They are not angry, they are furious: the most striking slogans and signs of the demonstration of the care sector (Brussels)

It was the largest demonstration in years by the healthcare sector. Twenty thousand nurses, foster mothers, social workers and culture personnel passed through Brussels on Tuesday. With clear requirements: less work pressure, more staff and more pay. And with even clearer slogans. thv Tuesday, January 31, 2023 at 5:42 PM

Regional elections, Bianchi D’Amato and Rocca compared on healthcare and waste-to-energy plants

Healthcare and waste. These are the main themes on which the debate was structured which, in front of the television cameras of RaiTre, featured Donatella Bianchi, Alessio D’Amato and Francesco Rocca as protagonists. In the broadcast “Mezz’ora in più”, Lucia Annunziata tried to solicit the three main contenders for the presidency of the Lazio region, … Read more

[건강톡톡] Curious about the treatment of ‘cleft lip and palate’… deformed nose?

Cleft lip and palate is a disease in which an abnormal space is formed between the roof of the mouth and lips at birth. When the upper lip is split, it is called ‘cleft lip’, when the roof of the mouth is split, it is called ‘cleft palate’, and when these two cases are combined, … Read more

‘This’ has excellent anti-aging and anti-oxidant effects [푸드인사이트]

This is a corner that points out foods or foods that cause hot issues that are good to eat at this time.Clinical nutritionists introduce the nutrition and efficacy of foods, how to choose, how to store, and how to eat. Omega-3 fatty acids are a component of cell membranes and are well known to help … Read more

[건강톡톡] What are the symptoms and treatment of ‘uterine fibroids’ in 1 out of 3 women of childbearing age?

The uterus is responsible for the beginning and end of pregnancy and childbirth and is called the ‘second heart’ that symbolizes women. Uterine myoma, the most common tumor in women, is a benign lump that develops in the lining of the uterus. It is a common condition that affects 1 in 3 women of childbearing … Read more

A nurse was fired due to redundancy during covid. Absurd, said the judge

Judge Luboš Koranda found the plaintiff right. “I did not find Mrs. Harant to be redundant as an employee. She is a highly qualified nurse. Her release in the time of covid is absurd,” emphasized Koranda. He added that the resignation did not even meet the necessary formalities. Harantová (Public initiative Sušicko) held the position … Read more

Vaccination plan, focus on doctors and pharmacies – Healthcare

(say Manuela Correra) More vaccinations also from the family doctor, pediatrics and pharmacy. Soon, these professionals will in fact be able to administer basic immunizations to children and adults, as is already the case with the flu shot and the anti-Covid vaccine. The novelty is contained in the new National Vaccine Prevention Plan 2023-2025, which … Read more

DoH to present healthcare breakthroughs at Arab Health 2023

Sharjah 24 – WAM: The Department of Health in Abu Dhabi (DoH) will showcase its healthcare model during Arab Health 2023, a leading exhibition for the healthcare industry in the MENA region, which will take place from 30th January to 2nd February, at Dubai World Trade Centre. DoH will exhibit its latest projects in digital … Read more

Streptococcal flare-ups in children persist: what is it and when should you intervene as a parent?

© Arie Kievit Watch out for streptococci, reports the Flemish Agency for Care and Health. This season there has been a notable upsurge of the bacteria, with noticeably more young children having to be admitted to hospital. But what are those streptococci actually? And when should you go to the doctor?