Sex party has fatal outcome due to overdose: “They only notified the emergency services four hours after the sip” (Bonheiden)

Ostend/Louvain/Bonheiden/Tielt – In May 2020, an American died of a GBL overdose during a sex party in Ostend. Because his partner and the two other men present waited four hours to call emergency services, they now face a conviction for guilty negligence. “Nobody understood the seriousness of the situation.” Arne Franck Monday, November 28, 2022 … Read more

Plane dangles at high altitude: terrifying seven hours for occupants | Abroad

It took seven hours for the duo to be rescued from the aircraft at a height of thirty meters. Rescue workers managed to reach the aircraft with a cherry picker. Inside the plane were a 65-year-old pilot and his 66-year-old passenger. The two were taken to hospital with severe hypothermia, but their life is not … Read more

Plane flies into power wires, occupants only rescued after hours

Reuters NOS News•yesterday, 03:30•Amended yesterday, 06:42 A small plane has become entangled in the wires of a power line in the US state of Maryland. The two occupants could only be rescued after hours by the rescue services. View images of the plane in the high-voltage pylon here: Airplane in Maryland power pylon The rescue … Read more

Tuberculosis can be detected in less than two hours at the Victor Babeş Infectious Diseases Hospital in Timisoara

In Timisoara, tuberculosis can be detected in less than two hours, while the classic procedure takes three weeks. The Victor Babeş Infectious Diseases Hospital was equipped with four ultramodern machines, which use the GeneXpert system, the only autonomous, fully automated molecular testing method. The GeneXpert system is a modern molecular biology technique used for rapid … Read more

Camilla Hugoniot, business manager: “A worker cannot work ten hours a day all summer, it’s impossible”

Camilla Hugoniot has been at the head of the Piemontesi family business since 2015. Founded in Cernier, in Val-de-Ruz (NE) by her maternal great-grandfather in 1929, she now employs around fifty people in total. While a new round of negotiations must be held this Monday between the unions and the employers with a view to … Read more

NASA predicted where a small asteroid would hit Earth hours in advance

A small asteroid burned over the sky of Ontario, Canada, a week ago. No known damage occurred, as is often the case with such small objects, but the event was a perfect testing ground for NASA’s Scout impact risk assessment system. The asteroide 2022 WJ1 it was discovered on the night of November 18 and … Read more

Device that allows the detection in less than two hours of the germs that cause tuberculosis, in Timisoara

The GeneXpert system represents a modern molecular biology technique used for the rapid and precise diagnosis of various types of infections. Among them are the MTB complex (Mycobacterium tuberculosis), the microorganism that causes tuberculosis, but also viral loads in the case of hepatitis B, C and HIV infections. The analysis laboratory of the Hospital for … Read more

Qatar Travel; Permission to park vehicles at Salwa Check Point is only for 96 hours Qatar world cup; 96 hours max to park vehicle at Salwa port

Riyadh: The Transport General Authority (TGA) has informed that the maximum period for parking a vehicle at the inspection center at the Saudi border gate ‘Salwa’ is only four days for those going from Saudi Arabia to watch the World Cup matches in Qatar. The notification is that the time allowed is from the time … Read more