Index – Economy – Dunaferr and Dunaújváros are in huge trouble, locals fear a disaster

One smelter of the Dunaújváros company shut down in August and the other in November, these industrial facilities cannot be restarted after 3-4 months. The ironworks’ coking plant is also preparing to shut down, if they cannot prevent this, the ironworks’ cold and hot rolling mills will be left without raw materials, and the liquidation … Read more

Deformed toes, huge tumor, giant wound: turkeys discovered in a dirty state in Flanders

Animal rights organization Animal Rights has captured footage of turkey farms by infiltrating three of them in West Flanders and East Flanders. They show sick animals with bald patches, growths and open sores. “Surviving turkeys lie between trampled carcasses that have been there for at least several days in some places”deplores the organization, which is … Read more

Volkswagen is planning a huge investment in the core factory in Wolfsburg

The German automaker Volkswagen will invest 460 million euros (11.2 billion crowns) in its core factory in Wolfsburg, Lower Saxony by 2025, where it will produce the ID.3 electric car. This was announced by representatives of the car company at the corporate meeting. The head of the Volkswagen car brand, Thomas Schäfer, said that an … Read more

Orban is becoming like Putin: in order to recover frozen funds, he blocked a huge EU aid package for Ukraine

At a meeting of EU finance ministers held in Brussels, Budapest followed through on its threat not to agree to a total of 18 billion euros. EU support package for war-torn Ukraine for 2023. Much-needed aid to Kyiv is one of several initiatives Budapest is stalling as it faces a $13 billion bailout. Freezing of … Read more

Dominik Abus from Gogglebox TTV has huge problems! After meeting with the police, they had to take radical steps, it got unpleasant

Fans of Dominik Abus who follow his social media profiles and watch him from the “Gogglebox. Before the TV” TTV program know perfectly well that friend of Krzysztof Radzikowski, who has recently undergone a huge transformation, is one of the uncompromising people and does not let himself be blown away. An associate of the PRIME … Read more

One of the most popular Galaxy phones gets huge software update

The Samsung Galaxy A51 gets the update to Android 13. (Image source: GIGA) Samsung is stepping on the gas with software updates and is now supplying one of the most popular Galaxy cell phones in Europe. This not only receives a current security update, but also completely revised software with Android 13 and One UI … Read more

A meteorite could have caused a huge tsunami on Mars

DIARY OF THE DIGITAL PEOPLE 2022:12:06.10:22 A group of researchers assures that they located the exact point where a meteorite would have crashed on Mars, and which could have unleashed a strong tsunami, similar to what happened on Earth more than 66 million years ago, highlights RT. The study analyzes the area where NASA’s Viking … Read more

The Korean giant, Samsung, is preparing to launch a new giant phone with a huge battery and unprecedented imaging capabilities

It seems that the new phone that the Korean company will launch at the beginning of 2023 will be the phone of the year, as Samsung is now preparing to launch the Galaxy S23 series of phones, and this series will consist of three phones, namely the regular version, the Galaxy S23 Plus and the … Read more

Emirates expands to no less than 9 the total number of flights of the huge Airbus A380 to London

Airbus A380 – Image: Emirates Emirates informs this Monday, December 5th, that it has intensified its operations to Gatwick Airport, one of the terminals serving the city of London, England, with the addition of a third daily flight with the large double-decker aircraft Airbus A380. The additional operation will offer more than 1,000 seats on … Read more