Return of the rain: here is the impact of the drought on the absorption capacity of the soil (video)

The rain is expected to return this Sunday evening. A long-awaited return, but which will unfortunately not be entirely beneficial for dry soils. Our meadows and soils are indeed too dry to absorb large quantities of water. To better visualize the phenomenon, here is an image of an experiment carried out by an English university … Read more

‘They have no idea the impact she has on my life’: Serena Williams’ husband pays tribute to her on her last game

End clap for Serena Williams. On Tuesday August 9, 2022, the tennis player announced in an Instagram post that she was retiring. “There is a time in life when we have to go on another trajectory. It’s always very difficult, especially when you leave something that you love above all else. I have to focus … Read more

The impact of Moteor may have started the migration of the continents

To this day, Earth is the only planet on which landmasses are separated from each other in the form of continents. However, the coastlines can be precisely matched, so it is clear that a large supercontinent once existed. What led to the fragmentation? Something had to trigger the separation of the continents, and now a … Read more

After a few hours with Tower of Fantasy, this new free RPG aims to repeat the success of Genshin Impact

A quality free open world RPG? Tower of Fantasy follows in the footsteps of Genshin Impact by giving us a quality free-to-play video game, which has already fascinated many players. I’ll tell you what its potential is. I can’t hide that I was quite looking forward to it. Tower of Fantasy. From the first time … Read more

PSM vs Barito & Persib Schedule Will Change, Impact Mepet vs Kuala Lumpur FC in 2022 AFC Cup

BANJARMASINPOST.CO.ID – Here’s the schedule PSM Makassar vs Kuala Lumpur FC in the 2022 AFC Cup ASEAN zone final. Timetable PSM vs Kuala Lumpur FC in the final match of the ASEAN AFC Cup 2022 zone is Wednesday (24/8/2022) at 20.00 WIB which is broadcast live and Live Streaming INews TV. Meeting PSM Makassar vs Kuala Lumpur in the … Read more

Intimate Relationships By Sucking Mr P Here’s The Impact, Check Out The Medical Explanation, Here’s The Discussion

JOURNAL SOERANG – Impact sexual intercourse in a way suck Mr. P or often called oral it is not recommended. Because sexual intercourse It’s really needed in a married couple, so it’s not surprising that many people ask for examples about the impact suck Mr. P. As for sexual intercourse accompanied by suck Mr. P … Read more

New Research Claims: Earth Was Shaped by Giant Meteorite Impact

BOY ZONE – Continent Earth shaped by impact meteorite giant which was particularly prevalent during the first billion years of our planet’s four and a half billion year history, according to the results of a recent Curtin study, which has presented the strongest evidence yet. Dr Tim Johnson, from Curtin’s School of Earth and Planetary … Read more

Bloomberg Sources: Ukraine War Will Have Unexpected Impact – This Time May Be Different

This advantage will be against China. US officials believe that the damage caused by the conflict and the many sanctions imposed on Moscow will keep Russia surrounded for years to come. When added to Europe’s increased defense spending, all of this means that the United States can Only subscribers can read the entire article By … Read more

Throat and Tonsil Cancer Closely Linked to Oral Sex, Beware of the Impact! – Pathologists warn that oral sex can increase risk oropharyngeal cancerwhich affects tonsils and throat. Recent data show that oral sex has a very strong relationship with Human Papillomavirus (HPV) infection. The general lack of awareness around oropharyngeal cancer has oral health experts worried that cases will increase. One of the common types of … Read more

The Strongest Evidence The Impact of a Giant Meteorite Created Continents on Earth

solarseven/iStock/Getty Images Plus Illustration of a meteor heading towards Earth. Some scientists think such a meteor impact may have led to the formation of the continents as they exist today.—To date, Earth is the only one planet what we know that has continent. How exactly they formed and evolved remains unclear. However, we do … Read more