13 Zombie Viruses Rising from the Ice Are Researched, Can Infect Humans?

JawaPos.com – The ‘Zombie’ virus has bounced back after being discovered by researchers from the frozen ice or Siberian permafrost. Can they infect humans? Researchers have isolated viable microbes from thawing permafrost after tens of thousands of years. However, it turns out that the researchers asked anyone not to worry, because they only infect amoebas. … Read more

‘Zombie Virus’ Found in Eternal Ice, Infects Humans?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Not long ago scientists discovered a ‘zombie virus’ in the frozen lands or permafrost in Siberia, Russia. Unlike most remaining ice, the frozen land is home to live viruses that still have the potential to become infectious pathogens. As climate change occurs, these permafrost-locked germs begin to thaw. Scientists say that … Read more

COVID-Like Virus Found in China, Has Potential to Infect Humans

Jakarta – Similar viruses Sars-Cov-2 reason COVID-19 found in South China. This virus is said to have the potential to infect humans. The name of the virus is BtSY2. Quoted from the Daily Mail UK, this virus was found in 1 in 5 bats in Yunnan Province. Scientists also urge to be more careful and … Read more

Humans Can Live on the Moon This Decade, NASA Predicts – Lantern Today

HOUSTON (Lenteratoday)– NASA’s latest prediction, humans can live on the Moon for a long time this decade. Some time ago, NASA itself launched the Artemis rocket, bringing the Orion spacecraft with it. Orion spacecraft leader Howard Hu said the mission would require habitat support. “We are working on an ongoing program and the craft will … Read more

Biotechnology Company Develops Program to Stop the Aging Process in Humans

TAGAR.id, Jakarta – Scientists are working hard to find out, change, slow down or hide the aging process that humans experience. of California, United States of America (USA), many biotechnology startups are working in this field, and although the miracle has not yet arrived, scientists are beginning to understand why and how we age. “If … Read more

The Story of Humans with Male and Female Gender Living Their Dating Life

loading… Blume, an intersex human from Australia. He was born with both male and female genitals, all of which were not fully developed. Photo/TikTok/Blumekind_ CANBERRA – This Australian is neither a man nor a woman. He is intersex because he was born with imperfectly developed male and female genitalia. He identified himself by the nickname … Read more

A study on the spread of the Klebsiella superbug between humans and the environment

An international team of scientists studying the transmission of a deadly drug-resistant bacterium, rivaling MRSA, has found that while this bacterium is present in livestock, pets and the environment in general, it is rarely transmitted to man this way. The researchers, led by Professor Ed Feil from the Milner Center for Evolution at the University … Read more

NASA decreed that by 2030 humans will already work on the moon

This is undoubtedly a huge challenge, as confirmed by the first phase of Artemis, which was launched on November 16 from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida (USA). this after a series of technical problems arose and climatic conditions that postponed the launch from August to November. For this reason, giving an approximate date could … Read more

Phone call to Nils Frahm: Music for mussels, seagulls and humans

– Music for mussels, seagulls and humans The champion of contemplative atmospheres returns with “Music For Animals”. He will be in concert on Monday November 28 at the Théâtre du Léman, as part of the Antigel festival outside his season. Published: 24.11.2022, 07:00 The German Nils Frahm, renowned for his soaring compositions with minimalist piano, … Read more