Croatia also gives away houses for 1 euro, and they are incredible

Who would have thought that the Italian project to sell abandoned houses in historic centers for one euro would have spread like wildfire throughout Europe? Thinking about it, in reality, it was predictable: it is convenient for those who buy, but not only, also the municipal administrations avoid in this way to see the country … Read more

Police found 90 people in houses in the United States – believe it was human trafficking

The police went into action after someone called the emergency services on Thursday night and said that a person close to them was being held there against their will. When a task force entered the house, Deputy Police Chief Daryn Edwards said they discovered a large group of adults who had huddled together. There were … Read more

Haunted Houses are Prepared for Travelers in Boyolali and Madiun

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Houses that are considered haunted are prepared for reckless residents homecoming to Boyolali, Central Java, and Madiun, East Java. Head of Sidomulyo Village, Ampel District, Boyolali Regency, Central Java, Moh. Sawali admitted that he prepared a house that had been empty for a long time and was considered haunted to quarantine … Read more

This Italian village also sells houses for 1 euro | Living

Italian villages that offer very cheap houses, things are starting to become normal. Some time ago there were already offers in the town of Sambuca, Biccari and Cinquefrondi. This time it is the turn of Castiglione di Sicilia, a village on the island of Sicily. The cheapest houses cost 1 euro. The village is located … Read more

Susana Bettencourt took the crochet in honor of Portuguese houses

Portugal Fashion: Susana Bettencourt’s crochet in homage to Portuguese houses The creator revealed that she uses the collaborators’ dead stock so that it does not become waste. The primary colors of the collection. The first day of Portugal Fashion’s Take 2 on the sofa ended shortly after 8 pm with a presentation by Susana Bettencourt. … Read more

‘Famous fortune teller’ opens 4 zodiac signs, prepares to receive big things, big houses, big cars, check now !!

“Magic designs cake doctor” opens 4 zodiac signs. Prepare to receive big items, big houses, big cars. “Magic designs cake doctor” reveals 4 zodiac signs during this period, there are criteria for the big ones: Capricorn, Pisces, Taurus and Virgo. In which all 4 zodiac signs have a big criteria The big man, the big … Read more

JOM enters the residential business with a project of 20 million in Porto

Olimpo Studios started to be built in February of this year. © D.R. April 17, 2021 • 11:16 The JOM group, which owns a network of 23 furniture and household goods stores in the country, and two furniture factories, is building 160 T0 apartments next to the Asprela university campus, in Porto, in an investment of … Read more

Even an incredible Sicilian village gives houses for 1 euro, and you have to apply now

The 1 euro houses are a bit of a catchphrase this spring, and indeed the idea is mouth watering. In this period practically nothing else is talked about, and offers of this kind are multiplying throughout Italy. The initiative of houses sold for only one euro from now on also includes one of the most … Read more