Jiang Hongjie has a good image and has 5 endorsements in his hands. It is estimated that he has attracted nearly 10 million yuan

Jiang Hongjie and Ai Fukuhara have been divorced for 2 years, and their popularity has continued unabated since they resumed their singles. (Photo/Provided by Huayan International) [周刊王CTWANT] Hongjie Jiang and Ai Fukuhara have been divorced for 2 years. After resuming their singles, their popularity has continued unabated. He has served as the leader of the … Read more

How to create images with AI via Microsoft Bing Image Creator for free after Bing adds DALL-E to help create images.

How to create AI-powered images via Microsoft Bing Image Creator for free Microsoft has previously brought OpenAI’s ChatGPT to its search engine and chatbot service, which has allowed more computer users to try Microsoft’s new Bing. More diverse This service uses DALL-E to create and most importantly, can be used unlimitedly, unlike the original DALL-E … Read more

An image of the iPhone 15 Pro with a new design appeared on the network (photo) – UNIAN

Earlier this month, sources said that with the release of the iPhone 15, Apple will remove the proprietary volume switch from its smartphones, and it will be replaced by a single volume rocker. Leaked CAD renders confirm this information. In the flagship models of the iPhone 15, two volume buttons will merge into one. And … Read more

Piqué does not care about his image after separation from Shakira and issues a warning in a new interview

Gerard Piqué revealed how he is after a series of turbulent months where he has been criticized by some for how he has conducted himself after the separation of Shakira. Piqué talks about his image after separation from Shakira Old videos have also been revived in which he apparently reveals the bad relationship he had … Read more

Midjourney V5: hyper-realistic image generation

Artificial intelligence continues to amaze with technological advances. This time it’s the turn of Midjourney V5, the image generating platform that revolutionizes visual creation through written descriptions. What is Midjourney? Midjourney is a innovative artificial intelligence system that transforms written descriptions into unique, realistic-looking graphic representations. Through sophisticated algorithms and deep learning, this platform has … Read more

A company car is not just a workhorse: wheeled partners increase employee satisfaction and strengthen the image

Companies do not choose cars by chance Today, the list of cars owned by any company operating in Lithuania is already publicly available to anyone interested. Here is one of the most popular websites “rekvisitai.lt”, where you can find the database of the country’s companies, a separate column shows not only the engine type of … Read more

Nike Air Max 1 CO.JP New Color “Michigan” Official Image Album, Release Information Released

Nike Japan’s exclusive branch line「CO.JP」(Concept Japan)Since its launch in the millennium, it has enjoyed a legendary status in the sneaker circle, and is even called the “founder of the sneaker game rules”. It has influenced the entire trend ecology, and then evolved into a form of special planning. The rare release made it further popular. … Read more

We tested: DJI’s lightweight camera image stabilizer

We tested DJI’s lightweight camera image stabilizer The Chinese firm has released the little brother of its RS3 and RS3 Pro gimballs, the RS3 Mini whose use cases remain very targeted. Posted17 mars 2023, 09:23 The DJI RS3 Mini gimball supports a maximum load of 2 kilos. dji The Chinese drone specialist DJI has completed … Read more

how to easily install an image generator on your computer?

Are you interested in generative artificial intelligence models? So why not try to install one locally on your PC? Contrary to what many may believe, accessing and using AIs like those of Stable Diffusion, an open source AI model, is not reserved for any elite. In principle, setting up Stable Diffusion requires downloading several software … Read more