Symphorien and homo quebecus | The Journal of Quebec

Thus, Pierre Huet and Louis Saïa will revive Symphorien at the theater. And why not ? Quebec is not just The Sisters-in-law by Michel Tremblay and Bousille and the righteous by Gratien Gélinas. It is also Painted in the corner by Gilles Latulippe and Must place cushy by Bertrand B. Leblanc. Just as Quebec is … Read more

Homo sapiens’ relentless failure while trying to settle in Europe – All Pages

Depiction of Homo sapiens, or modern man—Modern man has made several unsuccessful attempts to settle in Europe before finally taking over the continent. This is a striking conclusion from scientists who have studied the course of the Homo sapien exodus from Africa tens of thousands of years ago. Researchers recently pointed to sites in … Read more

Getting to know Homo Bodoensis, Called the Direct Line of Modern Human Ancestors

NKRIKU, Jakarta – A group of ancient humans – already extinct – got a new species name: Homo bodoensis. The naming of this species is not based on the identification of new fossil finds, but on the re-examination of the fossils. Why is it deemed necessary to name the new species? Is it possible to … Read more

Scientists Reveal Human Names Before Homo Sapiens

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Scientists have named a new species that may be a direct ancestor of modern humans. The name of the new species is Homo bodoensis, which lived half a million years ago in Africa. Research uploaded in journal Evolutionary Anthropology Thursday (28/10), said it could help decipher how human lineages move and … Read more

The skull of a young Homo naledi relaunches an evolutionary enigma –

The discovery of a child’s skull in a cave in South Africa, announced Thursday, relaunches the enigma around the cousins ​​of the current human. The first proofs of the existence of these beings, baptized Homo naledi, had called into question the theories on Evolution. The child was probably between four and six years old. Twenty-eight … Read more

Homo bodensis – Dagblad Suriname

Researchers have announced a new species of human ancestor called Homo bodensis. The hominin lived in Africa about half a million years ago and was the direct ancestor of modern humans. Researchers are looking at Middle Pleistocene hominins, a group that may help explain how Homo erectus (“upright man”) became Homo sapiens. The authors of … Read more

The remains of Homo georgicus from 1.8 million years ago. Historical discovery in Georgia

Viewers of this clip also saw: Georgian archaeologists found on Saturday, September 11, very well-preserved remains of the ancient ancestors of Homo sapiens, dating back 1.77-1.84 million years. The discovery was made at the archaeological site in the village of Orozmani, about 100 km south-west of Georgia’s capital, Tbilisi. The site is in close proximity … Read more

MUI Asks YouTube to Take Down Video Clips I’m Not Gay

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Deputy General Chairman MULTI-FUNCTION, Anwar Abbas asked the party YouTube to lower or take down nuanced music video LGBT or lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people who are rumored to also appear on advertisement YouTube Kids or the children’s version in Indonesia. This issue has been in the spotlight after the … Read more

PHOTO: Keišs, Anužīte, Znotins and other actors of the comedy “Homo Novus” in the supermarket give autographs to fans

Today, September 26, the premiere of the new feature film “Homo Novus” is scheduled. Prior to that, an autograph session with the film’s actors was held in the 1930s at the Gallery Center. Meeting of Homo Novus actors with fans +114 See more Igors Šelegovskis, Kristīne Krūze, Kaspars Znotins, Andris Keišs, Kaspars Zvīgulis and Aurēlija … Read more

Homo longi, the hominid that offers another perspective on our evolution

In 1933, paleontologists discovered a fossil skull really peculiar to the northeast of the China. Due to the strange characteristics of the latter, the scientific community has never been able to associate it with a known species. But according to a study, the results of which recently appeared in the journal Innovation, the situation has … Read more