UMKM assistance is IDR 2.4 million, here’s how to register, terms and criteria page all – The government provides Help Direct Cash (BLT) for micro, small and medium enterprises ( UMKM). The assistance has now been channeled to as many as 1 million beneficiaries. Associated with help for these MSMEs, here are a number of things that may need to be known for MSME actors: Complete the document Quoting … Read more

Suppressing emotions: the key for an Argentine doctor to work in humanitarian aid | Future Planet

“I prefer to repress than to depress”, is one of the bedside phrases of the Argentine doctor Marcelo Fernández. In times of health crisis like the one we are experiencing now, the 50-year-old man tries to contain his emotions in order to work better, keep a cool head and make good decisions. He serves as … Read more

In Medicine they ask to return to practices and help in hospitals

Students of the last year of the Faculty of Medical Sciences of Cipolletti they claim to the authorities to be able to retake with the compulsory final practices to be able to finish the race and receive. In addition, they commented that their work in hospitals in times of pandemic It could be very significant, … Read more

The Dark Knight helps: Batman distributes food to the neediest in the capital | National

If we compare it with the Batman of Christian Bale, Alfred would also be proud to meet him after years without seeing him. And is that the solidarity, which has always had a highly appreciated role within Chilean society, with the pandemic of the covid-19 it has taken on even more relevance given the serious … Read more

They claim that Livia Brito asked politician for help to erase evidence of crimes

Livia Brito asked for political help with her robbery claim. Photo: Instagram @liviabritopes MEXICO CITY. The actress Livia Brito Once again she has given something to talk about, as evidence has come to light in which she asks a politician to help her erase evidence of the robbery and assault she committed against a photographer. … Read more

El Comercio Answers: Osito Lima: who is he and why is he so generous? | Little Bear Lima | Tik To

‘Bear Lima’ is a tiktoker Peruvian that in the middle of a pandemic of coronavirus he has been helping people who work on the streets. But not only does he collaborate financially with them, he also provides messages of love and encouragement. Her initiative has allowed her to add millions of followers on social networks … Read more

César Campos tells how he prepared for MasterChef Celebrity

{{ post.post_image.alt }} visits News in Development We are gathering more background on this news, stay tuned for updates. Spoiler alert This article could contain key information about the plot of a book, series or movie. Explicit Image Warning Watch out! The images in this article may hurt some people’s sensibilities. This article describes an … Read more

Companies are asked to complete eligible employee data for assistance of IDR 600,000 per month

JAKARTA, – Director of the Social Security Administration (BPJS) Agus Susanto asked the company to immediately complete the data employees. Thus, private employees who are paid less than Rp. 5 million can get help a wage subsidy of Rp. 600,000 per month from the government for four months. “Currently BP Social Security has combed … Read more

Protests are raging in Beirut against the government’s investigation into the blast. A police officer – ČT24 – Czech Television – died in a clash with protesters

Protesters began gathering in Martyrs’ Square in the center of the Lebanese capital shortly after noon local time. According to Reuters, some of them were holding imitations of gallows and ropes in their hands, with the inscription: “Step back or you’ll be hanging.” According to the agency’s estimates, 7,000 people eventually gathered on the spot, … Read more

The Government will Give Rp. 2.4 Million Per Trader, What Are the Terms?

UMKM opens by implementing social distancing (Source: MRT Jakarta) JAKARTA, KOMPAS TV – Government will give help in the form of cash to the para the trader or small and medium micro businesses (UMKM). The Chairman of the National Economic Recovery Task Force, Budi Gunadi Sadikin, said help it is one of two programs that … Read more