Submerged: Amber Heard is hiding under a false name in Mallorca

published3. October 2022, 14:25 submerged: Amber Heard is hiding in Mallorca under a false name After losing in court to ex-husband Johnny Depp, the actress is apparently planning a fresh start. She was spotted on the Spanish island with her daughter. 1 / 6 Actress Amber Heard (36) and her one-year-old daughter went into hiding … Read more

A hard-to-detect fraud has arrived in Slovakia: Banks are not hiding their concerns, beware of this

Bank clients find themselves under fire from telephone fraudsters. Worse, they are becoming more sophisticated. Slovenská sporiteľňa is currently registering dozens of such attempts at abuse. Fraudsters can disguise the telephone number that appears on the called client’s display so that it appears as his bank number. Despite the fact that the scammer does not … Read more

Slap, hiding the truth and bad decisions. What will next week bring in the Street?

You can find all the parts on Voyo. It takes a lot of courage to stand up to older classmates who are picking on you, but it rarely brings the desired result. Rather, the opposite will happen. Šimon, who Roman and Viktor are waiting for in the morning, will now feel this firsthand. Guys are … Read more

Meena Sagar | No longer hiding, I’m jealous of someone for the first time: actress Meena

If for the first time in her life Meena felt jealous of someone, it was actress Aishwarya Rai. Meena was vocal about Aishwarya’s portrayal of Nandini in an Instagram post saying, ‘I’ve been holding it back for so long, I can’t take it anymore, it’s suffocating me’

you will gasp when you find out what Princess Diana was hiding behind seven seals

August 31, 2022 2:15 p.m The heir to the throne led a double life. Diana Spencer became the wife of Prince Charles in 1981. The princess was one of the most famous representatives of the royal family, winning the hearts of fans around the world. A year after the marriage, Prince William was born, and … Read more

US authorities are looking for her. Michael Wendler and Laura Müller went into hiding.

Laura Müller and Michael Wendler pose in 2020 for the “Let’s Dance” show in Cologne. Getty Images Michael Wendler is being investigated again, the singer is confronted with several ads. Instead of paying off his debts, he buys new land. And suddenly Wendler is gone with his Laura. The 50-year-old and his wife Laura, 22, … Read more

Shoygu is hiding a nuclear bogey. He exposed the exotic “support group” of Russia

— From a military point of view, there is no need to use nuclear weapons to achieve our strategic goals in Ukraine. The main goal of Russian nuclear weapons is to stop a nuclear attack — He said Sergei Shoiguquoted by the Reuters Agency in a speech at an international security conference in Moscow. So … Read more

Shareholders sue Uber for hiding the illegality of their business

Shareholders sue Uber for hiding the illegality of their business Those who bought shares in Uber Technologies Inc.’s IPO have sued the company for allegedly withholding information about the legality of its business model, its passenger safety record and other matters. The lawsuit represents multiple investors who bought shares when the company went public, a … Read more