Immunization, barrier gestures, contamination … What vaccinated people should know after receiving an injection

This Wednesday, more than 18 million French people received at least one dose of the vaccine. There are more certainties compared to the launch of the vaccination campaign. Overview of what you need to know. When are we immunized? It takes between 7 and 10 days after the second dose of the vaccine so that … Read more

Ministry of Health Develops 14 National Vaccination Strategies to Overcome Maternal and Child Mortality Rates, Jakarta – Suppressive efforts death of mother and child, The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia compiles a strategic plan for health reform, namely by immunization 14 types of vaccines nationwide. “Because one of the targets of our RPJMN is reducing the rate death of mother and child. And we know that … Read more

Ministry of Health Prepares Immunization Plan for 14 Types of Vaccines Nationwide – The Ministry of Health is currently preparing a strategic health reform plan, namely immunizing 14 types of vaccines nationally, as an effort to reduce maternal and child mortality. “Because one of the targets of our RPJMN is to reduce the mortality rate for mothers and children and we know that many child births … Read more

CSID. Why it is recommended to get vaccinated even if we have been infected with coronavirus

Over one million Romanians have gone through COVID-19 infection. And they are expected to be vaccinated. Inevitably, the question arises: Why should I go immunized if I have the disease? Doctors joke and say that for an answer we can take our car as a reference. Is it worth buying a more reliable one? Let’s … Read more

West Java Records 36 Serious Incidents After Covid-19 Vaccination

TEMPO.CO, Bandung – A teacher in Sukabumi who was hospitalized due to temporary paralysis was not the only case of Post-Immunization Bonding Covid-19 which is classified as serious. The West Java Covid-19 Handling Task Force has collected 36 cases of serious or moderate AEFI from its territory to date. Head of the Health Management Division … Read more

Barred by the Covid-19 Pandemic, Immunization is a Challenge in Disease Prevention for Toddlers

Reporter: Sri Handi Lestari | Editor: Sudarma Adi TRIBUNJATIM.COM, SURABAYA – World Immunization Week or World Immunization Week celebrated in the last week of April in 2021, becomes something special. Given the pandemic Covid-19 create activities immunization be a challenge in itself. A rapid assessment from the Ministry of Health and UNICEF conducted in April … Read more

World Immunization Week 2021 Embraces the Importance of Vaccines to Prevent Disease

TRIBUNJATENG.COM, JAKARTA – Immunization is one of the best investments in global health and has an important role in achieving 14 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Each year the cost of health care pushes about 100 million people into poverty, resulting in implementation immunization globally by 2030 it could help prevent 24 million … Read more

Coordination failures in the delivery of vaccines would begin to impact the advancement of immunization

The vaccination process in Chile was an example for many weeks in Latin America and many other countries in the world, whose implementation to advance immunity against SARS-COV 2 was slower and, therefore, less efficient. Until the last week of April, the vaccination figures reached 6 million 570 thousand people, which is equivalent to more … Read more

COVID-19 Vaccination Resumes Debate on Childhood Immunization – In Spanish

“Vaccines will help end the COVID-19 pandemic, but only if we ensure fair access for all countries and put in place robust systems to distribute them,” said WHO Director-General Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. “And if we want to prevent multiple outbreaks of life-threatening diseases such as measles, yellow fever and diphtheria, we must guarantee the … Read more

Survey: Child Immunization Services in Indonesia are Disturbed by the COVID-19 Pandemic

Rotavirus infection is a type of virus that causes inflammation in the digestive tract, and is a common cause of diarrhea and vomiting. Severe cases of rotavirus diarrhea that require hospitalization often occur in children in the 0-36 month age group, the age group when children are particularly prone to dehydration. If you don’t get … Read more