“”Did you have fun with 4 or 5 other women?”… Jamie, lover Min-cheol Ku’s cheating hint” – The Herald Economy

[구민철 제이미 인스타그램] [헤럴드경제=민성기 기자] Singer Jamie (Park Ji-min) posted an article that seemed to imply the affair of her openly dating boyfriend Min-cheol Koo. On the 23rd, Jamie posted on his Instagram story, “When you found out your boyfriend was a cheater,” and “I think we could make a very good song about it.” … Read more

““Only 4 toilets in 3 hours of flight, let’s get some sleep” An angry passenger next to him” – The Herald Economy

Photos are not related to the content of the article. [123RF] [헤럴드경제=이원율 기자]A passenger complaining of symptoms of dehydration was reported to have gone to the bathroom too often on the plane, causing inconvenience to a passenger next to him who suffered from insomnia. According to a recent report by The Mirror, a British media … Read more

“‘Unconventional outfit’ Qatar girl makes a surprise appearance in the US NBA” – The Herald Economy

[이바나 놀 인스타그램] [헤럴드경제=이명수 기자] The Croatian model, who drew attention for her unconventional exposure at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar despite the recommendation to refrain from exposure, is continuing her bold moves around the world. Ivana Knoll, who posts videos and photos of her visits to the United States and Europe after the … Read more

““100,000 won → 9,000 won, betrayal of a promising bio that I believed in, ruining my life”” – The Herald Economy

Celivery listed on the KOSDAQ as ‘Special Company No. 1’ [사진 한국거래소] [헤럴드경제=박영훈 기자] “Does it make sense for the stock price of 100,000 won to go up to 9,000 won? I lost tens of thousands of won” (Investor) “Contrary to the saying that investing can change the class of your life, it has ruined … Read more

“Debt increased, but interest bomb… Household credit risk ‘red light'” – The Herald Economy

Credit risk index, highest since statisticsHousehold credit increased by 270 trillion after CoronaInterest burden rises due to rising interest rates… hard landing concerns On the 12th, citizens are doing banking work at a bank counter in Seoul. yunhap news [헤럴드경제=김현경 기자] Households that have increased their loans since the COVID-19 crisis are at risk of … Read more

BOG reports rising dengue infections – Suriname Herald

The Bureau of Public Health (BOG) has recently seen an increase in the number of positive laboratory confirmed dengue cases in Suriname. The positive cases are particularly noticeable in Paramaribo-North and Kwatta, the Ministry of Health reports in a press release. Wat is dengue?The dengue virus is the causative agent of dengue fever (DFF) also … Read more

Quinté+: The pro of the day – Nicolas Bazire: “We worked on the mind of Herald of Arms”

“I am not solicited from the outside, so I am in charge of my residents or those that my father cannot drive. It was also not planned that I drive Hooker Berryfirst in the Criterium of 5 years old (Gr.1)and then. I continued to be associated with him until we won the Prix ​​du Bourbonnais … Read more

““3.63 million won → 2.1 million won, what is this?” Turns out the crazy MacBook price” – The Herald Economy

macbook pro[헤럴드경제] [헤럴드경제=이영기 기자] “MacBook 3.63 million won → 2.1 million won? What is this?” Recently, the selling price of the Apple MacBook Pro, which costs 3.63 million won, rose to 2.1 million won in Coupang, causing a stir. It turned out that it was an error on the part of Coupang. Coupang belatedly recognized … Read more

Dead fish cause stench Wolframstraat – Suriname Herald

The residents of the Wolframstraat in Paramaribo-Noord have had to deal with the unpleasant smell of dead fish in recent days. People who drove along Wolframstraat also smelled the smell of dead fish. “It smells pretty bad,” says a passerby. Since Friday, residents have observed large quantities of dead fish in the snaffle. The Bureau … Read more

“What about Teabing, who bet 20 billion on the opponent, “Why do you stick with Song Hye-kyo?” – The Herald Economy

Netflix’s original content ‘The Glory’. [유튜브 ‘넷플릭스’ 캡처] [헤럴드경제=김현일 기자] “I’m embarrassed by the school violence revenge drama that happened on the same day” The ambitious work ‘Island’ presented by Teabing, a local online video service (OTT), is sweating in an original content competition with Netflix with Song Hye-kyo at the fore. Netflix’s ‘The Glory’, … Read more