Children with type 1 diabetes are at higher risk of mental illness

And new study shows that children and young people with type 1 diabetes have an increased risk of mental illness, such as depression, anxiety and stress-related problems. The register study, carried out by researchers at the Karolinska Institute, has gone through almost 3.5 million people born in Sweden in the years 1973–2007 and their parents, … Read more

Daniel Krejčík on the complicated coexistence with Matěj Stropnický at the castle, escape and serious illness

He wanted to be an actor from an early age, but he was not accepted at DAMU due to a lack of talent, while at the same time he was nominated for Thália. A paradox as well as the fact that he likes living art, but from an early age he saw mostly the dead … Read more

launches a series about a woman who suffers from a disease with no cure

The laboratory of American origin that in 2020 and 2021 held a long and controversial negotiation with the Argentine Government for the contract for vaccines against Covid, Pfizer, launches this Thursday a fiction series about a woman suffering from a chronic and incurable disease. The initiative, with the preceding conflict and raised in this way, … Read more

broken by illness people’s artist refuses treatment

Hospitalized with coronavirus, Alexander Filippenko made an alarming confession about his health. It turns out that the actor has long been far from being all right with well-being. The People’s Artist noted that he has been in the hospital for almost a week and is unlikely to get home soon. In a good way, the … Read more

The shocking announcement of the Olympic champion. The German tennis player is suffering from a serious illness

German tennis player Alexander Zverev came with a big confession. The 25-year-old Olympic champion from Tokyo announced on Saturday that he has diabetes. Alexander Zverev has diabetes Type 1, which is not curable, and the German tennis player must inject insulin for the rest of his life. The winner of 19 tournaments on the ATP … Read more

Prima denied her death and revealed her harsh reality

He is not dead. Rumors about the death of Chyno Mirandathe former member of Chinese and Nacho, they are not true. This is how the singer’s first cousin came out to clarify it, Yarubay Zapata Perez, who gave an interview to People en Español magazine, in which he also gave details about the artist’s current … Read more

When they asked Maysara about the secret of her inability to marry, she boldly revealed the nature of her illness and without hesitation!!

The 55-year-old Egyptian actress, Maisarah, is considered one of the most famous spinsters in the history of Arab cinema. The artist was often asked about the reason for her inability to marry and rejected his idea, stressing that she had reached a hopeless stage of it with her age approaching 60 years. Also, one of … Read more

Suv overwhelms Bagno Piero, yellow on the causes: illness or trapped sandal?

Forte dei Marmi, 6 August 2022 – Was discharged from the hospital without serious consequences 73 year old from Milan resident in Lugano who on Thursday morning fell at full speed with her Range Rover into the Piero bathroom a Forte dei Marmi . While investigations are still underway to establish the reason whereby the … Read more

Severity of illness does not say everything about the need for antibiotics — PW

Identifying mortality risk from infection and blood tests PW31en32 – 05-08-2022 | by Romy Schuttevaer, Jelmer Alsma, Hester F.Lingsma and Stephanie CE Schuit A normal body temperature does not rule out having a serious infection. The choice to start with an antibiotic should therefore not only depend on the presence of a fever. This is … Read more

Thought to be a headache due to long COVID-19, it turns out that this teenager has a serious illness

Jakarta – A 15-year-old teenager was diagnosed by a doctor with long symptoms of COVID-19. Upon further examination, it turned out that he had a brain tumor. The teenager, Kane Allcock, initially experienced symptoms of persistent headaches after testing positive for COVID-19. Kane’s mother, Nicki, also revealed to doctors that her son might have migraines … Read more