Healthy diet only available to the rich | Future Planet

In the midst of a pandemic due to covid-19, the latest UN report on hunger and nutrition it leaves us with a bleak picture that only contributes to making it worse: hunger continues to increase in the world and only the rich can afford a healthy diet, which represents at least five times more of … Read more

The Netherlands is hungry for rain, # thunder and # rain radar trending | Inland

People who looked at the weather app Buienradar were in some cases made happy with a dead sparrow. Much of the Netherlands turned red on the satellite images. This usually indicates a heavy shower. But that didn’t really happen in the Randstad. “Does Buienradar also give vouchers if it all does not go ahead?” Jokes … Read more

Expansion in Quebec: Mayrand Food is hungry

Mayrand Food is hungry. The company plans to open approximately six to eight new stores within four to five years. The Quebec region and Saguenay – Lac-Saint-Jean are notably in the crosshairs of management. Wednesday, four months late due to COVID-19, the Quebec brand opened on 2e group store, 50,000 square feet in Mail Champlain, … Read more

Ségur de la Santé: “at the level of the French overseas departments and territories, we remain hungry” regrets FO

« A historic moment for our health system “! The Prime Minister proceeded on Monday July 13 to the signing of the wage agreements negotiated as part of the “Ségur de la Santé”. These agreements provide for an envelope of 7.5 billion euros for paramedical and non-medical staff with a salary increase of 183 euros … Read more

Three billion people cannot afford a healthy diet | Future Planet

A Bangladeshi family who have been left with little rice to swallow by successive floods. A teenage girl from the Central African Republic who only finds sorghum porridge in the displaced persons camp where she has taken refuge from the war. Some college roommates in Argentina who are only given their scholarships to eat pasta … Read more

How is that Yemen is the most awful place in the world, it was NOS on 3

How is that Yemen is the most awful place in the world of NIS 3 Thousands of children, in Yemen on the verge of dying’ Reformatorisch Dagblad’ Unicef’s warning, a famine that threatens millions of children… and The Standard War, famine, and now the corona in Yemen, it is the most awful place in the … Read more