A Mercedes hits a collection 4×4 in Charleroi: two people seriously injured

An accident occurred this Sunday afternoon on the R3 of Charleroi, near Ransart. A vintage 4×4 was traveling towards Heppignies when a Mercedes suddenly hit it from behind. The jeep was thrown towards the security barrier on the right. The passenger was ejected, while the driver found himself trapped under the vehicle. According to our … Read more

Ukrainian army hits ten Russian attacks in Donbass

Ukraine army in Donbass on Saturday hit nine Russian attacks, reports the Joint Forces operative group “East”. Content will continue after the ad Advertising Doneckas a Luhansk Nine attacks on an opponent on Saturday, killing three Russian tanks, two armored personnel carriers, one cannon, four mortars and three cars, said in a statement. Meanwhile, Ukrainian … Read more

Avatar + Skull & Bones: Two Ubisoft hits are set to come this fiscal year

In the meantime, Ubisoft has also presented the report for the last financial year, which ended on March 31, 2022. At the same time, they took a look into the future and confirmed that three AAA titles should be released in the new fiscal year. Most recently, scenes from the long-lost pirate epic were also … Read more

Cartel hits back with violent ‘lockdown’ in northern Colombia

Businesses and schools had to close, citizens were not allowed to leave their homes – not even to buy food – and roadblocks were erected. More than a hundred municipalities in northern Colombia were saddled with a kind of lockdown from Thursday. But not because of a new corona outbreak; it was an act of … Read more

Gold prices are expected to decline further. Why the dollar strengthens Bond yield hits heavy pressure on gold

pricegoldWords are expected to continue to decline. As the dollar strengthens in 20 years, the bond yield surges.gold analysisgold price Hua Seng Heng Gold Futures Company Limited reported that gold price Spot last week slipped to its lowest level in nearly three months, under pressure from the dollar, the strongest dollar in 20 years, and … Read more

Today’s Giant Asteroid Passes, If it Hits Earth, the Power of 615,000 Times The Nagasaki Nuclear Bomb

TRIBUN-BALI.COM – Today, Monday (9/5/2022), a asteroid giant named Asteroid 467460 (2006 JF42) passing near the earth. Last observed on April 14, 2021, Asteroid 467460 (2006 JF42) was discovered in 2006. The asteroid has been observed 200 times to determine its orbit by The IAU Minor Planet Center. Indonesian Amateur AstronomerMarufin Sudibyo said, asteroid 467460 … Read more

West Ham strategist hits the boy who hit the ball: I have to apologize

Eintracht will seek to break the Glasgow Rangers (Scotland) team on 18 May because of the winners’ name in Seville. West Ham came to Frankfurt with a one-goal deficit, and the “hammers” lost 1: 2 in a duel in London. The guest task in Frankfurt was made difficult by 18 minutes. Aaron Cresswell, who earned … Read more

Nubank hits a negative record and plummets more than 8%, with an all-time low

The actions of Nubank closed down 8.22% on Tuesday (03), reaching a historic low of US$ 5.47 on the New York Stock Exchange. Analysts indicate that the main reason for the devaluation of the papers is the anticipation of the end of the lock-up announced by fintech. RG Digital: when do I need to change … Read more

The hardcore life-defying movie “Blind Battle” hits the Internet, and Blind An Zhijie singles out the gangster to save his daughter jqknews

Liu Zhaohui is the chief planner, Hao Dong and Zhang Zhipeng are the chief producers, Huo Suiqiang is directed, An Zhijie leads the starring, Yang Xing, Wang Hanyang, Qi Shenghan, Tao Tao, Zhang Yaqi, Wu Jingxuan, Cheng Sihan, Zhou Hongbo starring, Li Zixiong friendship starring, Amuro The special movie “Blind War” released the “Fearless Dark … Read more