The earthquake in Peru injured 12 people, 2.4 thousand. left homeless

A powerful earthquake that struck early on Sunday was felt over a large area. The underground strikes also destroyed five churches and damaged one clinic, destroying a total of about 1.5 km of roads. The quake has been felt in Peru’s coastal and Andean regions, including the capital, Lima, and has also damaged neighboring Ecuador. … Read more

A ceremony in honor of the homeless dead near a construction site

Dozens of people, including family members, gathered in Cabot Square on Monday to pay tribute to Elisapee Pootoogook, this homeless native who was found dead near a construction site. • Read also: Homeless man found dead near construction site in Montreal The body of the 61-year-old woman was found on the morning of November 13 … Read more

Marvel’s youngest Thunder King also said that the mouth-slipping spider confirmed the identity of the “Green Demon” actor in “Homeless Day” | Entertainment | CTWANT

Tom Holland seems to have accidentally thundered again during the recent fan meeting. (Photo/Retrieved from Tom Holland IG) The Marvel movie “Spider-Man: Homeless Day” has recently exposed a large number of trailers. The film focuses on the concept of the multiverse. Many villains in the past series of movies have appeared in this film. As … Read more

India. At least 400 men were reportedly raped by a homeless teenager. Can identify 25

A 16-year-old woman living in the streets in India has reportedly been raped in recent years by at least 400 men. The victim of sexual violence sought help from the police, but was also about to be sexually abused there. So far, seven people have been arrested in the case. The victim herself says that … Read more

Juan Gabriel’s son declared himself “homeless” after arrest

Within a week of his arrest for family violence, Joan Gabriel Aguilera Salas, Juan Gabriel’s son, declared himself destitute. The information was released by the program Windowing, citing Aguilera’s statement to the authorities. They also consulted with the lawyer Sandra Hoyos on the case, and she stressed that although perjury is a crime, did not … Read more

Antwerp midfield denounces statements by De Wever about deceased homeless people

The Antwerp Platform for Social Midfield Organizations (APSMO), which includes welfare organizations, trade unions and the University of Antwerp, denounces the statements made by Mayor Bart De Wever (N-VA) this weekend following the death of two homeless people in the bicycle parking under the Central Station. De Wever ‘shaves all people in homelessness with the … Read more

Homeless person testifies about alcohol ban announced: “No alcohol… (Antwerp)

A homeless person on Sint-Jansplein wants to give his opinion anonymously. “This is a hypocritical measure. Soon we will no longer be allowed to drink alcohol together on a couch. But nothing changes in the cafes and on the terraces.” — © Walter Saenen Antwerp – “If we are no longer allowed to drink on … Read more

Two dead homeless people found in bicycle parking near Antwerp Central

The two bodies were found by a passer-by in the night from Thursday to Friday. “At 3 am, the police received a report that an ambulance had arrived at the Koningin Astridplein, at the underground bicycle shed, because two bodies had been found,” Mayor De Wever told ATV. “Unfortunately, those turned out to be lifeless … Read more

Two homeless people found dead in an underground parking lot at Antwerp train station

Two bodies were found overnight from Thursday to Friday in the bicycle parking lot under the Astridplein near Antwerp Central station, police said on Saturday. They are two men aged 41 and 42, probably homeless. The emergency services arrived at around 3 a.m. An attempt at resuscitation was unsuccessful. A forensic pathologist had also been … Read more

Homeless used to sleep on park benches, now this man is a billionaire, owns 100 luxury mobile homes – This is the story Nick Mocuta, once a homeless person is now a successful billionaire. After years of being a homeless man sleeping on a park bench, who would have thought that Nick Mocuta’s fate has now changed completely. Also read: Vanessa Angel’s Mother-in-law’s Emotions Broke, Driver Suspected of Negligence, Aunt’s Father: This … Read more