Hubble Reveals White Dwarf Star Anti-Aging Secrets – Space Telescope Hubble NASA detected that some dying stars or white dwarfs are on an anti-aging regimen. The secret to these stars lies in the layer of hydrogen, which slows the postmortem cooling of the star so that current age estimates could be off by a billion years. “Several models for slowly cooling … Read more

NASA Completes New Generation of James Webb Telescope

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — United States Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) finally completed work on the space telescope James Webb which will be a replacement Hubble telescope. The James Webb telescope is the ‘sister’ of the Hubble space telescope which is quite old. NASA has completed testing and is ready to launch. “Webb’s many tests … Read more

Back in Operation, Hubble Captures New Star Formation

JAKARTA – Now the Hubble Space Telescope is back online and functioning properly. This telescope has also taken some amazing pictures. Including the new stars emerging from the ‘star nursery’ in outer space. Hubble’s Wide Field Camera 3 (WFC3) took pictures of the ‘star nursery’ in the constellation Gemini, about 5,000 light-years from Earth. The … Read more

Comet ATLAS May Be Fragment of a Greater Ancient Comet – All Pages

Gerald Rhemann Comet ATLAS as seen in the sky Eichraben, Austria, on March 27, 2020.—A new study published in The Astronomical Journal revealed that comet ATLAS (C/2019 Y4) may have originated from fragments of a larger ancient comet. The conclusion is based on the results of an analysis using images obtained in the three-day … Read more

Hubble Telescope Sends First Image After Crash

The Hubble Telescope has been having trouble playing onboard computers since June 13, 2021. REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA — The Hubble Space Telescope belonging to the American Space Agency (NASA) sent the first images after returning to service. It is known, the Hubble telescope had been out of service for a month due to interference playload onboard … Read more

After being inactive for a month due to damage, the Hubble Telescope is back in operation

NASA The Hubble Telescope stopped operating on June 13, 2021. – To obtain various information about space, scientists use telescope who is on duty in space. Duty telescope this is to get information about space, such as new planets, space events, to information about black holes. One of telescope NASA’s legendary who is currently … Read more

Before the holidays, the Hubble telescope takes amazing pictures of a galaxy in space

The Hubble Space Telescope, before it was turned off due to a computer glitch, managed to take a wonderful picture of a galaxy in The space Abyssal has a core that gives off the same amount of energy as the rest of the galaxy together. Seyfert galaxies, which make up about 10 percent of all … Read more

Astrophotography: How Are Space’s Most Iconic Photographs Made? – All Pages

NASA/ JPL-Caltech/ STScl/ Vassar Spy in the Sky: Photo of a collision between two galaxies.—photography outer space produces a stunning otherworldly view. Ranging from intricately shaped appearances to fiery colors. Presence of photos outer space this becomes important in helping astronomers understand the universe. Since the photo astronomy first taken, namely in the form … Read more

POT. Hubble Telescope takes photo of amazing exploding star

There is no doubt that the more we know about the universe, more incredible everything that happens in outer space becomes and more mysteries arise around the very existence of our planetand of humanity. The NASA / ESA Hubble telescope has captured surprising images of planets, comets, stars and galaxies, and now managed to capture … Read more

Video: Hubble Telescope Captured Moment Comet Atlas Disintegrated |

Video: Hubble Telescope Captured Moment Comet Atlas Disintegrated | | Rosario news, all the information instantly, with sports and entertainment The fragmentation was confirmed by amateur astronomer José de Queiroz, who photographed around three pieces of the comet. More popular one General information Rosario doctor contracted coronavirus in Brazil and infected his family: his … Read more