Arath de la Torre treated Carmen Salinas badly and they demand her exit from the “Hoy” program

Arath de la Torre has angered social networks for an outrage he did to Carmen Salinas placeholder image, who since last November 11 is hospitalized and in a coma after suffering a brain hemorrhage. And the fact is that the followers of the 82-year-old actress remembered the uncomfortable moment that the host of the program … Read more

Daniela Rodrice refused to be the clown of the program “Hoy”

Daniela Rodrice is crowned as the most popular tiktoker of the moment with its funny reactions and iconic phrases such as “I wanted to, but could not”, “the one that supports”, among other phrases that the nicknamed “girl” from Mazatlán, Sinaloa uses. On your visit to Mexico City Daniela Rodrice was as a guest on … Read more

Isabel Acevedo Chabelita sends hint to Christian Domínguez LIVE after triumph in Reinas del Show: “I did it with my own name”, América Hoy, video

Nothing was saved. Isabel acevedo surprised to achieve be crowned the winner of the second season of Show Queens a few days ago, but not because of this forget Christian Domínguez, and so he made it clear by releasing a striking phrase LIVE. The popular Chabelita she arrived as a guest on the set of … Read more

Samahara Lobatón blocks Janet Barboza LIVE: “Madam, what happens to you is not my fault”, América Hoy, Youna, video

Do not tell him! Samahara Lobatón usually give to speak for her relationship with her daughter’s father, Xianna, but this time he starred in a striking situation with Janet Barboza. The influencer was invited to the last edition of America Today, this Friday, November 5, to be part of a segment with a specialist to … Read more

Galilea Montijo cries in Hoy and moves Andrea Legarreta

“It lands us in seconds. Because at home our only intention, the people who dedicate ourselves to the entertainment world, is to take them a moment of distraction regardless of the problems we have every day, because we are like you: humans, we bathe, laugh, cry and have problems. So thank you for this moment … Read more

Ethel Pozo after Melissa Paredes’ double called her “sister” in “América Hoy”: “This mockery is total” | celebrity NNDC | SHOWS

Updated 10/26/2021 02:11 pm Ethel Pozo, Janet Barboza, Edson ‘Giselo’ Dávila, Mariella Zanetti, and Christian Domínguez, were surprised in the “América Hoy” program with the presence of the double of Melissa Paredes, an actress who decided to walk away from the program after starring in a scandal of alleged infidelity. Gisela Valcárcel’s daughter spent an … Read more

Gian Marco: Psychologist Lizbeth Cueva on separation from his wife Claudia Moro: “He has met another side”, América Hoy, video

Oh how strong! GianMarco Zignago surprised everyone by announce his separation from his wife Claudia Moro after 25 years together, And because of that, psychologist Lizbeth Cueva he opined on this breakup. In the latest edition of America Today, this Wednesday, October 20, the specialist arrived on set to comment on what happened between the … Read more

Janet Barboza mocks’ Giselo’s forehead and he replies: “How can he destroy me like this!” | VIDEO Edson Dávila América Hoy Farándula NNDC | SHOWS

Updated 10/18/2021 12:42 pm A fun moment was lived this Monday morning in “America Hoy” after Janet Barboza Trolled ‘Giselo’ because of how his face looks and did not imagine the tremendous response that his partner would give him. SIGHT: Janet Barboza calls ‘Giselo’ “sonso” and he gave her this warning live After the popular … Read more

Dear driver of Hoy surprises everyone by confirming that OnlyFans will open | VIDEO

The drivers of the Today Program are some of the most recognized Mexican television personalities in Mexico, so every time they give a news they raise controversy or emotion among viewers and fans. This time Galilea Montijo was the one in charge of taking the glances, since it gave a news that few expected. Cuauhtémoc … Read more

Milena Zárate prohibits watching ‘América Hoy’ at home after confrontation with Santi Lesmes, but female drivers criticize her | Ethel Pozo | Melissa Paredes | Janet Barboza | Farándula | SHOWS

WELL UNCOMFORTABLE. This is how Milena Zárate showed herself this Monday in America Hoy when commenting on the attacks by Santi Lesmes, who last week It reminded him of the infidelity scandal that his sister Greysi Ortega carried out with the father of his daughter, Edwin Sierra. SIGHT: Juliana Oxenford attacks Sigrid: “She did not … Read more