Please don’t tire of helping

On Tuesday, March 21, the Convention of Marshals of the Provinces of the Republic of Poland was held in Poznań. Participants of the meeting discussed, among others, the war in Ukraine, funds from the European Union and funds for health care. The special guest of the meeting was the ambassador of Ukraine in Poland. Wasyl … Read more

How do you do it?.. How to set a ‘screen time’ for apps on …

the date 3/7/2023 4:37:31 AM (MENAFN- Youm7) iPhones come with a set of useful features that help users in their daily lives, while these features make the iPhone seem difficult, the company offers ways for users to reduce the use of their devices. ‘Screen Time’ is a feature that serves this purpose. The Screen Time … Read more

The second plane carrying tents from Pakistan to the earthquake zone is in Adana

The plane carrying humanitarian aid materials sent from Pakistan to support the works carried out after the earthquakes in Kahramanmaraş on February 6, reached Adana. SECOND AIRCRAFT LANDED IN ADANA After the first plane with 1200 tents of 100 tons, sent by the Pakistani government as part of the “special flight operation” to transport 50 … Read more

“What can society do to help you if you do nothing?”

They were selling cannabis for personal use and for a few customers. Here is the profile of the couple presented in immediate appearance last Friday at the court of Arras and whose La Voix du Nord tells the story. The police found 85 grams of cannabis at their home during the search that followed the … Read more

Zhen Zhen lost contact for half a year and was “witnessed and helped by someone”. His son’s abnormal behavior caused suspicion | Entertainment | CTWANT

Zhen Zhen and her son have lost contact with their relatives and friends for half a year. (Picture / newspaper information photo) The 74-year-old actress Zhen Zhen has lost contact with the outside world since August last year. During this period, she told Moments through WeChat that she and her son Zhang Liheng (Liu Ziqian) … Read more

He provided the refugees with half of the house, they became good friends

Since April, a family with two children found a new home there, and finally with a grandmother who arrived later. The good background helped the Ukrainian family to integrate into everyday life very quickly, a strong bond of friendship was also formed between the owner of the house and the Ukrainians. The family that Roman … Read more

Caritas has helped four million people in Ukraine so far – Vienna Online – Austria

21.02.2023 11:53 (Akt. 21.02.2023 17:28) Since the start of the Russian war of aggression, Caritas has been able to help four million people in Ukraine. ©Yasuyoshi CHIBA/AFP (Symbolbild) Since the start of the Russian war of aggression, Caritas has been able to support four million people in Ukraine with its emergency aid. “We provide people … Read more

Disclosure of a popular type of food that lowers cholesterol and diabetes and helps to lose weight

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Bulgur is considered to have high benefits and nutritional values, and it is included in the list of complex carbohydrates, and it is used in many countries of the Mediterranean basin as a substitute for rice. On the benefits of bulgur: 1- Benefits of bulgur for the digestive system: bulgur contains a high … Read more

Family of a man who disappeared in Lake Coñaripe asks for help from private companies that have underwater drones

This Monday, a family from Santiago, who was on their last day of vacation in Lake Pellaifa in Coñaripesuffered a tragedy when the father of the family disappeared after falling into the water while doing a sporting activity. The Navy of the Los Ríos region began search work early Tuesdayaccompanied by GOPE divers, who have … Read more