Aliyah Attends the Healthy Community Movement

DAWN, MAKASSAR-Member of the Republic of Indonesia DPR Commission IX Aliyah Mustika Ilham attended the Healthy Community Movement (Germas) event regarding the Prevention and Control of DHF and other Arbovirosis. This event was attended by the Head of the South Sulawesi Health Office Rosmini Pandin and the Indonesian Ministry of Health at Graha Pena, Wednesday, … Read more

Eat healthy sleep well – Health News

Getting good sleep is crucial to your overall health. A quality sleep; It can reduce the risk of developing certain chronic diseases, keep the brain and digestive system healthy, and strengthen the immune system. Experts recommend getting 7-9 hours of uninterrupted sleep every night; but most people struggle to get enough sleep. ATTENTION TO CaffeineBecause … Read more

The routine of a healthy diet: an urgent school subject | extra schools

A decade ago, the Ermitaberri public school (Burlada, Navarra) began a healthy school project with the main objective of avoiding, as much as possible from the center, the risk factors for the development of overweight and obesity. One of the legs of this project is the Healthy Lunches initiative —it was interrupted by the pandemic, … Read more

Here Are Some Types Of Healthy Foods That Make You Fat Fast! Not Suitable for Diets

POSFLORES.COM   | The human body requires a variety of nutrients. This is to keep the body healthy and growth that can run optimally. Therefore consuming healthy food is highly recommended especially in the process of one’s growth. Healthy food is food that contains various kinds of nutrients needed by the body. Also Read: Manage Your … Read more

Promote healthy and safe sports environments

Practiced in a healthy and safe environment, physical activity greatly contributes to the physical, mental and social development of young people. In order to reinforce these positive effects, the safety of young sportsmen and athletes is essential. The INSPQ reiterates that concerted action to combat violence in sports would support the establishment of a positive … Read more

The juice that will help you lose weight in a healthy way

QWant to lose weight without compromising your health? Say ‘no’ to exaggerated slimming regimes. Choose to adapt your diet and start exercising regularly. To help you in this process, the Terra portal shared a recipe for grape juice with coconut water that will be a great ally. Take note. Also Read: You only need five … Read more

She defeated aces from the Top 10, now she is captaining the Czech hopes. Girls are healthy jerky, says Cetkovská

“It was an amazing sporting life when I played with the best in the world. I wouldn’t trade it for anything,” assured Cetkovská in an interview with She has 23 starts in the main Grand Slam singles competitions and ten wins over players from the top 10. The last one in the cauldron of … Read more

Recovering from Cancer, Administrative Executor of Samsat Pandean Shares Experience and Healthy Lifestyle Through the Jasa Raharja Teaching Program

Vinny Nurina, Administrative Executor of Kindergarten. II Samsat Gerai Pandean shared his experience as a Cancer Survivor until he was successfully recovered in the Teaching Raharja Service activity on March 20, 2023. Also read: Jasa Raharja Banten provides Smartphone Photography material to Untirta2023 students Vinny explained that non-Hodgkin lymphoma is a cancer that develops in … Read more

Best diet to live long and healthy

Another diet? In fact, the “Harvard diet” already came twelve years ago and has now been given new life. If you want to live a healthy and longer life, here are some tips. It is called the “Harvard diet” where, among other things, nutrition experts from the Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health designed … Read more