Another couple left the “Jump with a Star” project: participants did not hide fatigue and even anger

Alanas Dzeranovas and Eglė Bertulytė lost the opportunity to participate in the next stage with the lowest number of points. Last Saturday, the project hosted the Judges’ Challenge for the first time, in which participants prepared for performances with the “Shock with the Star” judges. At the end of the special evening, a surprise awaited … Read more

Apple M1 Max core real shot, it turns out to hide such a secret, layer by layer?

Article source: At this year’s Apple conference, we were shocked by the powerful performance of the new generation of MacBook Pro equipped with M1 Pro/Max. At the same time, we are more looking forward to the future M series processors. Recently, some foreign media revealed the internal structure of the M1 Max processor, which … Read more

Aneta and Robert from “Wedding …” split up ?! Internet users do not hide their disappointment [FOTO] :: Magazine :: RMF FM

“Wedding at First Sight” is a program that evokes a lot of emotions. The finale is coming soon, and Internet users are starting to speculate about which couples will decide to divorce and which will start a new, common phase of life. Aneta and Robert from the very beginning won the sympathy of viewers who … Read more

Portaltic.-A ‘malware’ for Linux uses a false date to hide: February 31

MADRID, 26 Nov. (Portaltic/EP) – a ‘malware’ for the Linux operating system called CronRAT has developed a new way of hiding to avoid detection using the system task scheduler and a date that doesn’t really exist: February 31. This is how the cybersecurity analyst has discovered Sansec, which has alerted about this ‘malware’, whose name … Read more

WhatsApp: tricks to hide the “online” and the “typing” | Chronicle

WhatsApp It is the most used messaging application in the world and it is almost impossible not to use it at least once a day to communicate with someone. However, more and more people show WhatsApp-arrives-a-new-function-to-maximize-the-privacy-of-your-account-20210718-0017.html “target =” _ blank “> concern for their privacy, so they go to platforms such as Telegram. For example, … Read more

chaos in the US, the figures that hide you. And Donald Trump … – Free Newspaper

Joe Biden flopped. The new US president failed to eradicate the coronavirus as he promised. “On July 4 – he said – we will celebrate our independence as a country and our independence from this virus”. Nothing could be more false: since the beginning of 2021, the start of his mandate, the US has counted … Read more

Suzuki S-Cross 2023 uncovered in ‘renders’: with nothing to hide

Based on the revealing spy photos of the new generation Suzuki S-Cross, in Russia they created these images that anticipate the new SUV. On Thursday of this week the third generation of the Suzuki S-Cross, also called SX4 in some markets, a model that militates in the subcompact SUV segment, below the Vitara. His appearance … Read more

YouTube to hide number of dislikes on videos – Maroc Local et Nouvelles du Monde | Jewish news from Morocco, breaking news | מרוקו ג׳וייש טיימס, חדשות מרוקו והעולם | Morocco News

If you hate a movie’s new trailer or dislike BTS’s new song, you’ll need to find a new way to let the world know because YouTube will no longer show how many people clicked. the “dislike” button under his videos. On its official blog, YouTube announced that it is making the change to help protect … Read more

How to Hide WhatsApp Chats Without Blocking Contacts

WhatsApp chat illustration. (WhatsApp) – Find out how how to hide WhatsApp chats without the need to block the sender’s contact. You can do that on annoying messages. Like an ex’s chat asking to get back, you can hide it without blocking the contact. Are you trying to distance yourself from someone? Does the … Read more

YouTube co-founder changes the description of the first video on the platform to criticize his decision to hide the number of ‘dislikes’

Published: 16 nov 2021 17:57 GMT Jawed Karim also left a comment under the video in which Matt Koval, head of author work, announced the news of the removal of the thumb down button. One of the three founders of YouTube, Jawed Karim, changed the description of the first video that was published on the … Read more