Marawan Mohsen hits Ramez Jalal after discovering the mold “Ramez his mind flew” | news

Football player Marwan Mohsen was in a state of shock as soon as he discovered that he had fallen victim to Ramez Jalal’s “Ramez Aklou” prank presented by Ramez Jalal, but he quickly overcame it. Mohsen hit Ramez Jalal and drowned him in the water, to which the presenter of the program shouted “Oh Galawi.” … Read more

Trolley hits back at Mohanlal and Antony Perumbavoor

Bobby Chemmanoor, Mohanlal and Antony Perumbavoor / Facebook വ്യVasai Bobby Chemmanoor’s Labor Day post was a big discussion on social media. The post trolled actor Mohanlal and producer Antony Perumbavoor. Mohanlal and Antony were portrayed together in the film as a rich worker working with an employer. After the post went viral, Bobby Chemmanoor was … Read more

Bulgaria hit rock bottom in the price of labor in Europe

At the bottom of the list are several post-socialist countries with hourly labor costs of around ten euros – Croatia, Hungary, Poland and Lithuania. The penultimate is Romania, with an average hourly wage of 7.70 euros. If we take only the industrial sector, labor costs in the Federal Republic are among the highest in the … Read more

Stefanie Heinzmann hits a sore spot with Nura with “Babe”

With this song, tears flow even before the first note. In memory of her beloved friend Sam did Nura written the title “Babe”. Even around three years after his death, the 32-year-old is still in deep pain. No wonder that Steffi is accordingly excited before her appearance on “Sing mein Song”. After all, she turned … Read more

A storm hits Belgium: yellow alert across the country

Tuesday, the weather will be very windy with gusts of 70 km / h, which can reach 90 km / h locally, announced Monday the Royal Meteorological Institute (IRM). LThe weather will be variable and very windy with showers, announces the Royal Meteorological Institute (IRM). In the afternoon, the clearings will tend to develop, but … Read more

Bloody bruises and scratches: The strong images that would demonstrate the tremendous beating that Alejandra Guzmán gave to Frida Sofía

It seems that the violent episode began after having been ingesting alcoholic beverages. The alleged evidence could be used in court. Volatile and explosive. So it seems that it was actually the relationship that Frida Sofía has always had with her mother, Alejandra Guzmán. Proof of this are some shocking images that have been leaked … Read more

While the corona hits the poor most, see how those who have money get vaccinated

According to OdaTV news, vaccine travels have been the subject of controversy many times for some time. While the poor were the most affected by the corona virus epidemic, the rich and famous people taking advantage of this privilege by participating in vaccination tours brought reactions. Ebru Şallı, who actively uses social media, shared that … Read more

Global chip crisis worsens and already hits Apple, BMW and Ford – Technologies

The global chip deficit is worsening by the day. Like tech giants Apple and Samsung Electronics, automakers on three continents have signaled production cuts and lost revenue due to the crisis. In just 12 hours, Honda said it will stop production at three plants in Japan; BMW will reduce shifts in factories in Germany and … Read more

The nightmare of the Havana syndrome returns. And now it hits Washington

The “Havana syndrome“, that is, a mysterious sequence of ailments that affected employees of the American embassy in Cuba in 2017 and 2018, seems to have appeared on US soil. The symptoms of the aforementioned syndrome, the cause of which is still unknown, were identified so far from scientific publications in tinnitus, dizziness, photophobia, buzzing … Read more