7 percent the world’s gold is hiding in our trash – experts share tips on how not to throw it away

Electronic waste remains the fastest growing waste stream – more and more ways are being sought to solve this problem. Starting this year, all countries of the European Union will have to report on the reuse of some products, including electrical and electronic equipment. The latest survey commissioned by the Ministry of the Environment shows … Read more

Hacking IDR 8 Billion, This Bank Teller Caught After 25 Years of Hiding

loading… Gasak Rp8 billion, a bank teller in China was arrested after being on the run for 25 years. Photo/Illustration/Sindonews BEIJING – Ended the escape of a former bank teller in China who stole more than USD 500 thousand. He was caught after hiding for 25 years by changing his identity and undergoing plastic surgery … Read more

“People lived as if hiding.” How Putin is following in the footsteps of Nicholas I and where this path leads

Turgenev says: “But it’s all for the best; being under arrest, and then in the countryside, brought me undoubted benefits: it brought me closer to such aspects of Russian life, which, in the ordinary course of things, would probably have escaped my attention. Turgenev was already under close surveillance. Even his harmless “Hunter’s Notes” were … Read more

The mayor from “Samy own” has been hiding a secret for years. He led a second life

Aleksander Fogiel was born on February 24, 1910 in Siedlce During the war, he combined his profession as an actor with work on the railway He was the director of five theaters, directed 68 plays, designed 38 sets, played 378 theater roles and over 100 film roles Privately, Aleksander Fogiel was associated with Celina Dąbrowska, … Read more

Shocking statistics: in the face of a threat, conscripts are hiding from the Lithuanian army

Criticism – from the mouth of a political scientist Political scientist Deividas Šlekys of Vilnius University’s Institute of International Relations and Political Sciences (VU TSPMI) reacted to plans to shorten mandatory military service last week. Lukas Balandios / 15min photo/Daevidas Šlekys At the same time, he criticized the authorities for not informing about the actual … Read more

Complaint against the Medicines Agency for “hiding” the effects of covid vaccines

The Liberum Association, born with the objective of “restoring the rights and freedoms that have been usurped from us during the covid-19 pandemic”filed this past Tuesday, in the Investigating Courts of Madrid, a complaint against the highest authorities of the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products (AEMPS) for “hiding the adverse effects of vaccines” … Read more

Hiding in a bicycle, turning into sugar cubes… drug smuggling from the US caught

◀ Anchor ▶ An international drug organization that brought in a large amount of methamphetamine worth 90 billion won from the United States and which can be administered to 900,000 people at the same time was caught. Drug smuggling is always the case, but the ways they hid drugs to avoid customs control were amazing. … Read more