The Harlequin Theater announced his return

“When the 2020 season of the Harlequín Teatro was just starting, the pandemic paralyzed all activities,” they said yesterday from the Harlequín Teatro, adding that they resumed with the weekend presentation of the play The night before, by José Luis Ardissone and Mario González Martí, on the poem by Martín de Goicoechea Menéndez, directed by … Read more

Despite international rejection, Turkey continues its climb in the eastern Mediterranean – ANHA | HAWARNEWS

Turkey has extended the term of the reconnaissance carried out by its ship “Uruç al-Raies” in the eastern Mediterranean until 4 of next month, during a notification issued by the Turkish Navy yesterday Saturday, in which it confirmed that “Uruç al-Raies “and the ships” Ataman “and” Genghis Khan “will continue to operate in an area … Read more

Messi scored his 116th goal in the Champions League

The Rosario marked the way with the 1-0, penalty (PT 27m), caused by the infraction that was committed in the area. Rosario’s goal, number 116 in Champions League, gave Barcelona peace of mind that in the opening minutes it was demanded by the Hungarian team, leader in the league of their country and that they … Read more

Boca launched a new website for its Amateur Sports

sports | October 20, 2020 – 12:10 The xeneize entity launched a digital platform with the aim of having a more direct link with the partners who develop their sports activities representing the institution. With the premise of having a more direct and closer link with the thousands of partners who develop their sports activities … Read more

Duhalde, Barrionuevo, Acuña, Bárbaro and Moreno spearheaded their own Loyalty Day event

Duhalde said that all those present “point to national unity and the formation of a great legislative coalition with four clear ideas to overcome the difficulties the country is going through.” He also pointed out that “Argentines cannot fight how stupid when people are suffering” and asked for unity to boost the country. While Acuña, … Read more

The testimony of Santiago Siciliano: “The Larreta government operates with total impunity”

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The testimony of Santiago Siciliano: “The Larreta government operates with total impunity”

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Larreta tests his own pandemic plan

In this way, the deployment of another stage of openings will begin, within the Start-up Plan of the City of Larreta. In Education, starting tomorrow, sports centers will be opened for the group of 6,500 boys with less contact with their schools and “educational accompaniment of students of 7th grade of primary level and 5th … Read more

Bank of Japan to start experimenting with its cryptocurrency in 2021

The decision follows the announcement by a group of seven major central banks, including the BoJ, that They will review some aspects of digital currency within the framework of the so-called Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), such as resistance to turbulent situations and its legal framework, which must be transparent. It is also in line … Read more