Starbucks is closing 16 profitable coffee shops in the US. Because of liberal politics, they were occupied by drug addicts and the homeless

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz said the company has to close 16 profitable coffee shops in major cities where Democrats are in power. He accused them of unwillingness to take responsibility in the fight against drug addiction, homelessness and mental illness, writes New York Post. In 2018, Starbucks got into a scandal – the manager tried … Read more

Monkey pox creeps into Toronto homeless shelter

A Toronto Public Health team is investigating the possibility that monkeypox has spread to a homeless shelter following confirmation that an infected person recently stayed there. In a press release issued by the municipal authorities on Monday, it is indicated that the infected person has been transferred to an isolation unit provided for cases of … Read more

Several people are dead after a mass shooting at a Canadian homeless person

Police said most of the shootings took place downtown, with one report of a shooting in neighboring Langley Township. At around 7:30 a.m. local time on Monday, police issued a warning to residents of the area via cellphones to avoid the area. Later, police issued a mobile alert that the suspect had been apprehended. However, … Read more

Several died after shooting at homeless people in Vancouver, Canada – NRK Urix – Foreign news and documentaries

Several homeless people have been shot in the suburb of Langley outside Vancouver in Canada. Reports of the shooting came shortly after 6 a.m. Monday morning local time. Two people have been confirmed dead, and two are described as seriously injured. The perpetrator was eventually shot and killed by the police, the newspaper writes Vancouver … Read more

stop sharing ‘inhumane’ images of homeless people

Eveline van Egdom/Street Consulate NOS News•yesterday, 08:03 Maartje Geels editor Online Maartje Geels editor Online Officers regularly share images of homeless people sleeping on benches via social media, to the dismay of experts. According to them, these ‘stereotypical images’ reduce the tolerance people have towards this group of people. “Homeless 34-year-old man from former Zaire … Read more

Britney Spears assures that she prefers to hang out with homeless people rather than with… | Showbiz 123

Diego Rivero/ @Diiegorivero Britney Spears does not stop being news, this time due to her controversial statements, the singer confessed that she prefers to go out with homeless people. “God is not cool. Does that mean the devil is extremely attractive and cool? I’d rather hang out with homeless people than, with people in Hollywood, … Read more

the transformation is incredible, here is his dream home

He bought one casa in ruins for a pound, well 1.18 euros but the transformation is beyond belief. This is the story of one donnaa 35-year-old yoga teacher who shelled out the paltry sum for a dilapidated townhouse in Liverpool transforming it into the home of his parents dreams. Read also> Prince Harry will remember … Read more

Britney Spears slams people in Hollywood: ‘I’d rather be with homeless people than with them’

Britney Spears wanted to rant on social networks on Thursday, July 14. Indeed, she shared a photo on her Instagram page on which we can read the inscription “God is not nice”. In caption of this image, she decided to send a message to the Hollywood industry. “Does that mean the devil is extremely handsome … Read more

for now he is homeless. And Carrie studies the great return-

from Luigi Ippolito Now he looks to the future of the couple: he will write about Shakespeare, a memorial, he will make money with paid speeches. She, nicknamed Lady Macbeth, very ambitious from our correspondentLONDON – Technically, a homeless man. In the sense that Boris Johnson once he will have made up his mind to … Read more

The Struggle of Former Homeless People Fired Here and There to Become Rp 41.7 T

Jakarta – Achieving success in life is not as easy as turning the palm of the hand. However, the wheel of fate will surely spin as long as you are willing to fight and work hard. This is evidenced directly by John Paul DeJoria, a successful billionaire from the United States (US) who was once … Read more