A meeting of representatives and leaders of “Amal” and “Hezbollah” discussed life and development issues for Baalbek-Hermel – Al-Binaa Newspaper

The Baalbek-Hermel Parliamentary Bloc held a joint meeting with the leaderships of the Amal Movement and Hezbollah in the Bekaa, with the participation of the Minister of Public Works and Transport, Dr. Ali Hamiya, at the Imam Khomeini Cultural Center in Baalbek. The attendees discussed a number of issues related to Baalbek-Hermel Governorate. The meeting … Read more

Presidency of the Republic: No meeting was held in Baabda Palace after the statement of “Hezbollah” and “Amal”

The Information Office of the Presidency of the Republic denied what was broadcast by Al-Jadeed channel this evening that the President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, “gave permission” to raid a number of banks against the background of investigations taking place in banking lawsuits, indicating that this news is fabricated and baseless. The media … Read more

“Hezbollah” reorganizes its military corridors between Syria and Lebanon… What is going on?!

Al-Hadath sources revealed that Hezbollah is reorganizing its military corridors between Syria and Lebanon. The sources claimed that a meeting was held by “Hezbollah” in Sergaya in the Damascus countryside at the request of the party to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard to reorganize its military corridors. And it reported that “Hezbollah” adopted Sergaya as the … Read more

“Hezbollah” and “The Current”: The matter is settled

“Mar Mikhael’s allies” may differ, implicitly or openly, and one of them may not be able to give the other what he wants politically and within the constitutional institutions, but so far and after 15 years of the “Mar Mikhael understanding” between the “Free Patriotic Movement” and “Hezbollah”, no Either of them can dispense with … Read more

Saudi blood boils over King Salman branded a ‘terrorist’ by Hezbollah

Riyadh – leader Hizbullah gave the King a ‘terrorist’ stamp Saudi Arabia Salman bin Abdulaziz al Saudi. The words of Hezbollah leaders made Saudi blood boil. Reporting from DW, Friday (1/7/2022), Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah accused Riyadh of helping spread the ideology of Islamic extremism throughout the world. He says thousands of Lebanese working in … Read more

The “current” and “Amal” crisis is developing, and Bassil threatens Hezbollah to break up the alliance

GBC News: The political crisis in Lebanon has worsened, between the Free Patriotic Movement headed by former Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil, and the “Amal” movement led by Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri. With the Amal Movement insisting on refusing to bring the current deputy and former minister Ali Hassan Khalil before the judiciary, to investigate him … Read more

Hezbollah Secretary General Insulted King Salman, Prince of Saudi Arabia Angry

loading… Secretary General of Hezbollah Lebanon, Hassan Nasrallah, insulted King Salman bin Abdulaziz al-Saudi of Saudi Arabia in his speech, Monday (3/1/2022). Photo/Twitter via Albawaba RIYADH – Secretary General (Secretary General) of Hezbollah Lebanon Hassan Nasrallah insulted King Salman | bin Abdulaziz al-Saud dari Saudi Arabia calling him a “terrorist”. The comments sparked anger on … Read more

Hezbollah strengthens its presence in Damascus… and hides Iran’s marches in basements

It seems that Hezbollah militia Iran-backed began to strengthen its presence south and west of the Syrian capital, Damascus. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported, today, Sunday, that the Lebanese Hezbollah began digging and expanding an old military base that was previously used by the Syrian regime forces to train in the use of … Read more

After 7 years… Hezbollah regains “Nour Ali”

In a statement, Hezbollah announced that “the body of the Mujahid Muhammed Mustafa Bawab, nicknamed “Nour Ali”, has been recovered. And the following Hezbollah statement read: “In the name of the Most High, when the Islamic Resistance insists on recovering the remains of its martyrs, this is evidence that it is a humanitarian resistance, the … Read more

The Lebanese Hezbollah militia returns to deals with the occupying country

Contact – Editorial Team The Hezbollah militia has returned to the occupying country one of its Arab citizens, who infiltrated the border a month ago and asked to become a fighter in the militia’s ranks, for the second time in a year. And Lebanese media quoted a spokesman for the Israeli army as saying that … Read more