Unbelievable story: 250 cunning Russian doctors wrap the authorities around their fingers and hide from mobilization

The trip planned by the medical team resembles the scenario of the 2012 film “Argo”, which, by the way, is based on the true story of a 1980 operation between the Canadian government and the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). As part of it, posing as a sci-fi film crew, security guards appeared to remove … Read more

The Venezuelan regime tries to hide the fierce internal war that is being waged in Chavismo: El Aissami is not the only one targeted

Most of the parties of the Great Patriotic Pole separated from the Government The only thing that the copy made by Venezuela of revolutions like Cuba has been successful is in the destruction of the economic apparatus, in the deterioration of the military institution, in the proliferation of corruption among the hierarchs while a hungry … Read more

Xi Jinping no longer “hide your strengths and bide your time” The new Cold War is about to come to an end | Cold War Patterns | Sino-US Rivalry |

[Voice of Hope, March 24, 2023](comprehensive report by our reporter Li Hui) The CCP no longer conceals its ambition to dominate the world, and has become bolder in challenging the US-dominated world order. Chinese President Xi Jinping, who has just entered his third term, said to Russian President Vladimir Putin at the end of his … Read more

WhatsApp Business: how to hide that you are online | Android | iPhone | applications | nnda | nnni | DEPOR-PLAY

WhatsApp Business has become more and more popular among users, this is because now they can communicate with their customers in a practical and easy way without using the application WhatsAppwhich is mostly used for personal purposes or pure entertainment. However, managing a company or venture through WhatsApp Business is not an easy thing, since … Read more

The Baltic Sea is an extremely rare sight: the people who saw it did not hide their surprise

“We left by boat to do the day’s work. At one point I heard the sound of air being released, so my friends and I started looking around. Then we noticed a whale swimming nearby,” Marcin Grabowski, the author of the recording, told the city portal in an interview. He emphasized that he had never … Read more

“Intruders: Hide and Seek” is now even more terrifying – gaming tests

Already three years ago we were terrified with “Intruders: Hide and Seek”. Now the game is finally available for Xbox and Nintendo Switch. As Home Alone in VR, we got to know and love the first-person stealth thriller Intruders: Hide and Seek in 2019. The game takes the film’s concept and turns it into a … Read more

“They try to hide and I don’t like it”: this is how brands manage to sell you less products… at the same price

In the midst of rising prices, brands are taking advantage of this to reduce the container of their product. The practice is not new but it is certainly not illegal. The consumer protection association, Test Achats, denounces a lack of transparency. On the shelves, it may escape you. But on closer inspection, the weight of … Read more

C. Jérôme: what happened to his daughter Caroline, whose birth he preferred to hide?

Hidden daughter of C. Jérôme, Caroline is now a fulfilled woman. But what has become of her? 23 years ago today, C. Jérôme passed away. The singer indeed died on March 14, 2000 at the age of 53 following generalized cancer. Until the end, he was able to count on the support of those close … Read more