A person falls from the bridge and lands on the motorway in Verviers

It is a drama that played out this Sunday at the start of the evening. A person fell from the bridge which passes over the motorway in Verviers in the descent of Laboru. The person ended up on the strip where we drive towards Herve. The emergency services intervened. The severity of his injuries is … Read more

After the tragic accident, traffic on the Valmiera highway near Murjānai has been restored

Traffic has been restored on the Valmiera highway near Murjāņii, where a tragic accident took place on Thursday, November 24, says the “Latvijas valsts kētu” microblogging site “Twitter”, referring to the announcement of the State Police. On Thursday, November 24, at around 5 p.m. in Saulkrasti district, on the Valmiera highway, near the Loja river, … Read more

Trailer overturns on the Mexico-Veracruz highway near Texcoco, causing a cloud of cement; accident is on video

Trailer overturns in Mexico-Veracruz. Photo: Darkroom | illustrative And trailer that circulated to speeding on Mexico-Veracruz highway starred in a spectacular accident after overturn at the height of Texcoco, State of Mexicoleaving as balance an injured person, according to reports. This was the accident in Mexico-Veracruz In the images, shared by the authorities of the … Read more

A video reveals the truth.. the final moments of the highway girls accident in Egypt

While still “Salah Salem” highway accident in Cairo Which resulted in the death of a girl and the injury of her sister and 3 of their friends, occupying Egyptian public opinion. A 17-second video revealed the entire truth. Surveillance cameras on Salah Salem Street in Cairo showed, in a recording recorded by the security services, … Read more

[전국]Stealth patrol car, highway vehicle fire just passed by ‘controversy’

Controversy is brewing after it is known that police officers belonging to the Chungcheongbuk-do Police Agency turned away even after seeing a car on fire on the highway. It was found that a secret patrol car belonging to the 10th district of the Chungcheongbuk-do Police Agency’s Highway Patrol Team passed by ignoring the vehicle fire … Read more

We are not on the highway to hell. On the contrary, there is reason for climate optimism

The Maasvlakte Powerplant in Rotterdam, with a windmill in the foreground.Image Raymond Rutting /de Volkskrant The results of the climate summit in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, are generally met with a gloomy response. Although the bright spot is that a fund will be set up to help developing countries for the already inevitable climate damage, the … Read more

The highway to Ukraine is supposed to be without the Dargov tunnel, Michalovce must solve it

Nov 19, 2022 at 8:00 p.m I Paid content Except for one, the dates remain unclear. KOŠICE. Slovakia wants to fundamentally speed up the construction of the D1 highway, which has been under consideration for decades, from Bidoviec to the border with Ukraine. The State Secretary of the Ministry of Transport and Construction of the … Read more

A bridge is being demolished on the D10 highway

The bridge is located on the ninth kilometer of the highway in Zápe u Prahy. According to police spokeswoman Barbara Schneeweiss, there are no traffic complications at the site. On Saturday afternoon, road crews prepared markings on site and started preparatory work, at 19:00 the highway was completely closed. The police are monitoring the situation. … Read more

Montreal: major obstacles to be expected on the highway network

Major obstacles are to be expected on the highway network, particularly in the Saint-Pierre interchange and on Highway 40, which Mobility Montreal recommends avoiding during the weekend. In Brossard, the closure of 1 lane out of 3 on Route 132 eastbound, under the Samuel-De Champlain bridge, is expected from Friday 11 p.m. to Sunday 5 … Read more