The proposal that would allow Putin’s arrest in Hungary is before Parliament

According to DK, the government must act immediately so that we can fulfill our international obligations. On the measures necessary for the promulgation of the Statute of the International Criminal Court adopted by the Diplomatic Conference of the United Nations in Rome on 17 July 1998 and the Kampala Amendment to Article 8 of the … Read more

Kristersson: Hungary promises not to delay Swedish NATO membership

World Viktor Orban says he is in favor of letting Sweden and Finland into NATO, but that several of his party colleagues are less enthusiastic, partly because of what he refers to as the Swedes’ and Finns’ spreading of lies about Hungary. The seas Lock 24. mars 2023 08:52 – Updated March 24, 2023 3:17 … Read more

Hungary will join the program of joint purchases of ammunition. However, they will not send it to Ukraine

It is in the strategic interest of all armed forces, including the Hungarian one, to have adequate reserves of ammunition and to be able to ensure continuous and safe supplies, announced the Hungarian minister. Hungary supports joint purchases, but does not want to arm Ukraine As emphasized by Szalay-Bobrovniczky, thanks to this Hungary will have … Read more

Official: Hungary would not detain Putin based on ICC arrest warrant

Hungary would not detain Russian President Vladimir Putin based on an International Criminal Court (ICC) arrest warrant if he were to come to Hungary, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s head of office Gergej Gujas said on Thursday. The ICC announced on Friday that it had issued an arrest warrant for Putin for the deportation of … Read more

Monsignor Mirosław Adamczyk: “We do not have the recipe to govern

Representatives of different clergy from Tucumán came together yesterday afternoon at the Historic House to perform an interreligious prayer to the “Don of the Homeland”, summoned by the apostolic nuncio in Argentina, Mirosław Adamczyk. After each religious spoke with their message, it was the turn of the representative of the Holy See, who asked the … Read more

The arrest warrant for Putin: The Hague confused many countries. It is already being resolved. Missile warning to the Bundestag

“We would fire our missiles at the Federal Chancellery and the Bundestag.” Russian Security Council Chairman Dmitry Medvedev strongly warned Berlin what would happen if the Germans tried to arrest President Putin during his hypothetical trip to the country, as Federal Justice Minister Bushman had advised. The International Criminal Court in The Hague issued an … Read more

Hungary will not let go of Russia

AFPRussian President Putin and Hungarian Prime Minister Orban in 2017 Saskia Dekkers correspondent Europa Saskia Dekkers correspondent Europa Tomorrow there will be an EU summit that will largely focus on Ukraine. Within the EU, Hungary is repeatedly on the brakes when it comes to tackling Russia. The country still wants to maintain relations with Russia. … Read more

Sweden: Demands an explanation from Hungary for the delay in ratifying its accession to NATO

The Swedish Prime Minister stated that he will ask the Hungary explanations of the reasons why the Hungarian Parliament chose to approve Finland’s NATO accession before Sweden’s. “I will ask why they separate Sweden’s accession from Finland’s. These are messages we haven’t seen before,” Ulf Kristerson told Swedish radio SR, adding that he “absolutely” intends … Read more

A breakthrough season awaits Salač in Moto2. The time has come to regularly fight for front positions

On Sunday, Filip Salač will start what is probably the most important season in his career. In his second year in the Moto2 class, he should prove that he can regularly fight for the top ranks. The first year in a new category is usually a time of defense for motorcycle racers within the framework … Read more

Hungary against NATO decision. “It violates the unity of the Alliance”

Peter Szijjarto had a conversation with the secretary-general on Tuesday NATO Jens Stoltenberg, who decided to convene the NATO-Ukraine Commission at ministerial level on April 4, despite Hungarian objections. Hungary opposes NATO’s decision. The head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs comments – This decision violates the unity of NATO, but we cannot ignore the … Read more