Luis Suárez admitted that the news of Messi in Barcelona hurts him

Editorial Mediotiempo Mexico City / 22.11.2020 16:39:19 Locked in a room after test positive for covid-19, Luis Suarez, forward of Atlético de Madrid, acknowledged that he is concerned about the disturbing moment he lives Lionel Messi in Barcelona, where he is constantly singled out as the head of the club’s ills. “As a fellow friend … Read more

1-0. Carrasco hurts Barça | What’s Up News

Madrid, Nov 21 (EFE) .- With the expressive naturalness that its new style has assumed, Atlético de Madrid also overcame its complexes against Barcelona, ​​which it won without nuances, better than an injured rival, far from the level that it was It presupposes, nothing constant and bent by a double error that Yannick Carrasco took … Read more

“It hurts me that Jarrio Hospital is used as a workhorse continuously”

The mayors of the region have met with the manager of Health Area I, to find out how the breast cancer screening program is working again; the care provided in health centers and what are the shortages of health personnel that exist in the Hospital Comarcal de Jarrio. The mayor of El Franco, Cecilia Pérez, … Read more

Singing figure with Covid-19 symptoms: “I have a fever and my skin hurts”

This week, two full teams from Singing 2020 They were isolated after their coach’s positive test for coronavirus Natalia Cociuffo. Last Thursday the results of the swabs were known: they all tested negative. But this Saturday Angel of Brito informed how much Lola latorre how Brian Lanzelotta They are with symptoms, for which they had … Read more

An iPhone 12 without accessories, helps or hurts the planet?

At the “Hi, Speed”, Apple presented an iPhone 12 without accesories. He did it under the promise of contributing to the well-being of the planet. But does this decision really help the environment? That is the question that some are asking, why? Because the fact of launching a device on the market, which we know … Read more

Hilarious phrase by Charlotte Caniggia after contracting coronavirus: “My body hurts as if there were …”

Charlotte Caniggia He tested positive for coronavirus this Wednesday. Charlotte is having headaches and body aches. Alex isolated and goes to swab tomorrow, revel ngel de Brito. And now, the representative of the Caniggia brothers, Fabin Esperon, tell how the meditation feels. He started with symptoms on Tuesday, but he was not hitting the ball, … Read more

“It hurts a lot, Ciciliano was up for great things”: Víctor Pacheco

You can’t believe it. Víctor Danilo Pacheco, a prominent Atlantic footballer, still has not come out of his astonishment at the death of former soccer player Ricardo Ciciliano. Although he was clear that he was in a serious medical condition, ‘Pachequito’ kept the hope that “the bald man”, as he sometimes called him affectionately, would … Read more