Not Just Avoiding Cigarettes, Here Are 5 Ways to Keep Your Lungs Healthy! : Okezone health

FIGURE phenomenal Edi Raharjo or better known as Lord Rangga passed away on Wednesday morning, (7/12/2022). Based on the statement of Lord Rangga’s older brother, Cayu Nurhemah, the deceased died because he had suffered from lung disease for years. Cayu said Lord Rangga had suffered from lung disease for two years. According to him, several … Read more

Know Some of These Healthy Foods Can Raise Cholesterol, Details?

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta –If you have a history of disease cholesterol, it is important to know which foods are okay to eat and which should be avoided. Over the years, many people have avoided healthy foods that are rich in cholesterol. In fact, recent studies have shown that eating healthy foods with high cholesterol is not … Read more

Replacing ultra-processed foods with a healthy diet extends life at any age

Highly processed foods are associated with the development of metabolic diseases and cognitive decline (Getty) No matter how old you are or how much junk food you eat, it’s never too late to start undoing damage caused by a bad nutrition. That’s the message from scientists who study how our food choices affect our lives … Read more

“Not Salem Al-Dosari.” Watch.. Jamal Aref reveals the best Saudi player! • Sports Observatory

Sports Observatory: Sports critic Jamal Aref said that there must be coordination between the clubs and the management of the teams, in order to apply the professionalism of the full day. “Jamal Aref” added, in televised statements on the “Action with Walid” program: “There must be cooperation between Renard and the coaches of the Olympic … Read more

Congress invites conference on healthy eating – El Comentario

The joint commissions for Sustainable Rural Development, and Health and Sports of the State Congress, announced that this Wednesday, November 29, the virtual conference “Milpa, healthy and culturally relevant local food” will be held, which will be given by Jose Alejandro Almaguer Gonzaleznational director of Traditional Medicine and Intercultural Development of the Health Secretary federal. … Read more

Diabetes Capital of the World – A Healthy Lifestyle To Prevent Diabetes | Dr Sreejith N Kumar Speaks

India is often referred to as the ‘Diabetes Capital of the World’ as 17% of the world’s diabetes patients are in India. Estimates say that there are approximately 7.5–8 crore diabetic patients in India and this will increase to 13.5–14 crore by 2045. Tamil Nadu and Kerala are the two states that have made gains … Read more

Thousands of bacteria travel on microfibers in the Mediterranean Sea (and that’s not healthy)

There is pressure on the microfibers that float around in our surface water. On average, more than 2600 bacteria appear to live on every non-biodegradable fiber that floats in the Mediterranean Sea, and yes: there are also dangerous bacterial species among them. There are an incredible amount of microscopic microfibers floating around in our oceans. … Read more

Nearly 70% of hospitalized children with post-covid inflammatory syndrome were healthy

JN/Branches 02 December 2022 at 6:36 pm Almost seven out of ten children who were hospitalized with multisystem inflammatory syndrome, a rare and serious manifestation of covid-19, at Hospital D. Estefânia, were previously healthy, reveals a study released today in the journal Ata Médica. The observational and descriptive study took place between April 2020 and … Read more