Moroccan artist Maryam Hussein raises controversy by appearing in a clip dancing with a swollen belly.. Video

Al-Marsad newspaper: A video clip of the Moroccan artist, Maryam Hussein, aroused the astonishment and confusion of her followers, as she appeared in a clip she posted on her account on the “Snapchat” website, dancing with a swollen belly, in reference to her pregnancy. “Hussain” appears in the clip as she performs the song “Bella … Read more

In an interview with CNN in Arabic, Prince Ali bin Al Hussein reveals the secret of the “Jordanian mix” in the success of women’s football

Obeida Nafaa Dubai, United Arab Emirates, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Prince Ali bin Al Hussein, President of the Jordan Football Association, said that the “secret of the mixture” of the success of Jordanian players in women’s football tournaments is due to the “desire and lack of fear” of practicing this sport, noting The beginnings … Read more

A rare and clear appearance of the daughter of Rawan bin Hussein.. she grew up and her beauty caught the eye

Social media pioneers circulated a video showing the Kuwaiti fashinista​Rawan bin Hussein Accompanied by her daughter in a café, in a rare and recent appearance. Rawan appeared playing with her daughter, who was sitting on her lap, as she was eating ice cream with great joy. Rawan’s daughter drew her followers, with her handsome and … Read more

The heavy price of randomness – Emad Eddin Hussein

Posted in: Saturday, August 28, 2021 – 7:25 PM | Last update: Saturday, August 28, 2021 – 7:25 PM The random policies, decisions and trends that prevailed in most of the past decades, especially during the thirty-year rule of former President Mohamed Hosni Mubarak, we paid a heavy price for and will continue to pay … Read more

special| Hussein Abu Hajjaj on the “Adhan” video: “I am not an Awqaf employee.”

11:22 PM Wednesday 25 August 2021 Books – Hani Saber: A number of social media pioneers circulated a video of the artist Hussein Abu Hajjaj, raising the call to prayer in a mosque in Minya. A page attributed to the artist Hussein Abu Hajjaj posted the video on its Facebook account, and commented: “The call … Read more

Watch.. Daoud Hussein breaks down in tears of grief over the death of Intisar Al-Sharrah • Al Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad newspaper: A video clip of the Kuwaiti artist, Daoud Hussein, was documented in one of the television interviews, crying over his companion, the artist, Intisar Al-Sharrah, who passed away a few days ago. Daoud Hussein appeared in the video, deeply affected and could not control himself, which prompted the person sitting next to him … Read more

Dana Hussein: From dreaming of a historic Iraqi medal to being suspended from playing

Amr Fekry Sports Team – BBC – Cairo 30 July 2021 photo released, Getty Images comment on the photo, Iraqi runner Dana Hussein At a time when Iraqi runner Dana Hussein was aspiring to achieve a historic medal for her country, the shock came when she was temporarily suspended from participating in the Olympics. The … Read more

A post by Daoud Hussein raises concern about the health condition of Intisar Al-Sharrah – in the picture

Kuwaiti actor studentDaoud HusseinFollowers intensify prayers for the recovery of the Kuwaiti actressThe victory of the commentatorShe has been suffering from a health crisis since last March.Daoud posted on his personal page on the social networking site a picture of Intisar, commenting: “Your prayers for our dear sister, Intisar Al-Sharrah.. Oh God, heal her, heal … Read more

Sisi’s guarantee to the Egyptians… in the Nile waters – Emad El Din Hussein

Posted in: Sunday, July 18, 2021 – 9:25 PM | Last update: Sunday, July 18, 2021 – 9:25 PM “Because there is a need for Egypt, the army and I will go first to redeem Egypt.” This is one of the very important phrases that President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi said last Thursday night, when he … Read more