Skirts, pumps… Why do you insist on “likeness” in job hunting? 33,000 signatures without imposing gender: Tokyo Shimbun TOKYO Web

Knee-length skirts for women and short black hair for men. Advice based on the dualism of men and women abounds in guidebooks and advertisements of suit companies for job-hunting students. What should people who feel uncomfortable with such clothes and manners do? A group made up of people who have experienced job hunting, saying that … Read more

“They have to hit Russia and go hunting for individual military vehicles or installations”

«Italy can play its part more and better than others, in the coalition created to help the Ukrainians acquire the F-16. In particular, the Prime Minister, Giorgia Melonigiving the Italian willingness to train pilots, correctly interprets one of the qualities in which our country excels: training». The former Air Force Chief of Staff and military … Read more

BlackGEM telescopes begin hunting for gravitational wave sources

The BlackGEM array, three new Dutch-Belgian telescopes at ESO’s La Silla Observatory, has become operational. The telescopes will scan the southern sky to hunt for cosmic events that produce gravitational waves, such as neutron star mergers and black holes. The start of BlackGEM was announced today at the 78th edition of the Netherlands Astronomers Conference … Read more

Respawn hides eggs in the new shooting range of “Apex Legends” to challenge “Hunting Nice”, and there are also pink/blue/gold mysterious Nice | 4Gamers

The 17th season of “Apex Legends” (Apex Legends) “Arsenal” has been revised and debuted. With the emergence of new shooting ranges and changes to many weapons, it may be necessary to queue up to enter the shooting range on the first day of the revision, but not everyone In the gun practice, some players are … Read more

Efficient hunting method to overcome stopped growth, ‘congestion level 45~50’!

If you want to level up quickly, completing missions is the key How to select and set a hunting ground for the level 45-50 section, which is the congested section A good setting to have when auto-hunting Currently, most users who play Pracia Electric are staying between level 45 and 50, where almost all content … Read more

The pupils of V. Šeškas, who are hunting for the fifth place, attacked “Nevėžius”

Jonava’s team already gained a double-digit lead in the first half, but before the break Nevėžis started to show signs of recovery. However, the 28 points of V. Šeškas’ students in the third quarter made it possible to create an advantage of even 18 points. The John residents did not let him go. Jeffery Garrett … Read more

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, the long-awaited expansion for Monster Hunter Rise, kicks off the hunting season

Hunters It’s time to pick up the pace! Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreakthe long-awaited monstrous expansion to Capcom’s critically acclaimed Monster Hunter Rise, with more than 12 million units sold worldwide, It is now available for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows, PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. This expansion builds on all aspects of Monster Hunter … Read more

“Monster Hunter Now” Public Presentation Details Report Early Access to Niantic and Capcom’s AR Hunting Experience “Monster Hunter Now”

Niantic and Capcom held a new mobile positioning intelligence game “” on April 18th.Monster Hunter Now(Japanese name, Monster Hunter Now) >> (iOS / Android) media release. As stated in the flash report, this work combines Niantic’s positioning intelligence technology and AR technology with Capcom’s hunting action game “monster hunter(hereinafter referred to as MH) series are … Read more

Investors Start Bargain Hunting for Coal Issuer Shares

ILLUSTRATION. After being under pressure, several coal issuers’ shares began to move into the green zone. BETWEEN PHOTOS/Hafidz Mubarak A/foc. <!– –> Reporter: Sugeng Adji Soenarso | Editor: Narita Indrastithi KONTAN.CO.ID – JAKARTA. After being pressured by the decline in coal prices during the first quarter of 2023, several coal issuers’ shares began to move … Read more