“Norfos” efficiency solutions: why pay higher salaries?

Dainius Dundulis, Chairman of the Board of UAB Norfos Mamena: When we have as much money as we really need, we save and can pay our employees higher salaries. J. GRIGELYTS PHOTO. From reduced lighting to turning on refrigerators, today’s retail chains are forced to buy steering solutions that will help them withstand the rising … Read more

The former Minister of Petroleum: The Egyptian citizen’s consumption of energy is higher than that of Saudi Arabia and the UAE, and 6 times that of the British

Engineer Osama Kamal, former Minister of Petroleum, said that “the Egyptian citizen’s consumption of energy compared to some other countries, and the average per capita productivity, we find that the consumption of the Egyptian citizen is 4 to 6 times.” Today, Tuesday, Kamal added, during a telephone interview on the “Hadrat Al-citizen” program broadcast on … Read more

For high school students.. Minister of Higher Education: These jobs will increase in demand in 2025

Dr. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research (and the Acting Minister of Health), said that the population pyramid in Egypt is based mostly on young people, and this was taken into account while working on the ministry’s strategy. Abdel Ghaffar added, during his speech at the first qualitative forum, “Al-Masry Al-Youm”, … Read more

Children with type 1 diabetes are at higher risk of mental illness

And new study shows that children and young people with type 1 diabetes have an increased risk of mental illness, such as depression, anxiety and stress-related problems. The register study, carried out by researchers at the Karolinska Institute, has gone through almost 3.5 million people born in Sweden in the years 1973–2007 and their parents, … Read more

(Rumor) The rear camera of the iPhone 14 Pro Max may be raised, much higher than the original model.

Many data indicate that iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Pro Max will update the new rear camera make the camera lens bigger Convex is much higher than the original model. iPhone 14 Pro Max rear camera may be raised Previously, there were rumors that Apple will improve the rear camera of the iPhone 14 Pro … Read more

The key to higher speed and lower consumption is smooth driving

Why does driving with certain drivers scare you and make you feel sick in the car? Why do you sleep peacefully with others? And do you really think it’s just about speed? But go… Honza Červenka repeatedly tells clients in his sports-defensive driving courses that fluidity is the key to speed. And Honza Koubek can … Read more

DHF is getting higher, Bekasi in any area

Bekasikiniancom, Bekasi City – Case DBD The highest in the city of Bekasi, the Health Service is recorded in three sub-districts. It was recorded by the Bekasi City Health Office, the number of cases of Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DBD) continues to increase. Worse, based on data on July 29, 2022, there have been 1,910 cases … Read more

“Wall Street” .. weekly gains amid concern about a higher interest rate hike

Despite geopolitical tensions worrying markets over the past week, US stocks posted weekly gains after a surprisingly strong jobs report that eased recession fears, but paved the way for the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates sharply at its next meeting. The “Standard & Poor’s” index suffered a decline, Friday, and fell 1.1% during the … Read more

“I thought the increase would stop, but it just doesn’t.” For example, Marten Schoenmaker from Winschoten is bracing for an increasingly higher energy bill

We have to take significantly higher energy bills into account, warn Nibud and Vattenfall. Marten Schoenmaker (40) had expected his own to go down, thanks to insulation and solar panels – but he sees the fixed costs for his family only increase.