New discovery: 30 kinds of 15,000-year-old viruses hidden in Tibetan ice cores | Ohio State University | Glacier | Gene

Beijing time:2021-07-22 08:46 [New Tang Dynasty News from July 22, 2021, Beijing time]ResearchglacierScientists have discovered that there are more than 30 kinds of ice samples collected on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau in China.virus. Because they have been in a frozen state, most of these viruses survive, most of which have never been seen by humans. The … Read more

The hidden BMW concept already had giant kidneys in the 1990s

The double-split front radiator grille, nicknamed the kidney bag, has been an integral part of BMW’s design language for decades. In recent years, the kidneys have also caused a great wave of criticism from some fans and the public, as engineers have begun to gradually change their shape and size. The biggest criticism was then … Read more

5 Reasons Jorginho Beats Lionel Messi in the Battle for the 2021 Ballon d’Or Trophy, Number 1 Hidden Facts: Bola Okezone

GAME championed to win the trophy Ballon dOr 2021. He is championed to win the trophy in the form of a golden ball after guiding Chelsea to the 2020-2021 Champions League and leading Italy to the 2020 European Cup. This Brazilian midfielder is even championed to beat Lionel Messi who helped Argentina win the 2021 … Read more

Hidden object! You have 15 seconds to find the only wolf footprint among the #sfidevisive dog footprints

The wolf and dog footprints look a lot alike and it is not easy to distinguish them. In this visual challenge only one footprint is of a wolf and you need to locate it in less than 15 seconds. Almost impossible challenge! For you too? Hidden object, set the stopwatch and test your skills, without … Read more

The strange “Teardrop” star reveals the death of a hidden supernova (video)

Scientists have discovered two stars in the process of forming a supernova, about 1,500 light-years away from Earth, approaching each other in a sign of “certain doom” for them. Experts led by the British University of Warwick were able to identify a sub-event in the binary star system that bears the code “HD265435” using the … Read more

Teardrop Star reveals hidden supernova catastrophe

Artist’s impression of the HD265435 system in about 30 million years, with a smaller white dwarf distorting the hot bottom dwarf into distinct “teardrop” shapes. Photo credit: University of Warwick / Mark Garlick Astronomers brought the rare sighting of two stars to their doom by finding signs of a teardrop-shaped star. This tragic shape is … Read more

They discover an ‘Easter egg’ that was hidden for 20 years in the video game ‘Half-Life: Decay’

Published: 13 Jul 2021 01:03 GMT It is not the only secret that video game hides. A YouTube user released several more that he has found over the years. After almost 20 years of the launch of ‘Half-Life: Decay’ – an expansion of the original game for PlayStation 2, published in 2001 – an enthusiast … Read more

They find a hidden Easter egg in Half-Life 20 years later

Picture: Valve/Gearbox At the end of Half-Life: Decay there is little easter egg that appear ante ti if you change vista and you lend a lot of attention to a computer completely destroyed. This secret was descovered by expert from Half-Life and YouTuber, MarphitimusBlackimus, thanurante this weekend went up a video in which it shows … Read more

ULTIMA II Discover your hidden meaning with the ULTIMA II Delicate Series.

Let’s find the meaning hidden in you withULTIMA II Delicate Seriesthat awakens beauty with confidence and inspires a new look that is you During Work from Home This makes many people hardly go anywhere. But that doesn’t mean it will stop working. Stop making money to spend. Still Work from Home. You can turn on … Read more