Zbigniew Zamachowski and Gabriela Muska³a stopped hiding. They spent the night together. We are looking at the actor’s car

Information about the break-up of Monika and Zbyszek Zamachowski surprised the public. The couple, who for ten years willingly appeared together at industry events and supported each other professionally, made it clear that they were getting divorced. It quickly turned out that the actor placed his feelings in a colleague from work. He can count … Read more

The best hiding place for humans on Mars has been found

Data collected by the Curiosity rover shows that the Martian hills offer protection against high-energy particles from space. This was measured with the Radiation Assessment Detector (RAD), an instrument that measures harmful radiation on Mars that comes from the sun and other sources. It can also assess the risk that radiation poses to microbial life. … Read more

Osama bin Laden died a decade ago. The organizer of the 9/11 attacks was in hiding for a decade | World news

They didn’t do it by accident. Washington simply stated that there were more important matters of the moment, or refused the pursuers the support they asked for. As a result, the search for the most wanted man in the world extended to a decade. The success was made possible by the infamous CIA prisons and … Read more

Wanted, she was hiding in Spain for 10 years. She was extradited to the USA

At the hearing, it was revealed that Alison Gracey, 54, had been captured in the Basque Country in April 2021, shortly after the Fox program was broadcast on Spanish cable. It presents a description of a woman in hiding since 2011. The Spanish judiciary confirmed that the aired program was a breakthrough in the search … Read more

The Austrian mother was hiding her dead mother in the cellar and receiving her pension

The scam came after a new postman entered the district in western Tyrol and wanted to see a retired woman. The son refused. The money was therefore returned to the pension office. During the subsequent investigation, the mummified body of the mother was discovered in the cellar on Saturday. The man made sure the body … Read more

In Spain, Chávez’s ally, who was hiding from extradition to the USA, was arrested

Carvajala was arrested by police in a small apartment that served as a hideout. “He lived completely closed, never walking outside or close to the window. He was always protected by people he trusted, “the police said in a Twitter post. She attached a video of masked policemen handcuffing Carvajal’s handcuffs. The United States is … Read more

Conan Kaźmierski took a picture of Dagmar Kaźmierska from hiding

Conan, the son of Dagmara Kaźmierska, took a hidden photo of his mother, which he praised on Instagram. He made a joke about a certain situation. See what moment he captured. Dagmara Kaźmierska is one of the most colorful stars The queens of life. The program presents the stories of heroes who have achieved success … Read more

Taliban Governor Continues to Hunt ISIS in Hiding

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — One of the governors Taliban from Afghanistan, Mullah Neda Mohammad, confirmed that he would continue to hunt down ISIS fighters from hiding in his country. Neda also previously fought against the US-formed Afghan government. Now he occupies the position of Governor of Nangarhar, Afghanistan, after the Taliban managed to retake the … Read more

Jimmy, 25, dies after hiding in a tree, going to be a dad for the second time

Posted on Monday, September 6, 2021 at 7:30 p.m. Through Mickaël Delfosse A dramatic road accident occurred this Sunday evening, around 9.45 p.m., along the Chaussée de Tournai. The emergency services quickly arrived on the scene but unfortunately they could not do anything to save Jimmy, one of the drivers. The evening of this Sunday, … Read more

Big claim from healthcare professionals. Health ministry hides all data

According to the news of İsmail Arı from the daily Birgün, it was claimed that the Ministry of Health hid many data on the corona virus epidemic despite all the insistence of the experts. The Ministry has finally given up publishing the Kovid-19 vaccine data instantly. The Ministry of Health, which has stopped declaring the … Read more