A massive explosion in Ghana leveled hundreds of homes, 17 dead

The blast occurred around noon on Thursday near Bogoso. Seji Saji Amedon, the deputy head of the disaster response office, said earlier that the explosion had destroyed 500 houses. According to Reuters, the smoldering site of the explosion and the ruins of houses can be seen in the videos published by the local media. 42 … Read more

Big power cut in the Huy region this morning: a marten deprives 20,000 homes of electricity

It was without electricity that many Hutois and residents of neighboring towns such as Marchin, Modave, Strée, Tihange and even Andenne woke up. Many of you have informed us of this power outage via the orange Alert us button. “General power outage in Huy.” “Power outage in Huy since before 6am this morning. What’s going … Read more

Micasa is building 215 senior homes in Enskede

Micasa Fastigheter is building 215 new senior housing units in Enskede. The empty old service house in Kv. The valley will be 215 new senior housing units. Existing service house apartments in Kv. The valley is being rebuilt from old dark apartments to smaller and modern bright apartments in different sizes, mostly twos but also … Read more

Mateusz Morawiecki proposes to get children out of their homes through e-sport

When the Sejm was debating the opposition’s motion to dismiss Bortniczuk, Prime Minister Morawiecki stepped onto the rostrum to convince himself that the government was working in this direction to increase the physical activity of children and adolescents. It’s hot in the Seym. The prime minister spoke, the deputies shouted. “You cling to commas” Prime … Read more

Facing Omicron, nearly 1,500 soldiers as reinforcements in rest homes

On Monday, no less than 1,800 employees in nursing homes were absent due to the epidemic. Soldiers have therefore been deployed in support in rest homes in Brussels and in seven Flemish residences. Currently, there are still some in Pepinster, in Wallonia. To avoid contamination, nursing home employees are required to wear an FFP2 mouth … Read more

Only one set of Shenzhen’s first new property sold this year | Shenzhen property market | new homes | mainland property market

[Epoch Times January 07, 2022]The first-tier mainland city of Shenzhen only sold one set of the first property market to open this year. Some people in the industry are rightNew houseThe sales situation is cautiously expected. According to a report by China Business News on January 7th, in 2022, the first new building in Shenzhen, … Read more

The Suffering of Chinese Citizens in Xi’an Confined in Their Own Homes

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Government China apply lock (lockdown) in Xi’an to combat the spread of corona virus, Covid-19. The government’s move made the fate of the citizens even more miserable. They were locked up at home as a result lockdown. In the past two weeks, Chinese social media has been filled with citizen complaints … Read more

Technology is coming to our homes – how will we live in 2030?

Publicity photo Today, around 10% of Europeans already use smart devices in their homes, making their daily lives easier and more comfortable. However, the field is projected to continue to grow rapidly, with more than 65 million people using smart devices in Europe by 2026. Most read The news “Omikrons is a gift from God! … Read more

The sadistic war between the Colombian rebels, citizens are dragged from their homes and executed

loading… The sadistic war between the Colombian rebels, residents were dragged from their homes and executed. Photo/Illustration BOGOTA – Two rebel groups opposed to the peace process in Colombia engaged in armed clashes in rural areas in the state of Arauca. At least 23 people died in the bloody clashes. According to the country’s human … Read more

A Colorado fire has destroyed nearly a thousand homes, and three people are missing

Investigators continue to try to find the cause of the fire, which destroyed entire neighborhoods. It was originally thought that the fire could have caused power lines pulled by the wind. However, the inspection of the energy company Xcel did not find any damaged lines near the presumed place of the fire. The fire ceased … Read more