Historical Record, Hubble Space Telescope Has Operated 1 Billion Seconds

Hubble Space Telescope has achieved an important historical milestone, namely breaking the record for operating one billion seconds in space. Space observatories are still able to operate despite new rivals James Webb Space Telescope . The famous Hubble Observatory was launched on April 24, 1990, using the space shuttle Discovery. A day later the Hubble … Read more

The James Webb Space Telescope, which left on Christmas Day, opened the full moon after a full moon: Dong-A Science

An image of the James Webb Space Telescope observing from space. Courtesy of NASA The ‘James Webb Space Telescope’, a state-of-the-art human eye that observes the early stages of the formation of the universe and succeeds the Hubble Space Telescope, succeeded in unfolding the main reflection mirror (main mirror) with a diameter of 6.5m. It … Read more

The James Webb Space Telescope is preparing to launch into space within 12 days

Here’s one of the calendar highlights: after half a dozen delays, a potentially treacherous transatlantic flight, and a small accident in French Guiana, it looks like the James Webb Space Telescope may, finally, be on its way to truly launch in 12 days, or at least , the new image indicates that this is the … Read more

Hubble Telescope Captures Image of Two Collision Galaxies

FLORIDA – Hubble Space Telescope recording an image of two galaxies colliding due to the gravitational attraction of the two galaxy the. These two galaxies in one billion years will become one, so it is not yet known how the new galaxy will form. ‚ÄúThese are two galaxies having a bad day. Their gravity attracts … Read more

‘Devil’s Eye’ captured by a Korean scientist from dark space This year’s Halloween astrophotography: Dong-A Science

The Hubble Space Telescope Center has selected the ‘Devil’s Eye’ photo of the red giant CW Leonis as its Halloween astrophotography this year, capturing light passing through an interstellar cloud. Provided by the European Space Agency (ESA) Hubble Space Telescope Center and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Kim Hyo-sun, a senior researcher at … Read more

Delayed, Hubble Space Telescope Successor Ready to Ship

Hubble Telescope. (NASA) Hitekno.com – James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) who will be the successor of Hubble Space Telescope has completed its testing period. Later successor Space Telescope Hubble this will be sent to the launch site, having previously been delayed. Later Space Telescope James Webb will replace the work of the Hubble telescope. “Many … Read more

NASA finally managed to fix the Hubble Space Telescope

Suara.com – After a few months there was a technical error, NASA finally managed to fix space telescope Hubble. “NASA managed to switch it to backup hardware in Hubble Space Telescope, including turning on the backup payload computer on July 15,” NASA said CNet, Sunday (18/7/2021). It is known that the Hubble telescope has been … Read more

new photos of its fragmentation by Hubble

Even if the comet Atlas will not be finally the comet of the year by its luminosity, it continues to interest astronomers. Since its nucleus has fragmented, they have been following it closely. And the Hubble Space Telescope has just captured extremely sharp images of its fragments. The comet Atlas was discovered in December 2019 … Read more

Hubble Captures Sharper Images of Comet Atlas Breaking

Comet Atlas has broken into pieces and the Hubble Space Telescope has produced the sharpest images of the pieces, some the size of a house, providing further evidence that fragmentation of these celestial bodies is likely common. The Atlas (C / 2019 Y4) was discovered in December 2019 and some astronomers anticipated that next May … Read more

The spectacular image of the “cosmic reef” to celebrate 30 years of Hubble

Madrid – The Hubble Space Telescope celebrates its thirtieth anniversary today with the release of the image of a “turbulent” star nursery 163,000 light-years away, a photograph that has been dubbed “Cosmic Reef” for its resemblance to the underwater world. The image shows the giant nebula NGC 2014 and its neighboring NGC 2020, one of … Read more