Buried ideas. This is what mobile phones look like that Realme didn’t produce in the end

Of course, there is a lot of work to be done before the final phone or the entire series hits the market. Among other things, the designers and engineers who are tasked with it imprint an external appearance on mobile phones. The position and shape of the cameras, the rounding of the edges, the material, … Read more

Crafts in the online store: Open-air museum fair starts working online – Inspirational ideas – House

“It is important for us to support the locals, especially in such unprecedented circumstances, so we are pleased with the open-air museum’s response to our idea of ​​an online fair. We are ready to provide support to local craftsmen and home producers, because for many, participating in the e-fair means learning new skills – how … Read more

With opposing ideas, Kicillof and Larreta will meet today to analyze how the quarantine will continue in the AMBA

Axel Kicillof will receive Horacio Rodríguez Larreta this morning in La Plata The current stage of the quarantine in the AMBA concludes next Sunday, and the Government must decide whether to continue with the progressive reopening, extend the phase that governs or re-tighten social isolation in the face of the escalation of coronavirus cases. With … Read more

7 Netflix series ideas for those who loved Netflix’s Dark

Looking for series similar to Netflix’s Dark? Discover a selection of sci-fi, time travel and side universe series on Netflix. One of the most discussed and beloved series of recent times: Netflix’s Dark has ended with its third season. This science fiction series tells the story of four interconnected families following the disappearance of a … Read more

Count, too many mourners: no divorce, but clear ideas on the market. To avoid new frictions

There is a Serie A to complete and a Europa League gluttonous opportunity to embellish the vintage, but Antonio Conte already thinks about the next season and does it at 360 degrees according to Corriere dello Sport. The project entrusted to him by Suning is three years, there was no obligation to win the Scudetto … Read more

Real and false ideas about allergies in summer

THE ESSENTIAL Unlike bees and wasps, mosquitoes, ticks, aoutats and jellyfish do not cause allergies. Allergy to iodine does not exist. Air conditioning is an irritant to the lungs that can trigger an asthma attack. With summer comes vacation time and a change in lifestyle and setting which sometimes causes pimples or skin or bronchial … Read more

‘After views of the corona crisis, old ideas about society return’

After the corona crisis, the Dutch are unlikely to continue to think differently about matters such as political subjects, institutions or society. This is the conclusion of the Social and Cultural Planning Office (SCP) based on literature research about previous crises. Among other things, the agency looked at how scientists wrote about the effects of … Read more

“I’m a star of infectious diseases, it is I the elite”: Didier Raoult defends his ideas and his career

In an interview published on YouTube and social networks, Didier Raoult boasts about his career and his ideas : “I’m a star infectious disease, I have a course that is a dream to almost anyone “, he said. Theprofessor Didier Raoult, great defender of the chloroquine, publishes a video every week where he returns on … Read more