Characters that come to life and in some cases their names supplant that of their actors

Santo Domingo. DR There are characters that They are born with a life of their own. Those who since the stage lights reflect their image become living beings, who shine to such an extent that they end up burying its interpreters or creators. Actors and actresses who have lived the experience of bringing such powerful … Read more

TECHNOLOGY – Internet Explorer will stop operating this June 15

Microsoft will stop supporting Internet Explorer 11, the latest available version of its browser, this Wednesday, June 15, to exclusively offer Microsoft Edge, its current browser. The company announced the end of Internet Explorer support for its Microsoft 365 online ecosystem services in May last year, when it said the browser’s desktop app would no … Read more

The country would lose RD$2.2 billion due to expired vaccines

The announcement that at the end of next month Nearly three million anticovid vaccines will expiremanufactured by the pharmaceutical company Pfizer, marked the third time this has happened, though never with such a large batch. For this reason, the Ministry of Public Health has called on the population to complete the immunization schedule for four … Read more

MP says Argenis Contreras tried to hide a vehicle after the murder of Yuniol Ramírez

The Public Ministry reported that it provided this Wednesday more testimonial evidence in the substantive trial that is being carried out in the Second Collegiate Court of the National District against those involved in the murder of lawyer Yuniol Ramírez Ferreras and the acts of administrative corruption in the Metropolitan Office of Bus Services (OMSA) … Read more

They capture in Puerto Rico a comet that will approach Earth next July

a comet discovered in May 2017 and recently captured from Puerto Rico, will have a slight approach to Earth next July, the Caribbean Astronomy Society (SAC) reported on Tuesday. Comet “C/2017 K2 (PanSTARRS)” was recently captured from San Germán (west) by Puerto Rican Raymond Negrón, from the SAC, who predicts that the star will have … Read more

A device measures the level of antibodies after the Covid vaccine

A new device offers a naked eye reading of the level of antibodies against covid-19 in vaccinated people, which could be used for mass screening or monitoring the immune status of individuals, according to a study published today by Science Advances. The device developed by a team led by the University of Hong Kong showed … Read more

Clarissa Molina will marry in the Dominican Republic

A few months after the announcement of his engagement with Vincent Saavedra, the communicator Clarissa Molina shouted to the world through his Instagram account that his wedding will take place in “his land”, the Dominican Republic. “Yessss!!! We got married in my land Dominican Republic! This is how I have dreamed of it since I … Read more

Vaccine schedule with three doses made official

Yesterday, the Ministry of Public Health established by resolution the third dose as a complete vaccination scheme against Covid-19 in the entire population from 12 years of age and created the Administrative Technical Committee of the Directorate of Access to High-Cost Medicines. The provision also enables the fourth dose or booster dose to all those … Read more

Government negotiated with Pfizer to change pending vaccines for doses for children

Santo Domingo, DR. The Dominican Government submitted a new addendum to the contract for the purchase of vaccines with the American company Pfizer, which will be known in the coming days by the National Congress. The new addendum, requested by the President of the Republic, Luis Abinader, would serve to change 1.2 million adult doses … Read more

Amber Heard will move to the desert after the sentence of the trial with Johnny Depp – El Nacional

Rest Actress Amber Heard will take a break in the desert after her trial with ex-husband Johnny Depp, who sued her for $50 million in a libel case, a source close to her told British newspaper The Mirror. You can read: Depp calls Amber Heard accusations ‘crazy’ Leave Los Angeles The 36-year-old singer plans to … Read more