Because of the wrong copy paste, this woman accidentally bought 84 houses

SPARKS, – Women in the City of Sparks, State of Nevada, United States of America (USA), accidentally bought 84 houses by mistake copy-paste in the document. As a result of the officer pressing the button incorrectly, the woman, who only intended to buy one house, bought up all the dwellings in the complex plus … Read more

These are the characteristics of houses that are often visited by angels, is your house one of them? – It turns out, house Angels often visit have characteristics, which are often not realized by many. If angels often come to house Thus, the residents will always be given blessings, smooth sustenance, and other goodness. As known, house is a place of shelter, a place for family gatherings, a place to rest and … Read more

Destroyed houses and a bill of 250 thousand euros. Residents of a building that exploded in Alfama five years ago are still waiting for an outcome | Lisbon

The facade of the five-story building at number 59 of Rua dos Remédios, in the heart of Alfama, remains standing, but beyond that wall is a ruin and the despair of the residents who saw their houses completely destroyed on the 13th. August 2017, in a fire caused by a gas leak underground.

Business park developer Piche is also focusing on the construction of apartments and terraced houses :: Dienas Bizness

The construction company “Piche”, known as the developer of business parks in Mārupe, has decided to build apartments and terraced houses as well. Currently, the company’s first apartment complex “Dižozoli” is being built in Mārupe, the first house of which is planned to be put into operation by the end of this year, and another … Read more

The army raided the homes of wanted men in the Al-Sharawneh neighborhood

The Army Command – Orientation Directorate issued the following statement: On 8/8/2022, an army force raided the homes of wanted persons in Al-Sharawneh neighborhood – Baalbek, where they arrested the wanted (A.J) and the citizen (A.Z) while he was trying to escape in front of the patrol members, and seized military weapons and ammunition belonging … Read more

Water bomb in Val di Fassa, 800 meters of pipes to protect the houses – Fiemme – Fassa

FASSA. 800 meters of piping lead directly into the Avisio stream the water that – continuously decreasing – descends from the slopes overlooking the town of Pozza di Fassa, preventing it from reaching homes. A trench dug above the village instead collects any material carried by the waterfall that was created after the water bomb … Read more

Four out of ten houses are in a row | NOW

Last year, 42 percent of the nearly eight million houses in our country were terraced houses. This is shown on Wednesday from figures from Statistics Netherlands about the housing stock. It is also noticeable that the number of so-called multi-family homes, for example a flat or apartment complex, is increasing rapidly. What the residential area … Read more