Positively Pregnant, Pilgrims from East Java Fail to Depart to the Holy Land

One female pilgrim from East Java (East Java) canceled her trip to Medina after she tested positive for pregnancy when she was tested by PPIH Embarkation officers in Surabaya. Husnul Maram, Head of the Surabaya Embarkation PPIH explained, the female pilgrims entered group 30 from Kediri Regency. He was tested positive for pregnancy based on … Read more

Two East Java Pilgrimage Pilgrims Died in Medina, Buried in the Holy Land

Two pilgrims from East Java who have arrived in Medina City, Saudi Arabia are reported to have died. Husnul Maram, Head of PPIH Embarkation Surabaya, said the two congregations came from Group 9 from Gresik Regency and Group 1 from Bangkalan Regency. Namely, Ahmad Suhadak Riduwan (53) from Gresik who died Saturday (27/5/2023) at 09.00 … Read more

Unfolding, holy stick, secretly flirting with the mother’s heroine before the end of the peak

Did Pee Thing ever send a bouquet of flowers to flirt with? Om : It can’t be said at all. How do you know? Om : How did you travel in the past? Didn’t know they were in the same company? Om : I know you’re here together. Come to pick me up to eat … Read more

Icon of the Holy Trinity owned by the Orthodox Church. Putin made the decision

Ukraine – Russia Thursday, May 18 (15:30) The icon “Trinity” by Andrei Rublev, by the decision of Vladimir Putin, will permanently leave the Tretyakov Gallery and will be handed over to the Moscow Patriarchate. Conservators, who are afraid of damaging the work of art, are horrified by this move. “I see an attempt to give … Read more

Armistice between Israel and Islamic holy war – NRK Urix – Foreign news and documentaries

It was Egyptian TV that first reported that there was an agreement on a ceasefire between Israel and the Islamic Holy War (Jihad) in the Gaza Strip. It was supposed to take effect at 10 p.m. Soon after the announcement, scenes of joy erupted in Gaza. Israel thanks Egypt for brokering the ceasefire, and says … Read more

Victory Day is celebrated in Russia, where Putin highlights the “holy” battle with the West in Ukraine – Photo

In the annual speech in honor of the victory of the USSR over Germany in 1945, Vladimir Putin claimed that “a real war has been waged against Russia”, that Russia has countered international terrorism and continues to “defend” the people of Donbass. He repeated the narratives of the past, preparing for a long war and … Read more

1 kind of fruit is known as the holy product of fruit with high anti-aging ability, but only one kind of people should eat it carefully | Life Matters

April 30, 2023 at 17:00 It can also prevent 4 major diseases such as stroke Blueberry is a very nutritious fruit, and the anthocyanins in it can help keep away from diseases. Hong Taixiong, a teacher of the Department of Bioindustry at National Taiwan University, called it a holy fruit, but he also reminded people … Read more

Two Holy See Ministries sign new agreement to protect children – Vatican News Vatican

Through this new agreement, the Pontifical Council for the Protection of Children and the Ministry for the Evangelization of the First Evangelization and New Local Churches will collaborate to serve the Local Church in preventing violations against the most vulnerable. (Vatican News Network)Cardinal O’Malley, President of the Pontifical Council for the Protection of Children, and … Read more