Rick and Morty 5 episode 4 full Spanish sub online free on HBO Max

WATCH Rick and Morty 5, chapter 4 FREE ONLINE | After a long wait, Rick and Morty premiered its fifth season. The popular Adult Swim series, created by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon, returned with new episodes that will be available through HBO Max, the new streaming service in Latin America. In this note we … Read more

Black Widow | Luimelia 4 | Cruella | The Conjuring 3 | Paco’s men | All the premieres of Disney Plus, Prime Video, HBO Max and ATRESplayer Premium in July | SKIP-ENTER

Lima, July 6, 2021Updated on 07/06/2021 10:27 am According to the criteria of Know more Julio is already among us and new content is everywhere. It is no longer alone Netflix but several platforms that offer movies, series, documentaries and more, every day of the year, to be on thousands of hours in front of … Read more

Rick and Morty season 5 episode 3 full in Latin Spanish: how to watch the series for free on HBO MAX Peru

SEE complete Rick and Morty 5, chapter 3 ONLINE | After a long and agonizing wait, Rick and Morty finally has a fifth season. The popular Adult Swim series, created by Justin Roiland Y Dan Harmon has returned more recharged than ever and its new episodes will be available through HBO Max, the newly launched … Read more

They launched HBO Max: all the prices and what you can see – Come and see

After months of waiting, the HBO Max streaming platform was finally launched this Mars in Argentina and throughout Latin America. WarnerMedia’s platform, which goes out to compete with giant like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Disney +, includes movies, series, documentaries, reality shows, and shows from HBO, Warner Bros., Cartoon Network, DreamWorks, Metro-Goldwyn Mayer, Sony, … Read more

HBO Max: price, subscription and everything about the launch of the streaming platform nnda nnlt | TECHNOLOGY

After months of waiting HBO Max it finally arrived in Latin America; its release date was Wednesday, June 29. In this way, the WarnerMedia streaming service is getting ready for a worldwide expansion that will compete with the giants of the industry. MORE INFORMATION: HBO Max goes global, but some markets will have to wait … Read more