HEADLINE: Mount Semeru Erupts Again and Alert Status, Handling the Impact of the Disaster?

On the other hand, Volcano Expert from Padjadjaran University (Unpad) Nana Sulaksana questioned the early warning system or early warning system in monitoring the activities of Mount Semeru located in Malang and Lumajang Regencies, East Java. Nana said, the eruption of Mount Semeru this time was different from the previous year. In 2021, lava floods … Read more

A popular Genshin Impact leaker could soon be arrested — Kudasai

After years in which leaks (also known as leaks) of Genshin Impact They were an open secret on the Internet, HoYoVerse will take strong legal action against Ubatchaone of the leakers (also known as leakers) most popular in the game. TorrentFreak has reported that a court has ordered Discord to hand over Ubatcha’s personal dataas … Read more

On Mars, giant tsunamis devastated the surface

The mars surface is now emblematic with its red atmosphere of iron oxides and scattered rocks. A specific area photographed by the probe Viking 1 in 1976, puzzled scientists. The study of a crater 110 kilometers in diameter, baptized Pohl, and presumed to be located in the heart of an ancient ocean, enabled researchers from … Read more

The creators of Genshin Impact will give all players 800 primogems

© Through official social channels, Hoyoverse announced that they will be giving away 800 Primogems to all players in honor of winning the PlayStation Partner Awards 2022. Free primogems will be handed out from today, December 4th, until December 7th. The prize will be sent in installments, one per day, with 200 primogems per email. … Read more

The impact of cerebral atrophy on the lives of people living with Multiple Sclerosis and the importance of increasing cognitive reserves | Active

Cognitive stimulation leads to changes and improvements in interpersonal relationships, self-confidence and healthFoto Pexels/ Monstera A atrofia cerebral it is characterized by a decrease in gray matter, caused by the partial death of neurons, which will thus condition the brain’s ability to carry out its day-to-day activities and bring difficulties that may be felt both … Read more

Crocodile swallows a 1-year-old boy alive in front of his father when they were fishing in a river | First Impact Shows

according to the newspaper Maysia Mail“the two victims were attacked by the crocodile when the man was walking along the shore to disembark his boat (…) The victim, identified as Moherat, 45, was rescued by members of the public, but suffered serious injuries to the head and body, and is now being treated at Lahad … Read more

NASA’s “Bio-Sentinel” explores the impact of space on life | NASA | Satellite | Musk

[Silicon Valley Information Station]Issue 22 [The Epoch Times, December 3, 2022](The Epoch Times)NASAThe (NASA) mission to study life in space is well underway. Its recently launched BioSentinel (BioSentinel)satelliteHas successfully flown over the moon. NASA Bio-SentinelsatelliteThe mission is to study the effects of interplanetary space radiation on yeast. As humans restart the moon landing program and … Read more

“Depression, anxiety, and aging.” A new study reveals the impact of Corona closures on the brains of adolescents

New research indicates that the brains of teens who experienced shutdowns during the coronavirus outbreak showed signs of premature aging. The researchers compared the examinations of 81 adolescents in the United States before the epidemic, during the period between November 2016 and November 2019, with a sample of 82 adolescents, whose examinations were conducted between … Read more

This is the impact if children are not immunized completely and on time

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – For the growth and development of children, immunization plays an important role because it can increase immunity active against a disease caused by viruses and bacteria. Launch repository.poltekkes-denpasar.ac.idImmunization is an investment health in the future to provide maximum body protection. Therefore, parents and caregivers are responsible for ensuring that children get complete … Read more

Cande Ruggeri made an impact with this sensual green microbikini in the final stretch of her pregnancy

Candles Ruggeri enjoy with her boyfriend, Nico Maccarifrom final stretch of your pregnancy, a few days after meeting her baby girl on the way, who will be called Vita. To appease nerves and anxiety, the couple relaxes in the garden of his family homealong with her loved ones. With the intention of fully enjoying the … Read more