iPhone 15 will get next-generation Sony image sensors

In 2019, Sony controlled 53% of the global CMOS digital camera image sensor market, but last year its share fell to 44%, with rival Samsung Electronics coming in second with 18.5% of the market. For Apple’s next-generation smartphones, Sony has developed an advanced image sensor that will improve the quality of photos taken against a … Read more

Yahoo and Taboola sign exclusive 30-year partnership agreement – Image

Yahoo and Taboola have signed an exclusive 30-year commercial agreement. Taboola will be the exclusive engine for native advertising on all Yahoo digital properties and will be available for purchase through Yahoo’s DSP. Taboola will be able to reach 900 million monthly active users worldwide (Yahoo figures) across mail, sports, finance and news. As part … Read more

The image of the prince collapsed in the 16th year of his debut! “Smoking, ignition” ruthlessly revealed that he blew himself up in high school and joined the hall | ETtoday Starlight Cloud | ETtoday News Cloud

Reporter Xiao Caiwei / Taipei Report Qiu Shengyi (Prince) has been popular for more than 16 years since his debut, and he still maintains a healthy and positive image of sunshine, but he does not want to be positioned by the image of Guaiguai, so he boldly accepts the challenge. He challenged the role of … Read more

Anchor: Eufy cameras send images to servers for push notifications – Image and sound – News

Fair enough. I’m glad you picked this up. Eufy is often praised for their local storage and that turns out not to be the case. That’s why it’s good that you post this here and at least inform. EDIT: but I still think this article is very lacking. You should read Paul Moore’s Twitter feed … Read more

Yazbek: The image of gold is aimed at burning the Aoun trio

A member of the “Strong Republic” bloc, Representative Ghiath Yazbek, tweeted on Twitter: “Reading in the image of gold yesterday: Gold has not gone. It is not surprising because its sale is prohibited and because it is not transported in boxes to the homes of the corrupt. What reassures the Lebanese is a transparent monetary … Read more

Chinese space observatory sends first solar image

NANJING, Nov. 24 (Xinhua) — China’s solar exploration satellite has returned its first solar image after being launched into space in October, according to the Purple Mountain Observatory (PMO), located in Jiangsu province, eastern China. The Advanced Space-Based Solar Observatory (ASO-S), nicknamed Kuafu-1 in Chinese, sent back a hard X-ray image of the solar flares … Read more

One-inch photosensitive element Zeiss camera system, vivo X90 series image flagship debut- Page 1- vivo discussion area

On the evening of November 22nd, vivo announced the vivo X90 series flagship imaging mobile phone, which is equipped with a Zeiss camera system with a one-inch sensor. At the same time, it debuted two flagship processors, MediaTek Dimensity 9200 and Qualcomm S8 Gen 2, and brought a new generation of V2 The imaging chip … Read more

Software Harvest (11/23/2022): Artificial Intelligence Increases Image Resolution

Upscaler A tool that uses artificial intelligence to increase the resolution of images. It is a GUI built in GTK4 for the algorithm Real-ESRGAN, which will do all the work. Without having to configure anything, just run this program, open a low-resolution image and enter the resolution to which it needs to be converted. The … Read more