Top up in 5 minutes. Renault presents hydrogen prototypes – Car Ledger

Renault, through HYVIA, the joint-venture firmada com a Plug Power, has just presented the prototype of the Renault Master Van H2-TECH and the concept of its Hydrogen Refueling Station. These prototypes are a first example of a unique and complete HYVIA ecosystem, including the production and distribution of green hydrogen, with a range of light … Read more

Toyota Mirai has a new record in the range of hydrogen. She drove almost 1,360 km to the reservoir

The experienced crew managed to achieve a double range per gallon of fuel than stated in the official certification. Electric vehicles using a fuel cell system instead of batteries belong to the oppressed minority, but they are constantly proving that they have their advantages. The best known, of course, is the speed with which they … Read more

The hydrogen Toyota Mirai has improved its own record range

The basic principle of both records is the same, so they are comparable – both were run on public roads. The latest, however, in the heavy traffic of the morning and afternoon rush hour of the American San Diego and also along the Pacific Coast Highway, the famous California road. Behind the wheel were some … Read more

This is how hydrogen will be produced in Bükk

In domestic energy, the twenties will be about the rapid jump of the hydrogen industry. Another proof of this is the large-scale experimental development of Bükkábrányi Fotovoltaikus Erőmű Projekt Kft. Belonging to the Mészáros Group and the University of Szeged, during which the electricity produced by the solar power plant is utilized to produce hydrogen … Read more

Toyota Mirai Range Guinness Record | Lead

Toyota embarked on no smaller project in the last days of August than setting a Guinness record with its hydrogen-powered electric car, the Mirai. He embarked on a two-day adventure with hypermiler leader Wayne Gerdes, Bob Winger, from Toyota’s technical center in Gardena, Southern California. Let’s quickly understand two concepts: In the case of hydrogen … Read more

Kawasaki Motors announces future plans: 16 novelties a year and the hydrogen bike – News

In mid-September Kawasaki Heavy Industries confirmed the creation of the new Kawasaki Motors Ltd. which had been talked about one year ago. The new company took the place of the previous division within KHI, which dealt with the same production, with the aim of giving it greater autonomy, flexibility, decision-making speed and above all new … Read more

Hydrogen cars set off on Czech roads. But the benefit is still questionable

The carmaker Hyundai Motors introduced its new SUV called Nexo in the Czech Republic this spring. This is the second brand to come to the domestic market with a hydrogen car. Half a year ago, the competing Toyota launched the official sale of the second generation of its Mirai hydrogen sedan. “Now three Toyota Mirai … Read more

The first carrier in the Czech Republic has chosen a supplier of hydrogen buses. Solaris will ride in Ústí

One bus will cost more than 15 million crowns, the city must also solve the hydrogen station. The Transport Company of the City of Ústí nad Labem (DPmÚL) is the first in the country to conclude a contract for the supply of new hydrogen buses. They will be delivered to the city carrier by the … Read more

Aquifers at the equator of Mars traced by changes in hydrogen

MADRID, 27 Sep. (EUROPA PRESS) – Seasonal variations of hydrogen have been used to identify probable underground deposits of water ice in temperate zones of Mars, where it would be easier to lay foundations. Using data from NASA’s Mars Odyssey, which has spent nearly 20 years orbiting the Red Planet, Dr. Germán Martínez and his … Read more

Six dead galaxies discovered by the Hubble Telescope are confusing scientists

Mysterious disappearance It may be thought that in the early universe large galaxies should have had a lot of “fuel” left for the new stars, but the latest discovery shows that this was not always the case. Using a Hubble Space Telescope and the Atacama Large Millimeter and Submilimeter Array (ALMA), astronomers have discovered six … Read more