Here are the cholesterol-free foods for high blood pressure and a fatigued heart that doesn’t pump well

Those suffering from hypertension and perhaps taking drugs to keep blood pressure at bay do not always have elevated levels of cholesterol in the blood. And yet it is undeniable that fat deposits narrow the diameter of the arteries making it more difficult for blood circulation. But although hypercholesterolemia does not automatically determine the onset … Read more

Giusy Ferreri, the disease that brought her under the knife: “A heart malformation that ..”

Giusy Ferreri talks for the first time about the disease that forced her to end up practically under the knife: “A heart malformation”. Giusy Ferreri it is the idol of the little girls who lived their adolescence especially in the second 10 years of the 2000s, considering the hits that have been baked at a … Read more

“I was ready to give my heart, only you followed the HYIP”: Buzova disgraced Davout

PersonaStars The 35-year-old artist emotionally spoke about the vicissitudes of her life. Olga Buzova spoke eloquently about the scandalous break with 28-year-old blogger David Manukyan (Dava). The singing TV presenter presented a new result of her work. It was the track “Woman’s Share”. In it, the star spoke about the experiences of love failures. Olga … Read more

Covid-19 increases the risk of heart attack and stroke

The risk of suffering a heart attack and stroke increases threefold in the first two weeks after falling ill with covid-19, shows a new study from Umeå University published in The Lancet. The purpose of the study was to investigate whether covid-19 is an acute risk factor for heart attack and stroke, says Anne-Marie Fors … Read more

Indrė Stonkuvienė’s daughter celebrated her 9th birthday: a secret gift thrilled her heart

In addition to all the kind greetings and gifts, the 9-year-old and her celebration guests were able to enjoy a private Jessica Shy concert. The little anniversary did not know anything about the singer’s performance, so the celebrity’s songs and attention to Cecilia was a very pleasant surprise. “Creating a 9-year celebration is a big … Read more

Covid increases the risk of heart attack and stroke

The purpose was to investigate whether covid-19 is an acute risk factor for heart attack and stroke, says Anne-Marie Fors Connolly, researcher at the Department of Clinical Microbiology at Umeå University and head of the study. – The first two weeks after covid-19 we saw a threefold increased risk of heart attack and ischemic stroke, … Read more

Actor Leoš Noha (53): Waiting for a heart transplant!

“I have a congenital heart defect, my heart is working at about twenty percent. So I’m waiting for a transplant, “he revealed Althoughwho is a passionate athlete, but football temporarily had to hang on a nail! Drama u Lawns! Monika called the police. And actor Noha had a heart attack on set “I’ve been on … Read more

“A big bear with a small heart”: actor Michel Van Dosselaere (73) died after a brain disorder

Michel Van Dosselaere himself said goodbye to his profession and to the public at the beginning of 2018, because he had been ill for years. In 2014, the actor was diagnosed with a rare form of “progressive non-fluent aphasia”. This is a neurological disorder that affects the speech center in the brain, and then other … Read more

Hailey Baldwin and her heart attack dress

4/6 The photos of this date became very popular in the networks, applauding the look of the couple (in addition to highlighting the sophisticated appearance of Justin, who did his thing in a suit Saint Laurent). To complement her outfit, Hailey was right to add a satin clutch Tyler Ellis, some heels of Jimmy Choo … Read more