[Breakfast Landmines]Milk Corn Flakes Hidden High Sugar Trap Dietitian Reveals 5 Types of Breakfast Have Cancer Risks – Hong Kong Economic Daily – TOPick – Health – Food Safety

The so-called daily plan is in the morning. Many people agree with the importance of breakfast, but some nutritionists pointed out that the common breakfast in daily life, such as fruit juice, bacon, sausage, milk and cornflakes… actually have the opportunity to increase many diseases risks, such as obesity, cardiovascular disease, and even cancer, and … Read more

Victims of the illegal animal trade!3-month-old white tiger cub in Greece abandoned in trash can with metal needles hidden in hind legs, malnourished and weak bones

Victims of the illegal animal trade!3-month-old white tiger cub in Greece abandoned in trash can with metal needles hidden in hind legs, malnourished and weak bones Attica Zoological Park in Athens, Greece recently actively rescued a white tiger cub that was discarded in a trash can. When it was found, it was weak and dehydrated, … Read more

Seven thousand mysterious islands were hidden in Japan; Researchers found

Researchers have now discovered about 7,000 hidden islands off the coast of Japan. With these islands officially added to the country’s map, the total number of islands in Japan will exceed 14,000. The last count of Japan’s islands was in 1987. It was recorded that more than seven thousand islands were part of this country … Read more

To live happy, live hidden

With only a large bundle of money as his luggage, the character of “Sugar Street” tries the experience of total obliteration. To no longer exist, but to live, an illusory quest? Read the first chapter. Article reserved for subscribers Journalist at the Culture Department By Cedric Petit Published on 03/17/2023 at 07:13Reading time: 3 mins … Read more

Israel corrects its policy towards Ukraine. They have a hidden purpose

As it was emphasized, this is a certain correction of Israel’s policy towards Ukraine, but the country’s authorities still do not intend to supply Kiev with deadly weapons. In January, Axios reported that the main reason why Tel Aviv does not intend to transfer arms to Ukraine is its reluctance to cause tensions in relations … Read more

Hidden photos. The Russians started digging. “The losses would be cosmic” – o2.pl

share Tweet A year has passed since the criminal Russian attack on the theater in Mariupol. What is happening in the city and its surroundings today? Secret photos and recordings show that the Russians are digging trenches, apparently taking into account the Ukrainian offensive. – The losses would be cosmic – comments Colonel Piotr Lewandowski … Read more

Only the units are able to quickly find the snake hidden in the leaves

www.DELFI.lt 2023 m. kovo 16 d. 06:30 aA Snakes can be true masters of camouflage, able to artistically blend into their surroundings due to the color and patterns of their scales. This photo that has taken the internet by storm shows a patch of ground covered in dead leaves and calls out for a snake … Read more

Is it true that Russia’s tanks will run out? Putin’s hidden ‘zombie tanks’ Where did the 60,000+ tanks after the Cold War go? In fact, it is said that it is preserved in 10,000 units (1/7) | JBpress (JBpress)

Where are the 60,000+ tanks after the Cold War?In fact, it is said that it is preserved in 10,000 units Russian T-72 tank (Photo: TASS/Aflo) Go to gallery page The Ukrainian War, which has entered its second year, continues to inflict unexpected heavy losses on the Russian aggressor forces due to reckless operations. Since the … Read more

Research: The Earth Has a Deepest Core Structure in the Form of a Hidden Giant Iron Ball

Latest News, International – It is known that Earth has an innermost core, a solid metal ball of mostly iron about 1,500 miles (2,400 km) wide. Reported from Dailymail.co.uk on March 11, But a new study suggests there’s another dense sphere within this core an ‘inner core’ that’s more than 800 miles wide. The researchers … Read more

The judges who question the impeachment of the Court suspect that the ruling party has a hidden strategy

He impeachment against all members of the Supreme Court It goes ahead, but in the courts the idea prevails that it is losing political impact. Judges from different instances agree that the true strategy of Kirchnerism is not to vote now for the dismissal of senior magistrates, since they know they are going to fail, … Read more