Electoral silence for all parties, but not for the League: on social media there is a post every half hour. Attacks on the Democratic Party and Letta, controversy and appeals to the vote

The League chooses to macroscopically break the election silencel’interruption of the campaign that the law imposes on the day of the vote and on the previous one to encourage the calm reflection of the voters (the violation of which, in theory, is punished with a fine from one hundred to one thousand euros). While the … Read more

Make Great! Kymco’s Newest Electric Motorcycle Charges 1 Hour Can Cover a Distance of 199 Km

HALLOTERNATE.COM – Kymco apparently launched an electric-powered variant of Kymco Like. As is known, Kymco Like 125 is a Retro Scooter like Vespa. After the success of the Kymco Like 125 petrol motor version, Kymco finally launched its electric motorbike variant. Read Also: Armed with Sophisticated and Practical Technology, This Vespa-like Electric Motor Can Be … Read more

Afghanistan, Biden revokes the status of strategic ally – Last Hour

(ANSA) – WASHINGTON, 23 SEPTEMBER – Joe Biden has revoked the status of “strategic ally” not a member of NATO from Afghanistan. A measure announced by the American president last June. The special status was awarded to the country in 2012, by then President Barack Obama, as a “strategic ally”. Afghanistan has received military assistance … Read more

It can travel at speeds of up to 100 km per hour… What is the price of a flying bike?

For the first time in the United States, a flying motorcycle has appeared that can travel at speeds of up to 100 km per hour, and can hover in the air for up to 40 minutes. The flying motorcycle appeared at the North American Auto Show in Detroit, Michigan The bike is produced by Irwins, … Read more

Due to Germany’s curious dissuasion, not even the United States could withstand it: it was the hour of the tanks

Defense and military experts, one after another, “confused” all the arguments of Chancellor Olaf Scholz and his Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht, which they used to justify the refusal to transfer German tanks to Ukraine. Christian Mölling, director of peace research at the German Council on Foreign Relations (DGAP), called the endless debate about tanks simply … Read more

Stock Exchange: Hong Kong down to 2011 lows with recession spectrum – Last Hour

(ANSA) – BEIJING, SEPTEMBER 22 – The Hong Kong Stock Exchange (-2% to 18,081.19 points) falls to its lowest level since December 2011 on fears related to the rate hike decided in the US with the expected repercussions on consumption and corporate profits , up to the specter of recession. The Monetary Authority of the … Read more

More rain falls in one hour in this Spanish region than in our country in a month | Abroad

Streets, tunnels, parking garages, everything is flooded. In this region where it was abnormally hot last summer, it is now abnormally wet. The provinces of Castellón and Alicante were especially hard hit by the storm. In Oropesa (Castellón) 144 liters of water per square meter fell in just twelve hours, in Benissa (Alicante) 139 liters. … Read more

“1 hour to drive 6km, I would have eaten my steering wheel!”: Sébastien is overwhelmed by the new Brussels traffic plan

A month ago, the new traffic plan came into force in the center of Brussels. Motorist, Sébastien denounces the queues generated and says “not to understand the policy of the authorities”. The new Brussels traffic plan obviously does not convince everyone. Via the orange Alert us button, Sébastien shares his anger with us. “One hour … Read more

Mexico, strong 7.4 magnitude earthquake in Michoacán – Last Hour

(ANSA) – MEXICO CITY, SEPTEMBER 19 – A quake of magnitude 7.4 was felt today in Mexico, with its epicenter in Coalcomán, a municipality in the state of Michoacán, in central Mexico. This was announced by the National Seismological Center (CSN). The quake, which occurred at 13.05 local time (20.05 Italian time) was clearly felt … Read more

Speed ​​cameras and “intelligent” traffic lights between Gardolo and Lavis: 267 fines on the first day, even a motorist speeding at 108 per hour – Trento

TRENTO. Velox and smart traffic lights, there were 267 violations on the first day. Infringements for exceeding the limit of 70 km per hour were 128. The most undisciplined motorist proceeded at 108 km per hour. 139 did not stop on the stopping line or went through red. The data must be validated by the … Read more