What is it like to have your mind on fire at a time like this?

There was a time when everyone was baking cakes or research new recipes. Or to touch the kitchen for the first time. He also took care of the plants. He sewed and arranged old clothes. Everything was photographed and uploaded to the networks, sent by WhatsApp or counted by zoom. Everything was “to do something” … Read more

How to know if your mole is skin cancer

I remember a funny scene from the series ‘Seinfeld’ in which the protagonist is having dinner with a dermatologist and accuses her that dermatologists only dedicate themselves to seeing “pimples”. At that moment a patient approaches the doctor and says: “Doctor, you saved my life. He diagnosed me with skin cancer in time.” Biography Dr. … Read more

Visit St. Nicholas church in Demre (Turkey), origin of Santa Claus

Frescoes in the church of Saint Nicholas of Myra in Demre in Turkey The church of saint nicholas in Demre is one of four or five most visited monuments in Turkey and a mandatory stop on any tour of the Mediterranean coast of this country. Many reasons justify that all travelers want to visit this … Read more

Mascherano’s career: His start in River, Barcelona and emblem of the National Team

El Jefecito debuted earlier with La Albiceleste than with River, which would be a hallmark for his entire career. He defended the national team’s jersey at age 19, under the guidance of Marcelo Bielsa, in a 2-2 draw against Uruguay on July 16, 2003. Later he had his debut at the Millionaire, where he played … Read more

How will the weather be this Saturday in the city

November 14, 2020 – 09:11 After a week of pleasant weather, on Saturday the city woke up with different conditions. During the early morning rains and Rainfall will continue throughout the day, according to the forecast of the National Meteorological Service (SMN). For the morning the forecast indicates isolated storms – with a probability of … Read more

How to operate as normally as possible in times of disruption | Communications

Do you want to know how NFON helps in digital transformation processes? Read his blog Many things that we consider “normal” are called into question when the unexpected happens. One of the main shocks we face today is how much the workplace has changed. With the rise of mobile work and the coronavirus pandemic, traditional … Read more

The ace on offense | Champions League

If one player was waiting for Quimsa for his return, it was Brandon Robinson. The guard shone in the last National League, it was one of the keys by which the Santiago came to be first and made a final in the Final Four in Comodoro. In addition to being a standard in the start … Read more

How to choose the motorhome that best suits your travels

Updated:10/30/2020 1:54h save Related news During last summer the motorhome rental has experienced record growth, with many families and couples who have decided travel all the corners of Spain With the house on his back. A trend that continues to rise and with more and more followers. Those who are thinking of getting started in … Read more

Sandro Romero Rey: How to return to the theater? – Art and Theater – Culture

The day the quarantine began, in the Performing Arts Program of the Faculty of Arts of the District University we assumed virtualization, before it was too late. There was no time to lose. As our colleagues debated the challenge between the “Convivio” and the “technovivio”, 340 acting and directing students, together with their 46 teachers, … Read more

How to fix update stuck when initializing in Destiny 2 – SAMAGAME

Sometimes when you update Destiny 2 it crashes on initialization. This can be quite troublesome as the usual fixes don’t seem to work and the game is impossible to start. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to help fix Destiny 2 when it gets stuck on initialization. Destiny 2 stuck on initializing … Read more