Akimoto Yasushi’s new idol project “IDOL3.0 PROJECT” launched to create a new metaverse amphibious idol – ATC Taiwan

Image: Overs Co., Ltd. The Japanese company “オーバース (Overse)” announced that it will cooperate with a well-known producerAkimoto Yasushi has created a new idol project “IDOL3.0 PROJECT”. It is planned to start recruiting members in early April, and will hold briefing sessions in seven major cities in Japan. After multiple selections, it is expected to … Read more

Magdalena Stysiak, who signed with Fenerbahce: Eda sister is my idol

Fenerbahçe Opet, which started the 2022-2023 season with the Spor Toto Champions Cup championship and continued the cup race in three lanes, continues its transfer efforts for the next season. It was stated that the yellow-dark blue team reached an agreement with Magdalena Stysiak. Star setter cross expressed his admiration for Eda Erdem in an … Read more

“Stunningly cute” Idol who greeted Samurai Japan became a hot topic TV appearance at airport interview “Are you too beautiful?”: J-CAST News

When the Japanese baseball team, Samurai Japan, who won the world championship in the World Baseball Classic (WBC), returned to Japan on March 23, 2023, the woman who met them at the airport and was interviewed by the media responded on the Internet. are collecting. Samurai Japan won the WBC (Photo: UPI/Aflo) From Jumi Shigaki’s … Read more

“Setthasit” reveals that “Ekanit” is an idol – hopes to lead the Thai U23 national team to 3rd place in the Doha Cup

On March 26, 2023 at Qatar University Stadium Thailand men’s national football team Models under 23 years of age continue to practice. Before the Doha Cup 2023 football match, the third place match against Kuwait For the Thai U23 national team, there are 4 points from the first two games. Finished in 3rd place and … Read more

“Love Live! School Idol Festival 2” was officially launched on April 15 and the international version is currently under development

“Love Live! School Idol Festival 2” is a music rhythm game that includes all the songs of the “Love Live!” series except the Remix and Solo version, and includes μ’s, Aqours, Nijigasaki Academy School Idol Club, Liella! Members of 4 major series of combinations, retaining the previous game experience and enhancing the performance on the … Read more

Jo Kwon’s remark to Sunye, “I became a traitor just because I was married,” makes me think about the uniqueness of being an idol (K-Pop Generation)

Send SNS articles Send article to Facebook Send article to Twitter Send an article to Kakao Story Send articles to KakaoTalk Copy URL Send article to Find another share Sunye, Jo Kwon. ⓒ Teabing ‘K-Pop Generation’ Sunye, who debuted as a member of the girl group Wonder Girls and received a lot of love, left … Read more

“Terrible Hybrid Treatment”… Queen Dong-joo, tears while confessing to mixed race discrimination (Attack’s Sisters)

SNS star ‘Queen Dong-ju’ Han Dong-joo, who boasts over 1 million views in ‘Attack Sisters-Worrying Cut Salon’, scrambled.On the 21st, ‘Attack on Sisters (Co-produced by Media S and SK Broadband)’, SNS star Han Dong-joo showed off a colorful and powerful dance and heated up the atmosphere in the salon. Han Dong-joo, who showed off his … Read more

‘Woongnam’ Park Seong-gwang “With Kang Joo-eun, the filming with Choi Min-soo can proceed smoothly” [인터뷰M]

I met Park Seong-gwang, who challenged himself as a commercial film director for the first time with the film ‘Woongnam’, a film with a novel setting about twin bears who became human after eating mugwort and garlic for 100 days based on the Dangun myth. Park Seong-gwang, who achieved success as a comedian, majored in … Read more

“Saudi Idol” winner, Hams Fikry, reveals secrets about her life, her real name, and her age • Al Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Hams Fikry, winner of the title “Saudi Idol” in its first season, revealed her real name and age. And she said during a video clip that her real name is “Zainab”, while Hams Fikri is the artistic name she adopts. Adding that she is 29 years old, and that her singing career is … Read more