Orban’s Ukrainian blackmail. Will Hungary block Kiev’s path to NATO? [OPINIA]

The first day of the summit was devoted to issues related to aid for Ukraine. This topic, along with how best to respond to Russian threats, has been at the top of NATO’s agenda since February. However, it has been especially resonant recently. The need to create a new aid package for Ukraine has become … Read more

Brussels punishes Hungary, but does Orbán care?

ANP The European Commission wants 7.5 billion euros for Hungary, to block. It is a punishment for insufficiently fighting corruption and reforming the judicial system, but in Hungary itself it is interpreted as a victory. What’s up with that? According to opposition politician Ákos Hadházy, best known for his fight against corruption, the Hungarian explanation … Read more

Hungary in trouble after Brussels’ decision. There is a reaction from the Polish government

– We assume that KPO will be accepted, that these funds will be launched – said Przydacz “I deeply believe that there are rational people in the European Commission,” he added The deputy minister also referred to the statement of the NATO secretary general about Ukraine’s membership in NATO – This is a ploy to … Read more

Funds from KPO for Hungary. A minister from Orban’s government anticipates what the EU will do

Such a solution would mean withholding the payment of EUR 7.5 billion. “I did what I could,” said Navraciscs, in charge of negotiations with the European Union. Asked at a press conference whether he sees the possibility of a last-minute compromise with the EU, the minister replied that “he is an optimist and always sees … Read more

Europe proposes to continue withholding EU funds for Hungary

Hungary’s efforts in recent months to fight corruption and improve the rule of law, thus pandering to EU demands, have not been enough to grant these funds, the EC says. It is about 7.5 billion euros from the EU budget, as well as 5.8 billion euros in loans from the bloc’s Covid-19 fund. The EC … Read more

Hungarians are low on gas. Orbán capitulates to the law of the market

China is experiencing the biggest popular storms since 1989, which is why oil is sharply cheaper. This may please Czech motorists, but not Hungarian ones – for them, fuel will become more expensive due to yesterday’s ceiling reduction, economist Lukáš Kovanda comments on the events on the markets on the eve of the new week. … Read more

Nothing like this has happened in Hungary since the outbreak of the corona crisis – Can we start worrying now?

According to the latest data of the statistical office, the number of vacant positions in Hungary decreased by nearly 10,000 people in three months. Historically, the 90,000 vacant positions are still particularly high, that is, the labor shortage was typical even in the third quarter of this year, but the labor shortage quickly eased as … Read more

Hungary: Ratification of Finland and Sweden’s accession to NATO will go ahead

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said on Thursday that his country still intends to ratify Finland and Sweden’s accession to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Orban said that his government has already made its decision, according to what was reported by the Slovak news agency “Taser” after his meeting with the heads of government … Read more

Center-right tested Hungary: Fdi and Lega from Orbán, Fi with the EU

The European Commission still rejects Hungary on the front of the reforms on the rule of law that had been requested and closely linked to the disbursement of EU funds. Red light on the implementation of the plan prepared by the Budapest authorities and which had been agreed with Brussels. Which will now offer a … Read more

Hungary runs the risk of running out of European Union funds / Article

Brussels’ relationship with Hungary is now even more complicated than before. Hungary has still not received 5.8 billion euros from the economic recovery fund. The European Commission (EC) has now decided to approve the reform plan presented by Hungary, but to give money only when these reforms have been implemented. The EC hesitated for a … Read more