Lavrov: “EU and NATO like Hitler are preparing war against Russia”. Nuclear Agency: “Concern for the staff of Zaporizhzhia”

June 24, 2022 19:45 Kiev: “At least ten years to remove mines” Ukraine will need at least a decade to clean up all mine and explosives from his land and waters after the war. This was stated by a spokesman for the Ukrainian state emergency service. The reports on Guardian. So far, Ukraine has managed … Read more

Kiev: “Withdrawal from Severodonetsk”. Lavrov: “Born and the European Union like Hitler”

The Lugansk battle is about to end in the worst way for the Ukrainians. The defense forces were ordered to withdraw from the last outposts of Severodonetsk, to avoid being encircled by the Russians. This dramatic turn on the ground may herald, in the coming days, too to the fall of the twin city of … Read more

German historian on collective responsibility: “It’s not Putin’s war, it’s Russia’s war”

The BBC spoke about this with Martin Martin Schulze Wessel, a professor at the University of Munich and Maximilian University in Munich and a German historian. The professor specializes in the history of Eastern and South-Eastern Europe and is a member of the Commission of German and Ukrainian Historians. He currently teaches at Oxford St. … Read more

Why did Hitler hate the Jews so much?

loading… A wax statue of Adolf Hitler that was displayed at the Madame Tussauds Berlin exhibition on July 5, 2008. Hitler, in his history, hated the Jews. Foto/REUTERS/Tobias Schwarz/File Photo BERLIN – Adolf Hitler the Nazi dictator who once came to power in Germany, is held responsible for the massacre of the people Jews Europe … Read more

Old letters show that Hitler feared voice problems – VG

GERMAN PROGRESS: On September 11, 1935, Adolf Hitler led his staff down the aisle during the opening of the National Socialist Party’s convention in Germany. The same year he had voice problems, according to newly discovered letters. Photo: AP When Robert Doepgen (21) searched through old family archives for a school project, he found something … Read more

Letters reveal how Hitler was treated

The Swiss descendant of one of Adolf Hitler’s doctors published details of letters that show how he treated the Nazi dictator from voice problems, the newspaper Neues Zurich Zeitung am Sonntag reported on Sunday. Karl Otto von Aiken, a German ear, nose and throat specialist, has treated Hitler several times in the 10 years since … Read more

Russia. Dmitry Medvedev flies away again. Comparable Scholz to Hitler. Will look for the “Polish-Prussian relationship” | News from the world

“What does Scholz need Ukraine? You don’t have to look far for the answer. The Polish-Prussian alliance, which is trying its best to escalate the situation and push the insane Zelensky to more and more catastrophic statements and actions, will benefit enormously if Ukraine as a country it will disappear from the map. However, badly … Read more

Putin is more dangerous than Hitler and Stalin / Scripture

“Putin is neither Hitler nor Stalin. Unfortunately, he is more dangerous.” published in the British daily “Telegraph” warned the Polish prime minister. “Putin has more deadly weapons, but he also has access to new media to spread his propaganda. He has infected the Internet with millions of fake messages,” Moraveckis explained. The “crippled ideology” of … Read more