Diario Extra – Who pays the stamp of the Bar Association?

Opinion The law at your fingertips CONSULTATION: Cordial greetings, Lic. Gerardo. As always, thank you very much for maintaining your valuable legal column. I have presented several lease monitoring processes and in none of them have I been asked for the lawyer’s stamps, I did not even know. I have just submitted the last one … Read more

predictions for the year of Capricorn

11st decan: after a difficult month of January, things will improve. For you, relationships, both personal and professional, are essential. Jupiter will no longer be in a relationship with you in February. Finally, the relaxation will arrive in May. You will be able to expand the scope of your activities, and why not meet someone … Read more

2021 annual horoscope for Capricorn: this is your year!

Updated: 12/29/2020 – 8:17 PM Organized and charming Annual horoscope 2021 for Capricorn (22.12.-20.01.) Foto: imago images/Ikon Images The typical Capricorn woman is down to earth, disciplined, realistic and loyal. But will that benefit her next year? It will be a brave and adventurous year for Capricorn. You will have a better grip on finances and … Read more

Astrological weather for Sunday, December 27, 2020

Cancer: with many goals for the coming year, especially the subject of your body. You rethink your diet and propose to lose a few extra pounds for the summer. The will is everything. Scorpio, as the saying goes: “he who burns himself with milk sees a cow and cries.” You don’t want to trip over … Read more

Diario Extra – Celebrity Stylist with Covid in the USA: ‘I saw the light at the end of the tunnel’

Covid-19 does not discriminate, it impacts the rich, the poor, the famous and the unknown, men or women. It was recently news that the virus manifested itself on the life of the famous stylist Mirlen Quesada, well known in the world of entertainment after fixing the most beautiful models or working behind the scenes on … Read more

Diario Extra – Golfito Oil Palm Producers guarantee production

Nationals Coopeguaycará receives credit Coopeguaycará RL is an oil palm producer organization, located in Gaycará, Golfito, South Zone, which was born in 1985 Coopeguaycará RL is an oil palm producer organization, located in Gaycará, Golfito, Zona Sur, which was born in 1985 with the aim of supporting families in the southern part of the country, … Read more

Diario Extra – Sele notes the date: September 2021

Concacaf announced on Friday the schedule for the long-awaited regional qualifying round for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. The first round will begin in March 2021, the second in June of the same year and the final phase, in which Costa Rica comes into action, it will begin in September 2021. 3 GAMES PER … Read more

Isabel May, from MyTheresa: “A career is built with those who believe in you”

Mytheresa’s Managing Director and Chief Marketing Officer, Isabel May, relies on an increasingly personalized shopping experience. Madame Figaro. – One hour to wake up? Isabel May. – 6 hours. Whether to go back to the origin? A childhood in Munich, in an atypical German family: my role model is women who have children and who … Read more

Extra Diary – In the middle of the storm

Opinion Juan Luis Mendoza placeholder image In this writing I am going to summarize what Father Larrañaga narrates in the fifth chapter of his book El Hermano de Asís. Remember that in the beginning the spiritual and apostolic plan of the Fraternity founded by Francis according to the Gospel, the “new way” of living life … Read more

Diario Extra – Ticos club champions in Europe

QUESTION: Vidal Narváez Carrión (Madrid, Spain). I would like to know who the Costa Rican footballers have been who have been monarchs of Europe in the League, Cup and Super Cup. REPLY: A good amount of soccer players from Costa Rica were champions in European League, Cup, Super Cup, and Second Division tournaments. Here is … Read more