Giselo called his manager live but Roche made him tremendous VIDEO you forced me to resign and you don’t pay me América Hoy entertainment | SHOWS

WHAT A SHAME! During America Today, Edson Davilathe popular Giselo, decided to call his manager live to answer some questions, this before the questions of his companions, since they affirmed that the driver had pressured him. READ ALSO: Ministry of Women took the children of Dalia Durán: “Careless?”, reveals ‘Amor y Fuego’ “Hello Paolo, we … Read more

Janet Barboza sends a message to Melissa Paredes LIVE: “You are a cape and I hope to see you soon” América Hoy Showbiz activator | SHOWS

DO YOU LOVE HIM? Although Janet Barboza y Melissa Paredes They were very close drivers, their friendship ended after the model’s protection with the dancer Anthony Aranda. Even the popular ‘rulitos’ was the one who rebuked Rodrigo Cuba’s ex-partner LIVE for his alleged infidelityHowever, this Friday, September 23, he sent him a heartfelt message. READ … Read more

Christian Domínguez sings a cappella LIVE and Sergio George buries him: “Your voice sounds much better with music” América Hoy entertainment | SHOWS

TREMENDING ROCHE. In ‘America Today’, Christian Domínguez was encouraged to sing the theme of ‘The Pillow’ again LIVE‘; however, the cumbiambero released a couple of ‘roosters’ and the very Serge George surprised with his harsh criticism. READ ALSO: Neighbors of Dalia Durán accuse her of neglecting her children: They wander alone on the street and … Read more

Shakira receives messages from women with whom the defender cheated on her

They tell you about privacy. After the separation of Gerard Pique y Shakirathe singer has not had a good time, and despite having been on vacation with her children, the Colombian lives a real nightmare in Spain. And it is that the press of that area has been in charge of revealing information about an … Read more

Janet Barboza calls Susan Ochoa a “green hornet” for her outfit in La Gran Estrella and she explodes: “If you were Carolina Herrera, I would worry”, América Hoy, video

Nothing was saved. Janet Barboza He usually makes people talk because of his controversial opinions on the air against various celebrities, and this time he did not expect what would happen when he wanted to criticize Susan OchoaWell, she responded with everything LIVE. YOU CAN SEE: Susan Ochoa adds salt to Ethel Pozo’s ‘matri’: “Perhaps … Read more

Polio worries Dominicans in NY

New York. New Yorkers, including the nearly 900 Dominicans residing in the Big Apple, face another negative health streak after the Health Department stated this Wednesday that hundreds of people may be infected with poliomyelitis. The Quisqueyans express concern about the situation, as reported. It was explained that the health authorities collected sewage samples from … Read more

Brunella Horna reveals that she returned Richard Acuña’s engagement ring and this is how they reacted in “América Hoy” | VIDEO America Today RMMN EMCC | SHOWS

Brunella Horna He caught the attention of his colleagues from “America Hoy” after he showed off without his engagement ring that Richard Acuña gave him on July 16, when he asked her to marry him in a movie theater in Lima. The first to notice this detail was Edson Dávila, who in the middle of … Read more

Óscar from ‘Protagonistas de Nuestra Tele’: How are your colleagues today? – People – Culture

RCN’s ‘reality show’, ‘Protagonistas de Nuestra Tele’ had several editions that were closely followed by Colombians through their televisions. One of the most successful was the one in 2012, which was won by Sara Uribe and Jhoan Álvarez. However, that year’s edition had more participants who stood out in the program and are remembered to … Read more