How did the Egyptian actress “Yousra” look in her latest appearance after her old age! • Al Marsad newspaper

Al-Marsad newspaper: Pictures of the Egyptian actress Yousra at the Red Sea Film Festival party, which was part of the Venice International Film Festival, caused an uproar because of her advanced age. Yousra was criticized by her fans after her age became clear despite attempts to hide it with makeup and cosmetics. Pictures of Yousra … Read more

Fortnite: How to get Spider-Gwen for free

Yesterday we already told you about the top news from Season 4: Paradise of Fortnite Battle Royaleand today we want to talk to you about the news about charactersfocusing on the star of Season 4: Spider-Gwen. After receiving a huge number of characters from the Marvel universe, including Spider-Man himself in several different versions, it’s … Read more

How does the Saudi victory celebrate its goals in the new season?

Al-Nasr Saudi Club has applied a new technology in its stadium, Mrsoul Park, to celebrate the goals during the team’s matches in the new season 2022-2023. Al-Nassr defeated Al-Wahda 1-0, during the match that brought them together, Saturday, at Marsool Park Stadium, in the first round of the Saudi Professional League. Al-Nassr scored its only … Read more

How did the Liverpool coach comment on Nunez’s expulsion from the Crystal Palace match?

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp confirmed that striker Darwin Nunez had failed his colleagues on Monday, indicating that he would learn from the red card he received after headbutting Crystal Palace defender Joachim Andersen, in the match in which the two teams drew 1-1. in the English Premier League. “The incident deserved a red card, he … Read more

How he prepared Mindy and his friend to commit serious sexual crimes

They took their mobile phones and forced them to get drunk or locked them in rooms with special locks.. These were some of the “tactics” that Benjamin Mendy and his friend Luis Saha Matori used to prepare for the alleged sexual offenses they were accused of, for which they are being tried in Chester Court. … Read more

Do you remember the artist Naim Issa, the hero of the play “Raya and Sakina” .. Watch how he has become now .. and for those who said “one of them is for God”

Al-Marsad newspaper: The Egyptian media, Amr Al-Leithi, published on his account on “Instagram” the promo of the new episode of his program “One of the People”, in which he hosts the Egyptian artist Naim Issa, in which he revealed the suffering he is experiencing in the recent period because his colleagues were not asked about … Read more

Berri defines the specifications of the next president of the republic… How did he comment on the case of Archbishop Musa al-Hajj?

Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri confirmed that he will not call for a presidential election session “until after the completion of the reform laws required by the International Monetary Fund,” stressing that the next president should be “an element of gathering and not an element of subtraction and division.” As for the issue of the demarcation … Read more

Video – A cruel nightmare for the world champion .. Watch how his stick broke!!

Czech Jiri Sikora suffered one of the worst jumpers’ nightmare, as his stick broke in half during the World Championships in Athletics. The 27-year-old, who jumped 4.10m on his first attempt, failed miserably in the 4.30m attempt. The former junior world champion saw his stick break in two like a branch, just seconds after it … Read more

How do meteor showers form and how do they relate to lenoids? Here’s NASA’s Explanation – A meteor shower is a celestial event in which multiple meteors are observed emanating or emanating from a single point in the night sky. This meteor is caused by a flow of cosmic debris called meteoroids which enters the Earth’s atmosphere in parallel paths at very high speeds. Most meteors are smaller than … Read more

Horror! ‘Heartbeat’ in Space Receives Mysterious Radio Signal from Nothing

Horror! ‘Heartbeat’ in Space Receives Mysterious Radio Signal from Nothing / WION NEWS JAKARTA, We don’t know life beyond Earth. There is no conclusive evidence yet. We have tried contacting alien civilizations (if any). But we haven’t got any response till now. However, it is interesting to imagine that there are indeed alien civilizations … Read more