Can’t keep up with the young man anymore? Matuš’s radical decision

He wants to look young and does not hesitate to go through the pain. Bohuš Matuš (47) allegedly began to use the aesthetic services of a Prague clinic. But he did not look for it himself, according to him, the offer came directly from them. “So I thought to myself that if I still play … Read more

The Cruel Pain of the Peas: Death before leaving for the theater

“Because it happened just before I left for the theater for the show I Can and a Man, I took him with me. He lay helplessly in my lap, in the blanket on which he slept with me in bed. And we drove the last sleepy ride. It’s a big story. The show was for … Read more

Paul despairs: It stretches behind me like a stench

The character of teacher Vilma, who lives with the police captain Pepan, cost her more than she could have imagined. Trošek’s comedy deprived her of business. For fifteen years since the comedy inspired by stone jokes, she did not have a film script in her hand. The directors vomit “The stone is following me like … Read more

Simona Stašová (65): In quarantine! And unexpected complications!

Due to health reasons, Wednesday’s performance of her monodrama Shirley Valentine at the ABC Theater in Prague was canceled. “Even if Simona is not in quarantine, she cannot perform,” described the owner of the Harlekýn theater agency, Václav Hanzlíček. Stašová about Bohdalová’s mother: She revealed something that is not said much … fell off. At … Read more

Pospíšilová gave birth from Prima: her son was given an unusual name

Sandra Pospíšilová gave birth to her second baby this weekend. The presenter and her husband welcomed to the world a son named Leon Pospíšil. “We just want to greet you from the hospital. Leonek has been here with us since the weekend … and it’s so wonderful to meet a baby again, “wrote Pospíšilová about … Read more

Vladimír Polívka and its premiere in Face: He was betrayed by nerves

When he handed over the fifty thousandth check to the winner Bara Basikova (57), who had disguised herself as an elderly old man from Tones and I, his knees probably no longer tapped. “I was very nervous in the first part because I really never did. Just looking at the lens. It’s like talking into … Read more

Ivan’s widow (44) after the death of Karel Gott († 80): For the first time among people

The widow of the most famous Czech singer armored herself with a wall of silence. Since Charles’s death on October 1 last year, she has communicated with the world only through her spokesperson and has stayed away from all events. She even refused a personal invitation from Michal David to celebrate her sixties. Only those … Read more

This hasn’t been here before: Viewers Sunny Rage because of …

She had on Thursday Josefíková on TV Prima premiere in the series Sunny. It was one of the fastest engagements for the actress. Everything was baked in practically a few hours, when the creators called her and offered her the role. “It was a quickie. Before I nodded, it was important for me to talk … Read more

Michaela Dolinová: Thyroid problem!

Barricading herself overnight in an apartment without the opportunity to work was hell for her at first. “I was terrified. I, who am a workaholic and have an overactive thyroid gland, did not need to find myself like many of my colleagues, nor did I need to rest. Why rest ?! So horror! Absolute horror, … Read more

Hana Zagorová and Štefan Margita: They are both fighting the covid

“Hanka returned after two concerts, where two days later her fever rose to almost forty. Of course, tests showed that she was infected with covid, and due to those fevers that did not decrease even after a week, Hanka had to be hospitalized, “he described for Showtime on Prime Margita. Stefan Margita a Hana Zagorová: … Read more