Valve announced that it will give away a Steam Deck host every minute at the TGA Game Awards Ceremony

Just last Thursday, Valve officially announced an upcoming Steam Deck lottery on its Twitter account, saying that the company will be at The Game Awards, which is expected to be held on the morning of December 9, Taiwan time. “Send one every minute” 512GB Steam Deck, which is a model with a high price. In … Read more

Viral net Odol, a very pontoon girl, can speak 8 languages. She met the host and asked, How old are you? Push to answer I’m fine! (watch clip)

It became a parody topic and went viral. “G”Influencers, female net idols, go on a show to discuss, not argue, clash. “Daikin” Boyfriend from the case by Ji went to complain to the Pavena Foundation, claiming that she was physically abused 18 times by her boyfriend, even when she was pregnant. Before being exposed by … Read more

Xiaomi Mini Host Archives | AV Tech Guide, online media, reviews, news, knowledge of audio, hi-fi, home theater, TV, smartphone, IT, multimedia and innovative products

Xiaomi’s upcoming product launch event on December 1 is likely to be an interesting one. The company plans to launch more innovative products, and interestingly, the list of new products is constantly being revealed. A recent Weibo post on Xiaomi Notebook’s home page reveals that the company is planning to launch a A new desktop … Read more

It is the worst host country in the history of the World Cup / World Cup 2022 / Gr. A / Netherlands-Qatar (2-0) /

Zero points. For this third day, Qatar again lost to the Netherlands (2-0). A third consecutive defeat for the Qataris, who end their World Cup with no points taken in the competition. A bitter failure at home to Félix Sánchez which quite simply makes them the worst host team in the history of the competition … Read more

new pass of arms between the deputy and the host

Saturday November 26, Louis Boyard handed over a coin in the clash opposing him to Cyril Hanouna. Indeed, the latter had announced in his program Do not touch My TVthat the Alain Chabat’s new late-showbroadcast on TF1 the week after the World Cup match, cost 500,000 euros per episodeof which 100,000 were dedicated to guests. … Read more

The host of “Good Morning TVN” Damian Michałowski canceled the program

“Dzień Dobry TVN” is a breakfast show with a very large viewership – especially on weekends, when most people stay at home. Six host couples entertain viewers every morning and set them up for a good start to the day. An announcement in the form of a recording appeared an hour before the scheduled broadcast … Read more

Qatar, the host country, is disgraced for being the first to be eliminated in the Round of 16

◀ Anchor ▶ Qatar, the host country that lost in the opening game, has even had the disgrace that it wants to erase by confirming its first round of 16 elimination in this tournament. On the other hand, Iran, which suffered a crushing defeat in the first game, prepared a turning point with a dramatic … Read more

Angèle and a host of stars make the Web hilarious in this brilliant fake ad

People and royalty “The Late with Alain Chabat” struck again with the spirit of Dummies resurrected. This week marked Alain Chabat’s eventful return to television, and more specifically to TF1. After “Burger Quiz”, the master of humor returned with a late show inspired by what the Americans do, and the public seems rather won over … Read more

The Hungarian radio host is in love with a selected soccer player

The Hungarian radio host is in love with a selected soccer player 2022-11-27 / Author: habostorta / Other, Love The listeners of Rádió 1 know exactly who Yamina is, as the pretty DJ spins the songs in the evenings. But it would be an exaggeration to say that Illés Viktória Yamina’s private life is an … Read more