Healthy Livestock in Boyolali Become the Target of PMK Vaccination

A number of farm animals are examined for early detection of Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD). (Murianews/Vega Ma’arijil Ula) MURIANEWS, Boyolali – Department of Animal Husbandry and Fisheries (Disnakkan) Boyolali targets healthy livestock for vaccination of Mouth and Nail Diseases (PMK). This was done because farm animals that had recovered from FMD already had strong … Read more

Apply a Healthy Lifestyle and Diet for Safe from High Cholesterol – Disease cholesterol height that attacks humans is generally caused by lifestyle and unhealthy eating patterns. How to reduce and prevent being attacked cholesterol have to fix lifestyle and a healthier diet. Like, consuming low nutritious foods cholesterol and animal lewak, maintain an ideal body weight, and exercise regularly. Also, avoid excessive alcohol consumption … Read more

Maintain Family Immunity to Stay Healthy in the Face of the New Variant of COVID-19!

Jakarta – The spread of the Omicron BA.4 and BA.5 subvariant COVID-19 viruses often worries the public. This is because these two subvariants are said to be more contagious than the original strain or other variants. Even the incubation period only takes 1 to 3 days to trigger symptoms. In order to prevent transmission, we … Read more

3 Healthy Foods for Hypothyroid Patients and their taboos Hypothyroidism is a thyroid gland disorder that causes the body to lack thyroid hormone. This health problem makes the metabolic process slow down and cell regeneration is disrupted. In addition to taking medication regularly, eating the right foods can help control this thyroid disease. Launch page compassHere are some healthy foods for people with … Read more

3 Keys to a Healthy Diet According to Doctors, One of them is a Regular Eating Schedule – Draft diet is maintaining a good diet, not limiting food. Therefore, you need to know the nutrients and nutrients needed by the body. Halodoc Nutrition Specialist Dr. Shiela Stefani M.Gizi, Sp.GK, AIFO-K, FINEM said, a good diet is not a diet that limits food, but regulates eating patterns well and wisely so that … Read more

Bathing While Singing Makes Your Body Healthy, Here Are 5 Benefits

Jakarta – Bathing is an activity to clean the body carried out by a person when going to or after doing an activity. Some people take a bath while doing other activities that make the bath not boring, one of which is singing. Quoted from Life Hack, there are several benefits that a person gets … Read more

These are 5 healthy benefits of coffee that make your sexual drive explode

Jakarta – Drink regularly coffee can provide many benefits, one of which can increase sexual arousal. This is why coffee can increase libido. There are several factors that can make sexual arousal go up and down. Such as the performance of the hormone testosterone, sexual stimulation received and psychological conditions. In order for these sex … Read more

Causes of Painful Nipples | I’m healthy

The nipples are a sensitive part of the body, and it can be easy to experience pain for many reasons. Nipple pain occurs when you feel a pain, tenderness, tingling, throbbing, or burning sensation in the nipple. Nipple pain can occur in both men and women. Depending on the cause, nipple pain can also occur … Read more