Volunteers Name Six Bedouin Residents Identified as Positive for Measles

It is suspected that within a month eight residents died, consisting of six from measles. REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, LEBAK — The coordinator of Indonesian Volunteer Friends (SRI) Muhammad Arif Kirdiat mentioned six Bedouin tested positive for measles. This is known after taking a blood sample last week involving the RSDP Serang Clinic laboratory. “On Monday (19/9/2022) we … Read more

Mosquitoes carrying the West Nile virus identified in the north of the country

Mosquitoes infected with the West Nile virus were discovered in northern Israel on Tuesday, the Environment Ministry said. The infected mosquitoes were found in Nahal Barkan, near a Golani training base, Nahal Harod, near Shata prison, and Kibbutz Kfar Rupin, the ministry said. He asked local authorities to monitor the area and carry out immediate … Read more

Oldest known mammal identified by fossil teeth

Artist’s impression of Brasilodon — © 2022 Anatomical Society / Wiley Paleontologists have identified the oldest known mammal. Similar to a shrew, this tiny creature roamed our planet around 225 million years ago. Brasilodon quadrangularis Belonging to the cynodont group, Brasilodon quadrangularis measured about 20 cm long and would have slipped between the legs of … Read more

Israeli researchers have identified antibodies that could make coronavirus vaccines unnecessary

Researchers at Tel Aviv University have isolated two antibodies that neutralize all known strains of COVID-19 – including Omicron – with up to 95% efficiency. A team of university researchers demonstrated that antibodies isolated from the immune system of recovered COVID-19 patients are effective in neutralizing all known strains of the virus, including Delta and … Read more

Parts of the crashed plane’s body and personal belongings of the dead people have been identified in the seabed

The body parts of those who died on Wednesday have not been found. The footage filmed by the robot has been handed over to the competent authorities to decide on further actions. The search operation by the Navy has been completed, however, the Navy may become more involved in the future if requested by the … Read more

Parts of the crashed plane’s body and personal belongings of the dead people have been identified in the seabed

Anita Škinuma, Director of the Accident Investigation Bureau of Latvian Transport, told LETA that the further investigation of the plane crash has been completely taken over by the German Accident Investigation Bureau. “We are like a support point from Latvia, but all further information will be for Germany,” declared Škinuma. LETA already wrote that the … Read more

Harassment in Beauport: the three individuals have been identified

The Quebec City Police Service (SPVQ) has finally identified the three suspects who terrorized a Beauport family by ringing their doorbell at night, armed with a stick and camouflaged face. • Read also: [VIDÉO] Criminal harassment in Beauport: the police try to identify suspects A complaint had been lodged at the police station.with images from … Read more

Another eight cases of “mysterious pneumonia” identified, linked to one clinic: what is going on in Argentina?

The outbreak of the disease occurred in this hospital. — ©  AFP In the Argentine city of San Miguel de Tucumán, eight people have again been diagnosed with legionnaires’ disease, an infectious disease caused by the legionella bacteria. The 22 infections – of which 6 were fatal – can be reduced to one hospital in … Read more